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Heartwarming / Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • On February 5, Kodaka posted this tweet in regards to Makoto:
    “I wanted to write some lines, but I think if I do it now it will be like a line from 3, so I decided to not do it. The next time I write Naegi might be the last. Somehow it feels like [I’m telling him] "Let’s do our best, partner”.
  • Chiaki Nanami being officially confirmed to make an appearance in the Despair arc of the anime. The character was speculated to appear by most of the fandom before the official confirmation.
    • In the PV, Chiaki is telling Hajime that it doesn't matter if he has a talent or not, while either giving him a hug or just standing very close. While the exact context behind the scene is still unknown, it's a sweet gesture nonetheless.
    • This also makes the ending of SDR2 slight more heartwarming knowing that while the surviving students might lose their memories of AI Chiaki, they would at least be able to retain their memories of this Chiaki. Granted, this could end up being Harsher in Hindsight depending on what becomes of this character.
      • It's heavily implied that it's their memories which allow there to even BE an AI Chiaki, since they create the framework that she's built on!

     Side: Future 
Episode 1
  • The loyalty between the cast of the first game. Kyoko is dedicated to protecting Makoto and both Aoi and Yasuhiro want to help, feeling that Makoto's problems are theirs as well.
  • Aoi is now on First-Name Basis with Kyoko.
  • When Makoto is being taunted and beat on by Juzo following his arrest, Aoi instantly rushes to help him, even thought doing so means placing herself in harm's way.
  • When Juzo makes it clear that he plans on continuing to beat Makoto (and possibly Aoi) The Great Gozu grabs him and begs him to stop, stating that punishing someone who hasn't officially been found guilty when they are restrained is nothing more than a lynching. When Juzo simply tells him to back off and shut up, Gozu throws off his coat and screams that, if Juzo insists on using violence, then he should fight him instead.
    • This is particularly significant because most of the other branch heads, while willing to hear Makoto out and not desiring violence, have all already decided that he is guilty and only half-heartedly intervene when things get out of line. Despite that, Gozu still choses to defend him. Before Makoto even arrived, he also openly stated that Makoto was hope and that, even if he did actually shield the Remnants, it didn't automatically mean that he was a traitor. After seeing how cold and apathetic most of the other branch leaders are, it's good to know that there is at least one person who hasn't totally ditched their moral compass during the fight against despair.
  • When Yukizome asks Makoto why he decided to help the Remnants of Despair, he admits he doesn't have an exact answer, but believes that there was a time when they all believed in hope as well. This kid, in spite of everything he's been through and knowing that these were the murderous devout followers of Junko Enoshima who were responsible for the biggest disaster in history, still saw good in all of them and wanted to give them a second chance. Yukizome even says that they were right to call him the Ultimate Hope.
  • Despite the obvious horror of the situation, the attack on the base that leads to everyone being trapped in the Final Killing Game does produce a few heartwarming moments.
    • When Munakata gives the order for Makoto to be pinned down (as he believes that he was behind the attack) a concerned Chisa begs Juzo to be gentle after he aggressively tackles Makoto to the ground.
    • When the group starts panicking, Great Gozu tries to calm everyone by assuring them that they shouldn't be scared because the group is made up of notable Foundation members who won't be easily defeated. Unfortunately, everyone is knocked out by sleeping gas not even ten seconds into his speech, but the good intention is still there.
    • As everyone is rendered unconscious, Sonosuke's reaction is to pull his girlfriend close before they both pass out.
    • Munakata's last action before he's knocked out is to try to reach Chisa. In their last conscious moments, they both reach out for the other's hand. Sadly, this becomes more of a tearjerker at the end of the episode, where it's revealed that Chisa was the first victim of the new killing game.
Episode 2
  • Great Gozu laying his coat over Yukizome's body.
  • Great Gozu, again, protecting Makoto and Aoi from Munakata, declaring he won't kill his allies.
  • Ruruka and Sonosuke holding hands as they wander through the building.
  • As Aoi states she scared of going through another killing game, Makoto reassures her that this time it's different. As this time she has friends that she can trust like Kyoko and him.
  • After witnessing the above, Great Gozu gives a very inspiring pep-talk to Makoto, insisting that he's positively influenced many people without knowing it and ordering him to quite worrying and have some faith. Crosses with a bit of tearjerker since Gozu is the next person to die shortly after assuring Makoto that everything would be okay.]]
    Gozu: You really are just like I saw on the live broadcast, aren't you? Even during the School Life of Mutual Killing, you kept believing and changed the hearts of many. We'll need that hope for the future.
    Makoto: But...that's wrong! I'm really not like that at all!
    Gozu: Listen! Even the Chairman said it himself. He said that, when you came to the Future Foundation...that things were finally going to change! So why are you getting so down? Cheer up and have some faith! Got it, asshole?

