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  • Gaige's dad has at least one in each ECHO broadcast Gaige does after the first. In the second one, he brings her hot chocolate. In the third, he's mentioned to have freaked out when she cut herself before getting her arm, but very clearly accepts her new one. To top that off, when she mentions that her rival stole her idea, he asks her, "You're going to take that bitch down, right?" Finally, he buys her time to get off planet, knowing he may never see her again.
  • You have to admit: It felt really good giving T.K.'s niece the plans for his Wave Gun as evidence that Hyperion stole it for their own gain, and knowing the evil company could lose millions in a lawsuit. It's nice to know the old man's death wasn't pointless.
  • Gaige's corny but sweet line to Deathtrap:
    "I need to build you an extra arm just for high-fives!"
  • Some of Krieg's quotes when reviving others or being revived can be this.
    Love you...
    Somebody still cares!?
    I am unused to the emotions I am currently feeling!
    • Hearing gratitude and kindness out of Krieg is strangely endearing. And also, most of the time, a Funny Moment. Especially that "Love you..." which is said as creepily as possible.
  • While it may also be sad, the good half of Krieg asserting some level of control over his usual self and reason to become a Vault Hunter? It was for Maya.
    Good!Krieg: Yeah, great. We'll salt all the wounds later! But right now, if you don't listen to me, she's gonna die, and it's gonna be your fault!
    Krieg: Grr - turn around, Pretty Lady! (Throws his axe to embed it in the psycho behind her)
    • In particular, the moment where Krieg's psycho side, guilted by the inner voice, manages to maintain just enough coherence to warn Maya about the rats. Everything but one of his eyes might be covered in Krieg's psycho mask, but the look in that eye and his groan of pain says a lot.
    • The Book Ends of the video make for quite a heartwarming Ironic Echo.
      • At the beginning, when Krieg is about to attack someone:
        Good!Krieg: I wanna warn him. I wanna tell him to run, to hide, to get out of sight so that I wouldn't have to kill him. That's... what I wanna say. What actually comes out of my mouth is-
        Krieg: (charges at the man) I HAVE THE SHINIEST MEAT BICYCLE! (leaps at the man, swinging his buzz axe)
        Man: (screams)
        Good!Krieg: (resigned) Heh... Close enough.
      • At the end, after Krieg saves Maya and she saves him in return:
        Good!Krieg: Now tell her "thank you". Tell her that because of her, we might actually one day be able to act like a normal person again.
        (Another Beat, then Maya smiles at him.)
        Good!Krieg: (understandably surprised and delighted at the same time) Heh... Close enough.
  • The Eastern European NPC is probably the only Sanctuary resident so far that enjoys Claptrap's dancing.
    That Claptrap, he the best! He dance, is great.
    • And since Steve is stated to be Claptrap's best friend, that makes five people who like Claptrap (even though two of them are dead.)
  • The entire plot of the game kinda qualifies, especially if you've played the first game: In the first Borderlands, all of the vault hunters were generally pretty solitary and never really interacted much with each other. Altogether they come across as rather lonely individuals. Seeing them all working together and enjoying each other's company in the second game is rather sweet, if only because it shows that despite all the crap that they went through in the first game, they ended up being friends. Of a sort.
  • Sir Hammerlock repairing Claptrap might not seem too heartwarming especially given how he electrocutes him first to knock him out to do it. However upon playing the Pre-Sequel it's shown that After Handsome Jack brutally murdered FragTrap and destroyed Claptraps line. One Claptrap , The one we know from Borderlands 2 survived and was rescued from Bullymongs by none other then Hammerlock. That Hammerlock repaired claptrap before and willing to do so again shows just how much even people who claim to hate claptrap care.
  • Tiny Tina telling the bandits that her "big brudder" is gonna go kick their asses is too damn cute.
    • Look around Tiny Tina's home; and you'll see a picture of her with Roland and she's hugging him.
