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Trivia / Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School

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  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the first time Junichi Suwabe has played a highly violent man associated with a group as its sixth leader, who ends up getting a part of his arm detached at some point in the story.
  • Abridged Series: Danganronpa 3 Abridged. Danganronpa Abridged Thing also has a few videos based on it.
  • Anime First: Notably the first piece of original DR media to not be a video game, novel or manga.
  • Casting Gag: Mostly a visual one, but Kenta Miyake's role as Great Gozu can be a gag from his role as Chief Bogo in the Japanese dub of Zootopia.
    • While unconfirmed, the casting of Kanata Hongo (known for his acting and who has done virtually no voice acting) as Mitarai is most likely due to Hongo playing Makoto in the stage play adaptation of the first game. This makes his line about wanting to be more like Makoto more ironic.
    • Toshiyuki Morikawa voicing Kyosuke Munakata might count as one if you realize that Morikawa has done another famous, well-known Kyosuke character... who's in a giant red robot and the last name is Nanbu... And gone Ax-Crazy post-Episode 5 like the aforementioned Kyosuke's alternate universe self (and largely because he didn't have his girlfriend around anymore). Munakata's appearance post-Episode 5 is also ironic considering Morikawa was also the original voice of one Charlie Nash.
    • One of the first victims of the first Mutual Killing Game, Karen Kisaragi, was voiced by Honoka Inoue, kickstarting the killing game because she felt that her mother was in danger of being killed. Honoka Inoue is the only daughter of veteran seiyuu Kikuko Inoue (who later got casted as Kirumi Toujou), so casting her as Karen further boosts the feel of a desperate daughter whose mother is in extreme danger. This is reflected with Kirumi herself, who was driven to murder because she was the prime minister of Japan and she had to uphold her responsibilities no matter what, giving Inoue-san a feeling of desperation of her own.
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    • The English dub brings in members of the original game's English cast (who got replaced in the first anime's dub) such as Kaiji Tang and Erin Fitzgerald as Kizakura and Kimura to make up for their recastings. Notably Amanda Céline Miller voices the younger version of Kimura in Side: Future Episode 5 and like in the first game's dub, this isn't the first time she's shared the same character as Erin.
  • Creator's Favorite: Kodaka has said that Kizakura is one of his favorite of the new characters, mainly thanks to Keiji Fujiwara's performance.
  • Creator Backlash: Megumi Ogata aka the voice actress for Naegi and Nagito went on to diss Naegi for doing nothing except for riding on Hina every time and Kodaka for killing Kyoko off on an online radio program. Considering that the end of the show reveals that Kyoko didn't die, however, she may have been lying about the latter in order to keep the surprise.
    • Kodaka himself also implied in an off-hand comment that he was displeased with The Reveal that Tengan was the mastermind and wished that Tengan had remained a regular Cool Old Guy instead.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Megumi Ogata voices both Makoto, and Nagito. Averted in the English dub with both Makoto and Nagito voiced by a male.
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    • Minami Takayama as Hajime/Izuru. English dub averts this by having a male voice Hajime/Izuru.
    • Bandai in both Japanese and English.
  • Fan Nickname
    • Yu Narukami for Munakata, due to the somewhat uncanny resemblance. And the fact that he shoots himself in the head in the OP. And wields a katana. On that note, the name "Munakatana" has also been thrown around.
    • Fans like to call Juzo Sakakura "Ultimate Dickhead" or "Ultimate Asshole" due to his sheer unlikeability. Also a good alternative if one has trouble pronouncing his (sur)name and don't want to use his default Ultimate Boxer. After the fans surprisingly warmed up to him because more unlikable characters started to pile up, his new 'nickname' ends up being "Ultimate Third Wheel" thanks to his relationship with Munakata and Yukizome. His fans, however, ended up calling themselves "Juzoboys" or "Juzobros".
    • On Image Boards, Kizakura earned the moniker "Boozeman" for his drunken appearance. Following the "weed" theme nickname that Hagakure (Weedman) and his mother Hiroko (Weedmom) have, he's also been called "White Weed". After the context of his relationship with Kyouko was outed, fans took to calling him "Fedora Uncle".
    • Like how his Togami identity was nicknamed "Twogami", the Ultimate Impostor's identity as Mitarai has received the nickname of "Nitarai" by fans. Seeing how "Mi" is one of the readings for the kanji of "Three", this fits astonishingly well. In Side: Hope, he momentarily gains Kyosuke's Persona or Izanagi when he briefly impersonates Kyosuke.
    • "Pikachu Girl" for Aiko Umesawa who appeared in Episode 7 of Side: Despair, because she's wearing a yellow bunny hoodie resembling Pikachu.