Episode 3

  • Aoi laying her coat over Gozu's body like he did for Chisa]]
  • Andou lets Izayoi lie on her lap while he is sleeping. Additionally, Andou proclaiming how the only person she trusts is Izayoi. In turn, he promises not to betray her.
  • Yasuhiro trying to reach Makoto, Kyoko and Aoi and then later stating his faith in the three of them
  • This one requires you to watch Episode 11 of Side: Despair, as it's Heartwarming in Hindsight: in Makoto's flashback, he sees Izuru staring at a desk with flowers on it. The flowers were for Chiaki, and they were different in Episode 11. That means Izuru's been regularly visiting and replacing the flowers for her—two whole years later.]]

Episode 4

  • Hina happily runs to give Kyoko a hug after they see each other again, saying that she's glad that she's safe, and Kyoko returns the gesture hugging Hina back and saying she's also glad that Hina is safe.
  • After Kyoko is injured after Sakakura's attack, Mitarai becomes depressed and says it's his fault, lamenting he can't protect anyone and how he can't be like Makoto, but immediately after that Kyoko tells him that he is Mitarai and doesn't have to be like Makoto. Both Kyoko and Hina remind Mitarai that he saved them before, actually managing to cheer Mitarai up.

Episode 5

  • The beginning of the episode shows a young Kimura watching a dog get hit by a motorbike. She immediately goes up to it and gets it to drink some of her medicine. Seeing her tear up at the dog getting better just makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Despite their animosity towards each other at present, the start of the friendship between Andou and Kimura.
  • When Andou finds out Kimura's NG action, she tries to get her to back down by first eating her sweets. But when Kimura refuses, she tries to get Kimura to declare that she'll kill Munakata. Kimura instantly rejects by proclaiming that when she was expelled and had nowhere to go to, Munakata took her in.
  • Despite her berserk state from taking an extra dose of Doping Corn Soup and siding more with Munakata than Naegi, Kimura wanted to give Asahina medication after noticing her injured arm. Just a shame the other characters didn't realize her intentions, leading to Kimura being attacked by Gekkogahara/Monaca.
  • Losing sight of Andou, Kimura is alone in a dark hall. She recalls simpler times when she and Andou were still Childhood Friends, when the latter gave her a small piece of candy. Kimura takes out said piece of candy - revealing that she still had it all this time.
  • Even after everything she went through, before and during the Tragedy, all Seiko wanted was to save everyone. She wanted someone she could call a friend. It's heartbreaking that she dies thinking she failed in both those goals]].
  • Andou and Izayoi have apparently been a couple since they were children. Think about it, that would mean the two would have been together for possibly over a decade, and still manage to remain together with a relatively healthy relationship.