    • One of the random things Tiny Tina does in her workshop is fall asleep on her bed and snore, with her legs sticking straight out. She'll eventually wake up with an adorable yawning sound that even the subtitles just call "(cute yawning sound)".
    • Fail the mission to bait Flesh-Stick by killing him (he used to offer a surprising amount of EXP, before the game was patched to keep people from just powerleveling on him), Tina comments that she told you not to kill him..."but it's okay, I still love you." Considering that she essentially just saw her long planned revenge against the man responsible for her parents' deaths go up in smoke, that's saying something.
    • She gives you a quest to get an autograph from her third favorite mass murderer in the Campaign Of Carnage DLC. The guy says no, and you can tell how hard she's trying to hold back the tears, and she has you kill him and collect his head instead. Then after you turn the quest in she mentions her number one favorite mass murderer is you.
  • There is an NPC in Sanctuary that randomly spawns named Michael Mamaril. Talk to him and he'll hand you a piece of loot of blue or better quality. Michael is named after a Borderlands fan who died of cancer at the age of 22. Gearbox deliberately designed his NPC in such a way that players will want to search him out and ask for his help, ensuring that his name will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who plays the sequel.
    • He's also outright stated to be a Vault Hunter, which in the Borderlands universe is synonymous with "total badass." This is backed up by his idle dialogue-while he's not an official Vault Hunter, it seems he's had a lot of fun adventures and done badass feats on his own.
    • This is even more heartwarming/breaking when you realize that Claptrap's voice actor gave an eulogy for him that said he would "Live forever in the Borderlands."
    • He also spawns with a legendary assault rifle on his back, most often the Hammer Buster, the Veruc or the unique Stomper. Every player is very lucky to get a few legendaries every now and then. Here? Michael's got loads of legendary rifles, that all seem to be scaled to his level so they can do as much damage as possible.
  • There's one in a mission objective, no less. After Handsome Jack has Angel sabotage Sanctuary's shields and Lilith is forced to phase the city to prevent it from being destroyed, the mission objective is "Search for your friends." You've only known these people a short time, but they've come to respect you, and to rely on you - and they're your friends.
  • When you collect Tannis' journal logs from the Highlands (which tell the story of how she adjusted to life in Sanctuary) it marks pretty much the only time in the entire series where she ends up happier at the end of them. Particularly when you stop and realise how desperate she was for friendship during the events of Borderlands ("Are we friends now?") and realise that the Vault hunters from the first game decided that, yes, they were friends!
    • One of the logs even mentions that she accidentally spits on Roland and he overlooks it because he knows what a hard time she's having adjusting to being around people again.
  • Every fan who played as Mordecai will call Bloodwing's death one of the saddest moments of the game. They're probably right, and it's heartwarming like you wouldn't believe to find out that Bloodwing laid eggs, one of which hatches during the credits.
    • To a lesser extent, the fact that Mordecai doesn't blame you for Bloodwing's death, despite you shooting her down. The possibility you did anything but try and help isn't even brought up.
    Mordecai: Don't blame yourself for Bloodwing. None of that... none of that was your fault...
  • Returning to Sanctuary for the first time after Bloodwing's death, you can hear Lilith & Roland talking about this one time Mordecai called Bloodwing into battle after being shot in the shoulder & getting into cover. Bloodwing proceeded to fly around in circles, not doing anything whilst Mordy just starts screaming at her to do something. Eventually, Mordecai jumps out from the cover to yell at Bloodwing, only for Bloodwing to promptly slaughter all of the bandits within seconds - turns out, Bloodwing just wanted Mordecai to see her kill the bandits, so he'd be proud.
  • After you save Lilith from the Bloodshot bandits, if you look at her surveillance screens, one of them is not surveying anything, but instead on what presumably might be Facebook for the ECHO Net. What is heartwarming about this is that she was posting on Roland's wall 3 consecutive times and each post is adorable.