    • Ruruka is often referred to as "Candybitch", due to her Ultimate talent and because, well, she's a bitch. The other similarly-themed derisive nickname is "Candy Satan"
    • Since The Reveal, fans have taken to calling the robotic Gekkougahara "Gekkoubot". "Gekkougundam" has also seen use since her Mini-Mecha form was revealed.
    • Mitarai's brainwashing techniques have lead to the nickname (primarily from detractors) as the Despair Anime, in reference to similarly controversial plot point from Danganronpa Togami.
    • The combined Hajime and Izuru in Side: Hope has been widely referred to as Hajizuru; seeing as he answers to both his original names, differentiating him from his past selves would have ended up confusing otherwise.
    • The increased amount of humor in the dub led to English fans calling it "DR3 Abridged".
  • Genius Bonus: Monokuma's anime to brainwash people into killing themselves in Side: Future is called "Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday." The title is a reference to a song that, according to urban legend, has a high suicide rate. One of the nicknames of the song is "Hungarian Sucide Song."
  • God Never Said That: A nasty one occurred when some tweets Kodaka made were translated and interpreted as him saying that the cast of Super Danganronpa 2 wouldn't appear in the anime. In reality, what Kodaka actually said was disgruntlement towards all the fans asking for an anime adaptation of the game and how he felt that, if he did so, it would be mere fanservice.
  • I Knew It!: A lot of it:
    • Many fans guessed the Ultimate Therapist, a character mentioned in the prior games, would be a character here. Sure enough, turns out it's Gekkogahara's talent.
    • Many, many fans guessed Chiaki would return.
    • The opening scene of Side: Future confirms the long held Fanon that Fuyuhiko lost his eye as despair.
    • Many people believed Fuyuhiko's sister's name was Natsumi Kuzuryuu long before her debut in Side: Despair.
    • Many guessed at Andou and Izayoi being a couple before the anime started airing, based purely on Izayoi's profile.
    • A common theory was that Gekkogahara was Monaca, and right they were. For the most part.
    • Yukizome having feelings for Munakata was assumed by many due to her profile. That the feeling was actually mutual, as made increasingly clear as the anime went on, was more of a surprise.
    • Many correctly guessed that Kizakura would go out in Heroic Sacrifice saving Kirigiri. Similarly, many guessed that his NG code had something to do with his left hand since he doesn't take it out of his coat pocket.
    • Many guessed as well that Andou activated Izayoi's NG code and killed him.
    • And many more also guessed that Juzo's Forbidden Action was punching anyone.
    • Many fans guessed that, due to Side: Despair being a massive Foregone Conclusion (and a less than happy one at that), that the series would find some to tie its two halves together at the end. This was eventually confirmed to be the case late in the series run when it turned out the final episode was shared. And everyone guessed the special broadcast would be called Side: Hope.
    • Side: Future Episode 10 confirms some fan theories that Chisa is a Despair remnant and possibly the mastermind for the killing game. And Kyosuke's NG Code was opening doors.
    • There were two popular theories on what Tengan told Munakata that caused Munakata to Go Mad from the Revelation, those being either "The Attacker Alternates" or that Yukizome was a despair. Episode 10 proved in a sense both to be correct.
    • A lot of fans correctly guessed that it was Chiaki's death that pushed the others into becoming the Remnants of Despair.
    • In Side: Despair, despite the fact that it seemed to hint that Juzo had romantic feelings for Chisa, quite a few fans theorized that he was actually Ambiguously Gay for Munakata. Episode 10 finally confirmed this to be true.
    • Many of fans correctly guessed that there was no "attacker", and all the victims committed suicide.
    • Quite a few fans correctly guessed that Juzo was still alive.
    • It was common guesses among fans that Tengan's dying message was aimed at Mitarai and Mitarai having a "Hope Anime" on his phone. The final episode of Side: Future confirmed both to be true.
    • Many people guessed that Kirigiri didn't really die, something which was confirmed in the closing moments of Side: Hope.
  • Playing Against Type: Saki Fujita, best known for playing Hatsune Miku, is here Seiko Kimura, a bitter, sharp tonged Mad Scientist with a husky voice completely unlike Fujita's regular voice to the point many were surprised after the first episode aired that it was her.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Sayaka Kanada, lead vocalist of TRUSTRICK and the singer of the OP and ED of Side: Future, is a self-professed fan of the franchise, to the point of playing Junko and Mukuro in the stage play adaptation of the first game, and voices Kaede Akamatsu in New Danganronpa V3.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
    • Kenta Miyake and Junichi Suwabe play each others Foils, as they did in My Hero Academia, which finished its first season mere weeks before the anime began airing.