Episode 6

  • After Naegi has a brief breakdown after seeing that Tengan is dead]], he realizes, after a pep-talk from Asahina and Gekkogahara (despite the fact we all know she's really Monaca)]] that he is not alone in facing despair.
  • Tengan's dying message]]: "I entrust the hope of the world to you." At least until we find out what it really meant.]]
  • When Kirigiri, Mitarai and Kizakura happen upon The Great Gozu's body]], the three of them kneel down on their haunches, and Kizakura even removes his hat in respect.
    • Kirigiri also covers The Great Gozu's face with a cloth after removing his mask as a means of respecting his identity.
  • After being alerted to the situation, Togami remarks that they will have a rough time. At first, Naegi thinks he is talking about them, but Togami corrects him by saying that it is Monokuma and Munakata who will have the rough time. He goes on to tell Naegi that he is difficult to kill, and someone you wouldn't want as an enemy. Though Naegi isn't aware at first, Asahina happily tells him that Togami was trying to make him feel better. Knowing the kind of person Togami]] is, this really says a lot.
    Asahina: Oh! I think he was trying to make you feel better!
    Naegi: W-was he? I didn't even notice...
    Asahina: I think that's just his style.
  • Kyosuke remembering the day he and his friends graduated from Hope's Peak, which sadly doubles as a tearjerker moment. Here we see Kyosuke, Chisa, and Juzo at their happiest. Kyosuke declares his plans to fix the corruption within Hope's Peak, and Chisa and Juzo choose to help, even though Kyosuke insists that they really didn't have to. Juzo even points out that he already acquired his dream of winning the World Championship, and now just wants to help make his friend's dream come true. The flashback ends with the trio taking a picture as Chisa pulls the three of them together.

Episode 7

  • Touko and Komaru's hug after falling from Monoca's space ship.
    • Also how close they are working together when they fight off the Monokuma robots. Syo is even close to Komaru as seen when she saves her from a bomb.
  • All of the Warriors of Hope are alive and well! They also seem to be on relatively friendly terms with Komaru, and Jataro's no longer wearing his mask!
    • They even ask Komaru to stop Monaca but not hurt her too much, as they still regard her as a friend, despite everything that happened during the events of Absolute Despair Girls.

Episode 8

  • Byakuya smiling upon reuniting with Yasuhiro, especially considering what kind of person Byakuya is, Yasuhiro's status as The Friend Nobody Likes amongst the 78th class survivors, and that he hasn't smiled that way towards anyone.
    • Byakuya saying this line while preparing to get in the building. He's come a long way from the first game.
    Byakuya: Stay alive so I can save you.
  • The reveal that Kizakura was the one who took the picture of Jin lifting up Kyoko.
  • The very beginning of the episode shows Kizakura and a teacher trying to break into Hope's Peak Academy to save the 78th class from their Mutual Killing game.
  • Also crosses with Tear Jerker, Kizakura willingly breaking his NG code to save Kyoko.

Episode 9

  • Kirigiri removing one of her gloves so she can hold Naegi's hand.
    • Additionally, she calmly comforts him by telling him that his hope and optimism was what gave her hope. She finishes it by telling him not to ever give up hope.
      Kirigiri: Do not ever give up hope.
  • Izayoi telling Ruruka that he loves her despite her killing him was very sweet. Ruruka even finally breaks down during this.
  • Kirigiri's Heroic Sacrifice. She knows she's going to die due to her Forbidden Action, but she's alright with it so long as Makoto lives.
    • Also, a CMOA for Kirigiri... She managed to find a way to counter the Forbidden Action, give them the evidence to solve the Final Killing Game and even SURVIVE. Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

Episode 10

  • The episode opens with a flashback to the killing school life, when Makoto was stuck in Hope's Peak's basement and Kyoko arrived to bring him some food. Like in Side: Despair Episode 5, the animation has been updated, which is really nice to see...but they also show an additional scene of Kyoko smiling at Makoto, causing him to blush.
  • Makoto gently wiping the blood off Kyoko's cheek before he leaves to confront Munakata is a small moment that shows just how much he loves her.
  • Kyosuke finally cries over Chisa's death, letting himself feel for all those lost to despair. And then the color in his eye returns.
  • Makoto admitting that, if Kyoko had fallen into despair, he still would've been glad he had the opportunity to meet her. This is what helps him finally get through to Munakata.
    • If anything, Makoto wouldn't succeed in getting Kyosuke back to his senses if it wasn't for one thing. Kyosuke might try to deny it all along, blaming Despair for his misery, but even so he still believed in and loved the old, kind-hearted Chisa. It was because of those feelings he still secretly treasured that Makoto was able to finally get something good out of him and restore him. And this proves that while the old, kind-hearted and eccentric Chisa was gone from the physical world long before the death of the child-killing, despair-loving Chisa, the former still lived in the heart and memory of Kyosuke.

