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Funny / Pokémon Colosseum

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And make it double!
  • Miror B. What else can be said?
    • The dance moves and speech pattern are key factors.
    Miror B.: Fuhohoho! This is perking up my spirit and body! Oh, I feel like dancing!
    • Don't forget the battle music.
    • After defeating Miror B. and his army of Ludicolo for the first time, both B. and his Pokemon makes a Villain: Exit, Stage Left for the nearest exit.
    • And on top of that, if you go back to a certain area before beating the final boss, you encounter an imitator named Mirakle B. His theme is a sped-up version of Miror B’s, and he apparently dreams of getting an afro like his idol.
    Mirakle B: “My dreams! You ruined my dreams of getting an afro!
  • Some lovely use of a Pun by one of Miror B.'s flunkies.
    "I love chowing down after a job! It adds to the flavor, I swear."
  • A hilarious remark about the Snag Machine.
    Team Snagem Grunt: Hey, Wes! Come on, hand it over! Give back the Snag Machine you ripped off from the hideout!
    Rui: Snag Machine? Wes, do you really have something like that?
  • The way the game fully establishes that Pyrite Town's "finest" are completely incompetent: Johnson running into Wes. And then mistaking him for Chief Sherles. While Sherles is at his desk. No wonder Pyrite Town is a Wretched Hive.
  • Here's a list of some of the trainer names in this game. See if you can read them all without chuckling:
    Perr, Trudly, Emok, Tisler, Arton, Beluh, Skrub, Nortz, Weeg, Nover, Jomas, Silton, Inity.