    • Keiji Fujiwara and Mai Nakahara voice Class 77-B's authority figures Koichi Kizakura and Chisa Yukizome respectively, and they both starred in the Japanese dub of League of Legends as Master Yi and Nami. And yet again, Kenta Miyake and Junichi Suwabe starred as two very different characters: Darius and Taric.
    • Junichi Suwabe and Ian Sinclair, the Japanese and English voices for Juzo Sakakura, also both voiced a dandy guy in space.
    • Daisaku Bandai is voiced by both Rie Kugimiya and Tia Ballard with intentional Vocal Dissonance, who are both known for previously sharing a role as Happy, whose voice actually did fit.
    • Also included are the voice actors for Edward and Alphonse Elric in both English and Japanese. In Japanese, Ed is Akane while Al is Bandai, while in the English version, Al is Fuyuhiko while Ed is Student Council member Sosuke Ichino. Coincidentally, in both circumstances one of the Elrics ended up being murdered in a Killing Game and the other became an Ultimate Despair.
    • Smite shares many English voice actors with both parts of the anime series:
      • The Future Foundation are almost all present excluding Seiko and (obviously) Miaya; Munakata is Achilles and Camazotz, Sakakura is Tyr, Tengan (Mark Stoddard) is Guan Yu, Kizakura is Ao Kuang, Great Gozu (Chris Rager) is Bacchus, Yukizome is Arachne, Ando is Expelled Hel, Bandai plays several of Ratatoskr's alternate skins and Izayoi (Brandon McInnis) is Erlang Shen.
      • Class 77-B (both returning and recast) has Sonia as Enchanted Princess Chang'e (with Mitarai as her Jade Rabbit), Nekomaru as Chaac and Hades, Akane as Moonlight Ranger Artemis, Hiyoko as Defiant Bellona and Dragonkin Skadi, Kazuichi as Crystal Colossus Ymir, Teruteru as the original Vamana alongside many other roles, Gundham (Scott Frerichs) is Nutromancer Ah Puch and Chef's Special Khepri and Ibuki is Cupid. Izuru Kamukura's other darrin Micah Solusod got the role of Shadow Spirit Ah Puch.
      • Even the Student Council appears, with Soshun Murasame (Chris Cason) as Shino-bo Kuzenbo, Karen Kisaragi as Nike and The Morrigan, Kotomi Ikuta as Sol, Ryota Someya as Mercury, Sosuke Ichino as Shonen Spark Mercury and Serenity Vamana, Tomohiko Goryoku (Brandon Potter) is Sobek and Suzuko Kashiki (Morgan Berry) is SWC 2017 Heroine Amaterasu.
      • The PE Teacher stars as Terra while Natsumi Kuzuryu (Apphia Yu) is Blind Vengeance Nemesis.
  • The Other Darrin: Due to Nobuyo Ōyama's dementia, Monokuma is now voiced by Tarako.
    • The dub keeps the changed cast from Danganronpa: The Animation, but makes a better effort to avert this by bringing in as much of the second game's cast as they could to reprise their roles. This leads to the rather bizarre circumstance of Kaiji Tang being in the anime, but not the character he voiced in the games, despite said character being in the anime. This happened again with Erin Fitzgerald (Genocide Jack in the game, Kimura in the anime).
    • The dub also has an internal example in Izuru Kamukura. When Johnny Yong Bosch went to Japan for a concert with his band Eyeshine, Micah Solusod voiced Izuru for a few episodes.
  • Talking to Himself:
  • Throw It In!: Bryce Papenbrook ad-lipped an exchange in the English dub of Side: Hope when Komaeda meets Naegi in which Komaeda says "His hands were so soft..." and Naegi says "Why is he sticky?" He didn't expect it to make it all the way through.
  • Trolling Creator: While Kodaka has always had this reputation, his stunt with Episode 2 of Side: Future really takes the cake: supposedly killing off Aoi, only to out it as a fakeout at the beginning of the next episode and laugh about it on Twitter. Making this even better was that an official poll was up for the week surrounding the episodes release and, thanks to Aoi's fakeout, many people ended up being tricked into voting incorrectly.
    • Taken to an even greater degree with the official Spike Chunsoft Twitter, which set up a Line to God where they take sadistic glee in filling people with dread.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, the plan was for the anime to be an adaptation of Super Danganronpa 2 and that the game's storyline would continue in another VN. This fell through (the scenario for SDR2 proved too difficult to adapt and the staff didn't want to subject the survivors from previous games to another Mutual Killing) so the format with the anime and New Danganronpa V3 was made instead.
    • A post-series interview with Kodaka has him saying that Munakata's original character arc was going to end with him dying to protect Naegi. He decided to change this because he wanted him to parallel Naegi and Hinata, in that he would have to move forward while carrying a burden—in Munakata's case, the burden of his dead friends and his sins.

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