Episode 11

  • Even after all that happened, even after being impaled by Kyosuke's katana, Juzo still went out trying to end the game once and for all. He may have been a Jerkass and a terrible person more suited for violence than reasoning, but it should be mentioned that Juuzo's final actions were fuelled by love and hope, and by such actions he stopped the killing game, saving, at least for now, not only Munakata, but even Naegi, the person he resented for being able to do what he couldn't, and Asahina as well. In the end he was also able to come to terms with his regret of being too weak to stop Junko.
    • Moreover, a huge part of Juzo's character arc was that whenever he tried to do something good, he fucked it up, something Kizakura outright mentioned earlier. Now Juzo manages to pull Naegi out of despair, end the game and get everyone still alive out, even if he ended up dying for his efforts. The guy who constantly managed to make things worse was the one who ended the killing game.
  • While the scene itself is disturbing and heartwrenching, Makoto hasn't forgotten Sayaka, Leon, or any of the other victims from the killing school life. He promised Kyoko he'd carry them with him forever after the first trial, and he still is.

Episode 12

  • When Makoto is being held back by a brainwashed Asahina, he first asks the Future Foundation soldiers to help him. But the second he realizes they are dangerous, his first thought is to tell Asahina to run away.
  • When Munakata is forced into the room with Chisa's body, he states he wishes that he could stay with her as he gives a genuine smile. He also replaces the katana he stabbed into her body (when he found out she was a Remnant of Despair) with his bandages, as if to apologize and forgive her.
  • In the last shot we have Makoto at gunpoint by brainwashed soldiers. We then see Hagakure running to his defense and even putting himself between Makoto and the soldiers. Then we have Togami saving the both of them as he jokes about Naegi's luck.
  • During the recap, we finally see Chisa being restored to her old non-Despair self. Sure, she's already dead by that point, but somehow being killed cured her from the brainwashing and she can refute Junko's claims on how the world is in despair and it's the best situation ever... that hope is coming next.

     Side: Despair 
Episode 1
  • Yukizome's dedication to giving the 77th class a happy school year counts as this. As Tanaka stated, the Ultimates don't really need to go class but can focus exclusively on their talent instead. But Yukizome wanted them to attend, feeling that this will allow them to become friends and have a happier life.
  • In the first episode of Side:Despair, Hajime feels insecure as normal compared to the Ultimates. But Chiaki gives a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to him, saying that having a talent doesn't mean their future is guaranteed and that those who are talented are limited by their talent. But Hajime is free to do whatever he wants or become anything he wants.
  • Despite being focused on her game almost the entire time, it's clear that Chiaki is listening to Hajime. While being carried away by Yukizome, she even waves bye to him.
  • Everyone screaming Kazuichi's name in alarm when he gets hit by a truck. He's in bandages in the next scene, but fortunately not seriously hurt.
  • Though she's (predictably) viciously rebuffed, Mikan still offers to assist Hiyoko when the latter complains her legs hurt from too much walking.
  • Even though Hiyoko ruins it, it was nice of Teruteru to make everyone lunch while they were working hard cleaning the classroom, and Chiaki's reaction implies it was amazing.

