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Heartwarming / Diabolik Lovers

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In spite of the extremely dark nature of the franchise, there are some sweet moments.

  • The relationship between the Mukami siblings. They're sadistic and masochists, but they have a deep familial bond with each other that grew from their time in the orphanage with each other.


  • In Azusa's "No.01 - Vampire Ending", he and Yui appear to be Happily Married with each other and have three children together.


  • Subaru giving Yui a chance to escape from the Sakamaki household, even providing her with a knife to defend herself against him.
  • A rather unsuspected Pet the Dog moment from Ayato: he sneaks into Yui's room at night and sleeps beside her. But, he doesn't do anything. Not forcing a bite on her or trying to do something perverted. He just wants to be near her. He shows his soft side to her.

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