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Nightmare Fuel / The Bike

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

While the original Doki Doki Literature Club! had its fair share of disturbing subject matter, the fan gamer mods made by The Bike, can not only rival the original in terms of being genuinely horrific but at times, the videos may even be worse than the original.

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  • Yuri herself is the reigning queen of most of the horror in the videos. While in the game, her hysteria was caused by Monika's tampering with her character file, in the fan videos, Yuri has several moments of caving into her inner madness, becoming a threat to the other characters.
  • In "MC eats breakfast with his 'mother' ", MC awakens to find Yuri cooking him breakfast and oddly desiring to be referred to as his mother. While already unsettling, the video takes a dark turn where Yuri reveals she broke into his house one night and slaughtered his family while he was sleeping. She then knocks him out... and it's heavily implied that she rapes his unconscious body.
  • In "Lewd Yuri thing", after a pep talk from MC about him being fine about her thinking of him in that way, she brandishes a knife and forces MC onto the bed. The video ends with her (accidentally) giving MC a fatal knife wound, and her begging for MC to not leave her as he bled out.
  • In "Sayori is missing,", Yuri kidnaps Sayori and starts cutting her stomach open with a knife. Thankfully, it turns out to be a dream.
  • In "Natsuki asks Yuri an awkward question," things are relatively normal with Natsuki asking Yuri why she always felt threatened around men. Yuri gives several scientific explanations, but things take a dark turn when Yuri heartlessly mentions to Natsuki that everyone was aware of her father beating her. Angered, Natsuki ends her friendship with Yuri...and Yuri herself seems unfazed by this. The twist comes with Yuri believing that she was having a dream...only to realize that it was reality. Monika then wipes her memories of the events.
  • While non-canon, in one video, Yuri presumably corrupts Natsuki into doing...something to the MC.
  • In "Yuri Gets Exposed", Yuri and MC find themselves caught in a Serial Escalation Naked People Are Funny situation, which is treated for laughs until Monika enters the fray...first she starts making naked jokes at Yuri, which the latter just blushes and begs Monika to just leave. But once Monika brings MC into the joking, Yuri gave Monika a Death Glare and said with Tranquil Fury in her voice, "Monika, if you don't leave now, I'm going to rip your fucking throat out with my bare hands. I'm going to rip your throat out and watch you slowly fucking suffocate to death, you nosy mood-killing bitch. That's what happens to people who don't listen to me." And Monika just goes silent and bids Yuri good-bye, clearly shaken up by Yuri's mood swing.
  • "Cooking with Monika and Yuri". - Whooo boy. Never before has the destruction of a watermelon been played to such a psychotic level.

  • Yuri's death in "Natsuki forgets something." Natsuki discovers Yuri confessing to MC, and is traumatized by watching her death scene play out. When Monika arrives the next day, she finds Natsuki having tea with Yuri's corpse, pretending as though it were still alive.
  • What starts off innocently with Sayori losing her bow in the appropriately named video ends with Sayori strangling Yuri to death to get it back.
  • Sayori's death is the signature moment from the original visual novel, so much so, it is the first thing that pops into a person's mind when thinking of the game. naturally, Sayori's suicide is portrayed as far worse in the video entitled "Monika checks on Sayori". In it, Monika herself not only watches the life slowly get choked out of Sayori (and chooses to not do anything to help), she gets too intrigued by watching her friend painfully die.