Episode 2

  • Tengan's whole scene with Hajime, saying hope comes from people being people, and for him not to fear the normalcy of living as himself. If only his words could have gotten through...
  • Mahiru going to eating lunch with a friend from middle school, who happens to be in the reserve course. It's a really sweet gesture and, along with Chiaki's visits with Hajime, shows that the two levels of students aren't quite as segregated as we originally thought. Of course, Fridge Horror sets in when you realize the friend in question is Sato...
  • Chiaki spends the entire episode using her talent to bring the other students of Class 77-B closer together. The class spend a good chunk of the episode hanging out, playing video games, and just having a good time. Chiaki also asked Teruteru to cook a meal for everybody so that they could have lunch together. Even Nagito began crying Tears of Joy at just seeing the class being friends with each other. By the near end of the episode, the class absolutes adores Chiaki for giving them such a good time and unanimously vote for her to be the Class Representative.
  • Even after she became extremely popular with her classmates, Chiaki still finds the time to hang out with Hajime at the end of the episode, and invites him to play video games with her.
  • This side overall shows the characters in the Future Arc that might act like asses in that arc, acting perfectly normal and civil, showing that even if they may be rude in the other arc, if the Tragedy didn't happen they'd be perfectly amiable and sociable characters. Seeing Munakata, who was a rude Knight Templar in Future Arc, interact nicely with Yukizome even via telephone and speaking about the bright future he's working hard to attain for everyone, is truly refreshing.
  • Akane is the first to get affected by Teruteru's Sexy Sexy Soup. When she collapses, Nekomaru immediately rushes to her side in concern.

Episode 3

  • In way, Natsumi's conversation with Hajime at the beginning of the episode can be considered this. It's heavily implied that Natsumi was trying to befriend Hajime, as she points out that she doesn't have any friends. She clearly was trying to impress him with her status as a member of the Kuzuryu family, speculates that he wants to join Hope's Peak's main course, and reveals to him her own desire to transfer over. Granted, Natusmi's Jerkass personality and her apparent lack of social skills make the conversation less heartwarming, but the implications are still there.
  • Despite Natsumi being a bully, Mahiru still tries to be the bigger person and talk Sato down from attacking Natsumi on her behalf.
  • Hiyoko comforting Mahiru after Sato's death.
    • Mixed in with Tearjerker, but just the fact the rest of the class are obviously upset on Mahiru's behalf - they likely didn't know Satou, but seeing their friend so devastated is more than enough for them to feel sad, too.
  • The pep-talk Chiaki gives to Hinata about there being things more important than talent.
    • Hinata later 'quotes' Chiaki while trying to cheer up a crying Natsumi.
  • Despite their brief time together, Hajime sympathizes with Natsumi about her desire to get into the main course, and seems to begin to care about her. If given time the two could have been friends. Sadly, it was not meant to be.
  • Chisa shielding Hinata from Sakakura's assault.
  • Even if he did take it too far, the fact that Sakakura shows a rare moment of honor by trying to protect Hajime from getting too deep into Hope's Peak's dark side with the aforementioned beatdown.

Episode 4

  • In a rather twisted way, Nagito's plan to blow up the building where the practical exams were held is this. He just wanted to give his classmates time to grieve.
  • Yukizome's loyalty to her class. She stuck by Nagito even when Nagito was guilty and was crushed when she was taken away from her class.
  • Even though Class 77-B has every right to blame Nagito for Chisa's probation, Yukizome tells them that Nagito had the best intentions, and asks them to give him a warm welcome when he returns from his suspension.
  • Nagito telling Seiko that the laxatives she gave him worked. Even though he was lying, it was first time we see Seiko genuinely happy.
  • Chisa slapping Nagito in response to him referring to himself as a piece of trash. She then affectionately holds his face and tells him that he is not trash, but one of her precious students. This actually seems to get through to Nagito, just a shame it's not destined to last.
  • Doubles as a tearjerker moment, as Yukizome is forced to say goodbye to her class as she is being transferred to teach at the reserve course, you can clearly see how much the students of 77-B have come to adore their teacher. Yukizome asks Chiaki to keep the class together in her absence.
    • Also when Mikan begins to tear up and Sonia outright starts to cry over it, Yukizome hands her a handkerchief and we get a shot of Kazuichi in the background looking highly distressed at the sight.

