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  • While Confusion is annoying, all but incapacitating the afflicted Digimon, it is also absolutely hilarious, replacing the battle menu with nonsensical commands like "Laugh", "Mad" and "Seduct". Choosing one either makes the Digimon attack or, alternatively, yields a completely useless message like "[Digimon name] Shiny white teeth!" or "[Digimon name] Tears are salty!". Even the music goes absolutely bonkers!
    • Seduct is that much more hilarious when you think about having mons like Metalgreymon, a giant metal T-rex, trying to hit on their enemies.
    • Better yet, select "Seduct" and instead of doing a random action, the digimon actually attacks. Even funnier if it's a digimon such as Rosemon.
  • The fact that Dr. Odomatsu escaped his terrible fate of becoming an Oinkmon because he was in the bathroom.
  • An Etemon asks you to go look for his stolen Mic, because he can't card battle without it. After backtracking and fighting two powerful card battlers, what do you get? Nothing, because Etemon found another mic and rendered all that you've done useless. Knowing Etemon, this should have been expected.

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