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Nightmare Fuel / Doki Doki Exit Music

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Doki Doki Exit Music gives a potential glimpse into Natsuki's home life, and it's horrible enough that she very nearly overdoses on morphine tablets before MC interferes.

  • The whole scenario is played as disturbingly realistic and sets the tone for an ultimately depressing narrative that started with such a hopeful beginning.
  • From the same mod, Yuri's Sanity Slippage is downright sickening to watch. Acting like a massive creeper to MC and sending him suggestive pictures of her is disturbing enough, but it's all in an attempt to drive a wedge between MC's relationship with Natsuki, who at this point has become emotionally dependent on MC. She ultimately succeeds, and the results aren't pretty.
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  • One thing that stands out of the mod is unlike most Doki Doki mods that usually play around with the concept of self-awareness, this one isn't self aware. The game (or, rather, the story, due to only one scenario of actual game input) plays off like a normal visual novel. This adds more creepiness as well as heartbreak considering what happens in the end.