Episode 5

  • Even if it's a Hope Spot, seeing Yukizome reunite with Class 77-B is heartwarming, especially when she sees how Chiaki ensured that they took her teachings to heart even while she was away.
  • The Imposter brings Tsumiki to look after the real Mitarai, who collapsed from overworking, even if it means revealing their secret.
  • The Imposter saying that he trusts his classmates, and Mikan's reaction to it.
  • Twisted though it may be, it is strangely heartwarming to see Junko and Mukuro interacting with each other.
  • Doubles as a Tearjerker, but Hajime's final thoughts before undergoing the Izuru Kamukura project are of Chiaki and how he can finally become someone she can be proud of.

Episode 6

  • Mukuro showing genuine concern for Junko's health after she gets stomped by Izuru.
  • Fuyuhiko and Peko helping each other with getting things ready to move to the next classroom.

Episode 7

  • In the midst of the Reserve Course students rising up against Hope's Peak, Chiaki's thoughts turn toward Hajime. Even after all this time, she still hasn't forgotten him.
  • A Meta one for people expecting Chiaki's status as Class 77's class Representative to mean she'd be involved in the first Killing Game, in that she's still very much alive AFTER Junko's first death game...

Episode 8

  • Chisa reassuring a crying Ryota. It's essentially heartwarming because this is the moment Chisa chose the welfare of her precious students over her dedication to Munakata. The moment she prioritized them over the task she was assigned by Munakata, the man she loves and claimed she would die for. The moment she set aside her dream of being Munakata’s partner to fulfill her job as the teacher of Class 77.
  • When Nagito returns to Hope's Peak Academy, Class 77 lets out a groan of disappointment note , with the exception of Chiaki, who gives him a warm smile and genuinely welcomes him back. She really cares about all of her classmates.
    • Hell, the fact everyone is worried sick about Mikan and rally to go and find her. In Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Mikan constantly frets that everyone else hates her and even goes to her execution thinking they never cared about her. Here, we see this isn't the case at all. Hell, even Hiyoko was concerned about her.
  • When Nagito mentions he saw Mikan, the Imposter actually breaks character for a brief moment and demands to know where she is. It really shows how much he cares about her.
  • The Stinger at the end of the episode. Chiaki recognizes Izuru as Hajime.

