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The Character Ice Cream Bar

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Just some of these ice cream bars.

"Look, I'm a comic book. I'm a cereal. Did a Christmas album. I have an excellent theme song... and a so-so popsicle."

Ahhh... ice cream. What prevents us from being parched during scorching hot summer days whenever Mister Softee or Jack & Jill or Good Humor or (if you live in the Utica, New York area) Mr. Ding-a-Ling or (if you live in Puerto Rico) Payco or (if you live in the U.K.) any ice cream van with poorly-drawn Disney characters on it or whoever comes to your neighborhood. And looking at the stickers you see... that one of your favorite characters is featured as a popsicle!

Since the late 1980s or earlier, ice cream bars themed after cartoon characters have been popular as a feature of ice cream trucks and convenience store ice cream cases. Now kids can enjoy eating their favorite characters' heads or such. These often have a tendency to look only somewhat like the character when taken out of the packaging


Subset of The Merch.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In-Universe example: one episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! has someone selling Kirby-shaped sorbet. This was part of the Evil Plan of the episode, where that someone then hypnotize everyone who ate the sorbet into thinking that Kirby himself is a sorbet.
  • Sailor Moon: Blue Bunny released an ice of Sailor Moon's wand around the time of the DiC dub's original broadcast. The vendors' sticker also advertised the show's U.S. fan club's phone number, 1-800-378-LUNA.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Popsicle released a blue raspberry and cherry flavoured ice of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. It was discontinued some time ago.
  • Hello Kitty: Popsicle has released one shaped like Hello Kitty's head.

    Comic Books 

    Comic Strips 
  • Garfield has two:
    • First, there's one of Garfield's face with a bow tie that has sprinkles on it. It has Orange, White Lemon, and Yellow Cherry Ice flavors.
    • There's also the more simplified Garfield Hunger Buster released by Tip Top ice cream in New Zealand and Pauls Ice Cream & Milk Ltd. in Australia.
  • Peanuts: Popsicle released an ice of Snoopy's face. This one doesn't have gumball eyes and has the stick on the side of his head.

    Film — Animation 
  • Shrek: Blue Bunny released an ice of Shrek's face featuring purple gumball eyes.
  • Monsters, Inc.: Mike Wazowski has an ice of his face.
  • Minions: There is a Minions ice.
  • Madagascar: Private has an ice of his face with blue gumball eyes.

    Live-Action TV 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The WWE ice cream cookie bars from Popsicle. They were cookie bars which had wrestlers "printed" on them. After they went away, CM Punk discussed them on an episode of WWE Raw, which got a big cheer from the crowd.
    CM Punk: I want you to bring back the WWE ice cream bars... (crowd cheers) Look at that! I just made you a million dollars in ice cream sales!

  • The Supermarionation characters appeared in ice cream commercials in their hayday, most of which consisted of the Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons casts using Lyons-Maid popsicles to save the world.
  • The Fab 208 ice lolly bar was originally intended in The '60s as a two-for-one tie-in; the three-stage rocket shape in eye-watering dayglo colours was homage to the popular puppet shows of Gerry Anderson, tied with the radio station wavelength 208 (Radio Luxembourg, which broadcast on 208 metres medium wave, and after the demise of pirate radio was the only serious competitor to BBC Radio One). "F.A.B." was used in Thunderbirds in radio comms as the analogue of "Roger" for "message received"; this was used so often it inspired a Thunderbirds themed lolly. Adding the station ident of a groovy and with-it radio station simply reinforced the message and moved more product to a different demographic. Alas, time marches on; Lady Penelope has garaged her pink Rolls-Royce, Fab 1, for the last time; and Fabulous Radio Luxembourg 208 no longer broadcasts to Britain. But the lolly, now known simply as Fab, is still on sale in Britain.

  • Bratz: Chloe has an ice of her face.

    Video Games 
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Blue Bunny has a blue raspberry- and cherry-flavored version of Sonic's head. The ice is particularly infamous on the Internet due to always being made perfectly. It's also one of the longest running Character Ices. It was first released in 1995 and is still in production. Over the years, the only major change has been the gumball eyes changing from black to green after Sonic Adventure. Of note, the bar's packaging was once changed to advertise the ultimately unreleased Sonic Xtreme.
    • Australia briefly had a Sonic ice cream consisting of milk ice and shock rocks. It was released by Toppa the same year that the Blue Bunny ice debuted and was a simple, bar-shaped ice.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Popsicle has an ice of Mario's face. It's more stylized than usual, only being white and red. It's cherry flavoured and has a gumball nose. The ice has been discontinued.
  • Angry Birds: Red from Blue Bunny.
  • An in-universe example from The Sims: Several games have the Freezer Bunny, a recurring Easter Egg, in popsicle form.
  • Another in-universe example: the Vanillite line from Pokémon are Ice-type ice cream cones, with the final from being a double scoop with two heads and even a "straw" to drink out of. They are infamous for being considered particularly bad object-based Pokemon, which, barring a few exceptions, are never well liked to begin with. note  Though if you read the Pokedex, the concept behind them is fairly interesting: They are formed from icicles, and the "ice cream" is actually snow. The final from, Vanilluxe, occurs when two of the middle stage happen to melt close together and fuse. So, they are Pokémon that just so happen to coincidentally mimic ice cream.
    • Also, there was a real-life example with the Pikachu character ice from Popsicle. Unusual in that Pikachu's blush are the gumballs instead of being his eyes.

    Western Animation 


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