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  • Close to the end of the third game, the Voice Nav struggles to recover the coordinates for what is suspected to be the Rainbow Dais, as it had been damaged on impact much earlier in the game. Murph cheers it on, and it succeeds.
    Voice Nav.: Murph, thank you for cheering me on.
  • Quite a few quests in the third game contain these. Examples:
    • The Mankey who got attacked by Misdreavus to get a woman a gift as thanks for feeding it
    • The boy who remembered his mother's birthday when she herself had forgotten
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    • The Purugly who went to the Old Mansion to get an old dish to replace the one it broke
    • The Electivire wanting to reunite with the couple that saved it as an Electabuzz
    • The Pinchers wanting to go home after you've beaten the game.
    • The Togekiss that was flying above the spot where Dolce island used to be that you bring to Cocona village to see its old friends.
  • Some of the quests in the second game contain some of these as well:
    • In Boyleland, the village elder's daughter wants you to make sure a Dim Sun grunt left behind on the island is doing okay. Once you find him, she offers to let him stay with her until he figures out what he wants to do next.
      • A later mission shows that he decides to stay on the island and work as a fishing guide!
    • Ollie asking you to find a Dragonair to show Elaine since that is her favorite Pokemon.
    • Melody asking you to capture some Pokemon for her so she can play a song she wrote for her big brother Isaac.
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    • Murph going to the Almia castle to search for another blue crystal to replace the one in the pendent his father gave him since the old one was used to create the vatonage styler.
    • Ollie's mother tells you to go look for Ollie in Vien forest, you find him looking for Celebi, hoping to restore the forest to the way it was before the forest fire he accidentally caused early in the game. You go find Celebi, however, when you bring it back to Ollie and he asks Celebi to restore the forest, Celebi initially refuses to help him and leaves. After Ollie realizes that he shouldn't keep taking the easy way out of things (helping Team Dim Sun set up the Gigaremo unit in the forest, getting you to capture Celebi for him...) Celebi returns and restores the forest.
  • In the third game, after you have rescued all of Ukulele Pichu's friends and brought them back to Dolce island, they have a little concert for you.
    • And right after that, when the Pichu that initially followed you only to save its friends decides to remain your partner rather than rejoin them
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  • When you return from the Kyogre mission in the first game, Aria is relieved to see that you're okay and starts talking about how worried she was. However, soon she realizes what she's saying and denies it. When you and Aria report the mission, the player character apparently mentions that they saw Aria crying back at the harbour when they returned from the mission. Aria denies it, of course.
  • In Guardian Signs, the final mission starts with two Pincher remnants begging for someone to help Blue Eyes. After the mission, Blue Eyes tries to cover up for her teammates by telling Rand and Professor Hastings that it was her idea to search for treasure in the ocean. However, turns out that her teammates had already revealed the truth, that they were the ones who went to search for treasure, and she came to help them when they got into trouble with Lugia. Rand was able to get this information from two of her teammates simply by telling them that if they didn't tell the truth, she would likely try to cover up for them.
  • The Ranger motto: "We protect those things who can't be replaced: People, Pokémon and nature."
  • At one point in Guardian Signs, Booker suggests that Nick try to improve Pichu's ukulele. Nick promptly starts imagining all the ways he could screw it up, to which Pichu just hands over the ukulele. Considering how important the ukulele is to it, this shows just how much it trusts Nick's abilities.


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