Episode 9

  • The Ultimate Imposter tearing his disguise and revealing himself to the class. After saying his talent is the only thing he has in life, it shows how much he cares about his classmates and Chisa.
  • Just seeing the way all the students come together and mobilize to go and save Chisa. It's just a shame we know how it's going to end.
  • Akane stating that she believes in Nekomaru and Kazuichi reassuring Sonia and the others that Gundham will be fine. They really are True Companions.
  • Chiaki saying that it's thanks to Chisa that she really broke out of her shell as a loner when Chisa pushed her to make friends with her classmates.
  • Even without knowing about their shared past, when an injured Peko and Mikan arrive Fuyuhiko's immediate reaction is to run over and help. When Peko tells him to run away, he refuses to leave, saying that "You were beaten up. Do you think I'm going to take this lying down?!". Coming from someone who has always resisted being 'part of the group', it shows how much he cares about the class.
  • YMMV, and definitely doubles as a Tear Jerker, but Izuru asking Chiaki who she is. Yes, this line initially hurts, but then you realize Chiaki is the ONLY person he's asked this question to. Every person he's met face-to-face so far (Junko, Mukuro, Nagito, etc.), he's barely even spoken to them, let alone asked them for their names! The more you think about it, despite speaking in that usual, bored monotone that he's always had, in a way... Izuru might actually be showing an interest in Chiaki.
Episode 10
  • The entire scene doubles as a massive Tear Jerker, but what's Izuru's reaction to Chiaki's death? He STARTS CRYING. Repeat, Izuru Kamukura, who has never once expressed any emotion other than vague surprise and anger in this franchise, STARTS CRYING. The fact that Izuru didn't find this boring, but actually something sad and hurtful speaks volumes.
    • More than that, the fact that he's crying at all implies he remembered her, whether consciously or subconsciously. This is despite his earlier claim that Hajime Hinata was completely gone. The Power of Love, folks.
    • Speaking of the hair pin, just the fact that he decides to keep it when, logically, there's no reason to.
    • Also, him going down to meet Chiaki before she perishes shows that he was still interested in her after they first met.
    • When Izuru says he has no memories of her, Chiaki's answer is: "Anything is possible. For you..." While heartbreaking given the circumstances, it's very reminiscent of her words of encouragement to Hajime about how he can do anything, as he isn't limited by talent. She died still believing in him...and she may have been right that he could remember her.
  • Even in the midst of being brutalized by deathtraps and taunted by Junko, Chiaki absolutely refuses to give up and keeps pushing through the maze to save her friends.
Episode 11
  • Even as their brainwashing is kicking in for good and the school is going to hell, Class 77's graduation is weirdly sweet and adorable, especially Yukizome's touching goodbye to them, and each classmate passionately announcing their goals in life.
    Kuzuryuu: Me and Peko are gonna lead people down the right path!
    Pekoyama: We shall never kill anyone again.
    Souda: I'm gonna find the solution to air pollution!
    Ultimate Imposter: (tearfully) From now on, I can be anyone I want!
    • Though some of the implications of their goals double as Nightmare Fuel. Ex. Mikan wishes to send "wonderful" medicine to hospitals around the world...
  • Izuru still holding onto Chiaki's hair clip.
    • Adding on to that, the fact that Chiaki's death is what motivated him into doing something about Junko. Despair was the only thing he thought was left for him, until she showed him otherwise. Gets extra heartwarming considering last episode, Chiaki thought she had died a failure, unable to help him... but she actually did.
    • The fact that Chiaki was able to change his mind at all. The Izuru Kamukura project supposedly removed every single sense, thought, emotion, hobby, and memory Hajime had that interfered with acquiring talent. And yet his feelings for her were so strong that he was still affected by her death, even if he didn't understand it himself. You could see Izuru choosing to do something about Junko as him becoming fascinated by hope...or you could see it as the Hajime part of his brain deciding he wouldn't let Chiaki's death be in vain. Or maybe even both.
  • It's a bit subtle, but Mukuro did seem genuinely worried about Makoto when he was almost hit with the flying wrench. Also, when she asks Junko if they should kill him when Junko finds him hard to analyze, she is a bit hesitant when making the suggestion. Her sister may take priority over anyone else, but she does appear to have some lingering reservations about harming Makoto.
    • It's not just Mukuro. Sayaka is shown to be concerned for Makoto's well being too, showing that she did care about him before, and that they had a healthy relationship, before it ended tragically in the first game.
    • There's also Mondo rushing over to help Chihiro carry a heavy load, giving us a hint they had a good friendship too, despite it also ending in tragedy.
  • In fact, seeing all of Class of 78 alive and well, working together to seal themselves even the old school building to escape the Tragedy is a heartwarming event in of itself.

