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Heartwarming / Pokémon Colosseum

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This is what it's all about.
  • When Wes and Rui break into Plusle's cell, the little guy looked really happy to see you/Wes.
    • Once returned to Duking, Plusle asks to go with Wes and Rui. That's right, this little guy was not given to Wes as a gift, nope. Plusle wanted to join them in their fight against Cipher. note 
  • Seeing Celebi appear after using a Time Flute.
    • By extension, anytime a Shadow Pokemon gets rehabilitated and reopens the door to their heart, it'll just give you warm fuzzies. That grandiose fanfare really adds to the moment.
  • Receiving Jirachi from the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc. Must admit, the way it blinks the first time is just too cute.
  • Wes has an Espeon and Umbreon, two Pokemon who can only be obtained via friendship. Assuming that they weren't stolen and/or given to him already evolved, it means even when he was a villain he was nice to his Pokemon!
    • In each Pokemon's profile is a log of where you caught that Pokemon. Espeon and Umbreon's? "Player's old friend."
  • It's sweet that Rui still decided to trust Wes even after finding out he was a former member of Snagem. She only recently just met the guy but she's going to stick by him, and it's incredibly thoughtful on her part to look past his background like that and just trust him, like a true friend. For gameplay purposes, it's the right call; Rui has an ability that lets her identify what Pokémon Wes needs to save.
    Rui: Who are these people? Huh? Are they Team Snagem?
    Team Snagem Grunt: That's right, pretty lady! He's from Team Snagem, just like us! But he's no ordinary member. He's a Snagger. He's the best in Team Snagem at Snagging Pokemon without fail!
    Rui: No way! Is this true, Wes? (if the player answers YES) Oh, so it is true! That's a little shocking!
    Team Snagem Grunt: Hey, Wes! Come on, hand it over! Give back the Snag Machine you ripped off from the hideout!
    Rui: Snag Machine? Wes, do you really have something like that?
    Team Snagem Grunt: Hey, you blabbermouth! Keep that stuff secret!
    Rui: I get it, Wes. That's why these creeps are chasing after you.
    (after battle with Team Snagem grunt)
    Rui: Well, what do you know, Wes. So you're from Team Snagem. Oh, right. To be accurate, I should say former Team Snagem. It's okay. Wes, it doesn't matter to me who you are. After all, you're my gallant prince who rescued me when I was in trouble. So, it doesn't matter.
  • Wes upon meeting the Kids Grid in The Under. While he had met Secc and Marcia earlier, they were too busy worrying about Plusle; Nett, Perr, Bitt, and Megg all collectively squee about meeting Wes. As someone who had spent his whole life as a villain, to be seen as a hero by these kids who are leading an underground resistance against Cipher had to be the fuzziest moment of his dark life until that point.