     Side: Hope 
  • An emotionally wrung-out Mitarai gets a comforting hug from the Ultimate Imposter and reunites with his classmates, returning with them to the island. He's finally a real part of the class.
  • Speaking of people who've finally been accepted into the group, something drastic has changed for Nagito: when his hope fanaticism starts to unnerve Naegi, Nekomaru and Akane just pick him up and haul him off with them in a resigned, but somewhat affectionate way, a bit like he's a well-loved but embarrassing sibling. A far cry from most of the the Prequel and Super Danganronpa 2, where Komaeda was avoided and ostracized for being "creepy".
    • Nagito himself has mellowed out too: last time he spoke to the others, especially Hinata, in SDR2, he was downright cruel. At the end of the episode, Hinata wanders off by himself (to reflect with the ghost/memory of Chiaki) when Nagito turns up to retrieve "Hinata-kun" and bring him back to the group.
  • Mikan's rescue of Hiyoko was pretty heartwarming, as was Hiyoko's grudging gratitude.
    Mikan: Are you alright, Saionji-san?
    Hiyoko: Took you long enough, pig barf!
    Mikan: [whimpers]
    Hiyoko: But... thanks.
    Mikan: [sheds Tears of Joy]
    • And lets not forget her saving Kyoko from her near-death state. After spending most of the Tragedy as Junko's lackey, Mikan gets to save lives.
  • The fact that none of the SDR2 characters hold a grudge against one another. Considering they were killing each other, it's nice to see that they all seemingly forgave one another for what they did. Especially Nagito, considering he attempted to kill all of the survivors.
  • Hajime still has Chiaki's hairpin. Izuru held onto it for over three years.
  • We found out that Seiko was able to make a medicine that slows down the effects of Monokuma's poison. What makes this heartwarming, even though she didn't live long enough to see it through, she was able to get her wish and succeeded in saving someone: Kirigiri. Nagito compliments how truly amazing she was when inspecting the bottle.
  • The fact that Kyoko is alive! We didn't get to see the reunion but just her being alive and the thought of her and Makoto being together again is heartwarming in of itself.
  • We also learn how the AI Chiaki was created. The Neo World Program scanned everyone's minds for images of each of their ideal authority figures, and was supposed to combine all of them into one entity. But it turned out that no combining was necessary, because everyone's image was exactly the same. Even after becoming Remnants of Despair, their friendship with Chiaki never faded.
  • The former Remnants of Despair taking all the blame for causing the killing game, thus saving the Future Foundation. Remember that this is the group that the students spent most of the second game hating, distrusting, and blaming for their situation. But now, after everything that's happened, they pretty much destroy any chance they had for reintegrating with society to save the group's reputation as a force for good.
  • The first person that Hajime meets before eventually confronting Mitarai turns out to be Chisa's dead body. Apparently he still remembered all her encouraging lines before he became Izuru, and seemingly has forgiven how she became a pawn of Junko by force, participated in driving Chiaki to death and plunging his friends to Despair, and Chisa herself hasn't personally taught Hajime as his teacher. This means that her attempts to 'encourage' him in the past weren't in vain.
  • The two group shots of the SDR2 cast on the ship showcases the different friendship groups (after they pulled together as a whole during their Big Damn Heroes counterattack). If anything, their old friendships have been strengthened:
    • Hiyoko, Mikan and Mahiru are standing together in the first shot...and Mikan has tripped yet again, to Hiyoko and Mahiru's frustration/amusement. In the next shot, Ibuki has joined them after some energetic meat-stick cheerleading, and they're chatting together amiably.
    • Gundham, Sonia and Souda form a trio, but Souda is included in the group this time, instead of being an irritating third wheel. The fact that Sonia comments Souda is cool is really heartwarming.
    • Akane and Nekomaru are standing together as always, wolfing down their food in the first shot and harassing Teruteru for more in the second.
    • Peko is gently fussing over Fuyuhiko, apparently insisting that he eat something as he tries to lurk away in the shadows.
    • The Imposter is grumbling about Mitarai's failure to look after himself. Ibuki, diplomat and "mood-maker" of the group, "helps" by shoving food in Mitarai's face.
    • Teruteru is at the center of things, minding the grill.
    • Ever the loner, Nagito is standing quietly off to one side on his own in the first shot...but in the second, he's joined by Hajime, who's returning from his consultation with Spirit-Chiaki. Notably, the two look fairly content and at ease with each other, unlike the "uneasy truce at the best of times" state of their relationship in the game.

     Super Danganronpa 2.5 OVA 
  • While Nagito might have many flaws, it's actually pretty sweet seeing his ideal world is place where all the characters are alive and well. In his imagination world the Class 76 trio never got expelled and are friends again, Sonia seems to return Souda's feelings, and even Junko, the person Nagito hates most, is alive as her kinder, less dangerous alter ego, Ryoko Otonashi.


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