    Lilith: Was just thinking about you :)
    Lilith: Was thinking about you, again.
    Lilith: Hey, I love you. Call me.
  • Easy to miss when you're too busy shooting things to listen, but every once in a while one of the bandits will berate you for killing their companions because they actually liked that guy, or because they were actually friends with them. When most of their comments indicate that the bandits more or less just co-exist with each other, it's kind of heartwarming to know that some of them get along at least.
  • During The Man Who Would Be Jack, at one point Jack hurts Angel as a punishment for helping you, and tells her 'Say goodbye to your friend'. Angel does so, but it's her wording: 'See you soon'. She has that much faith that you'll survive whatever Jack throws at you and that you'll make it to her.
  • Despite the fact that almost everyone in Sanctuary, plus nearly all the Vault Hunters, hates Claptrap, it's nice to see Roland and Angel treat him with some respect.
  • The password to get into Angel's chamber? It's "I love you." A bit messed up all things considered, but proof that Jack did care in a twisted way.
  • Roland and Brick coming to terms with each other after a disagreement that made the latter leave the group. The way Roland humbly apologizes and how Brick accepts it shows that although they had several disagreements they still are loyal and more than willingly to work together.
  • Towards the end, before the Vault Hunters go to take down Jack for good, they have the option to pay all the important named NPCs in Sanctuary a visit, so that they may give them some inspiring parting words and items (such as weapons, shields, etc.) to aid them in the final battle.
  • Overlaps with Funny Moments, but this line from him during "The Talon of God" mission. He just sounds so damn proud.
    Claptrap: Holy S**T! It actually worked! The turrets are fighting for us now! I actually DID SOMETHING!
  • Brick shouting "Stay the hell away from my friend!" when you're attacked in "The Talon of God". He had formerly shown you massive respect, true, but as a Slab. This is the first time you're acknowledged as a friend.
  • During "The Talon of God" Mordecai and Brick show up for assistance until Mordecai and the barge is downed. Mordecai was willing to go down giving you and Brick cover fire but Brick would have none of that and immediately leaps in to save him. Unfortunately Jack decided to open fire on the ship with orbital weapons, and you quickly realize this means you'll be alone for the rest of the mission.
  • After the loss of Bloodwing, you can hear Brick relating to Mordecai the story of how Jack killed Brick's puppy. Brick, being himself, messes it up completely by going off on tangents. Fortunately Mordecai realizes Brick's intentions and appreciates the thought.

  • You can help out a small town called Overlook in the Highlands by doing a few mission for them. The town is under Hyperion control, and is subject to constant abuse at the hands of Handsome Jack. (One such quote over the intercom states "Congratulations! The town of [Overlook] has qualified for double its medical shipments. Enjoy your [second] bottle of aspirin!") Almost everyone in town has been afflicted by a degenerative brain disease known as Skull Shivers because of Handsome Jack's mining operations. The missions involve collecting Skull Shiver medicine for the town, restoring their medical machines and finally helping them get a shield like Sanctuary’s so they can be safe from moonshot barrages and finally be free from Handsome Jack’s control. The woman giving the missions, Karima, is one of the sweetest, most polite people on Pandora you’ll ever meet. Even dying of a brain disease, she still makes you give the medicine to the other members of the town (including a sexist dirtbag named Dave) before she takes any herself. Though that doesn't prevent her from arranging for you to blow up Dave's house with the mortar later on before she activates the shield. But, you know, he deserved it.
    • Also, see this article in which Anthony Burch talks about how Karima's character made a real person with a stutter feel, since characters with stutters are rarely so well-portrayed.
      • That entire damn article is a CMOH in itself.
      • As well as that, by delivering that medicine, you actually managed to mostly cure Overlook's residents of the disease's worst effects. Even though they've still got it, they have a much, much bigger chance of living a long life.
  • As you gather the ECHO recordings in the Caustic Caverns, it is revealed that the crystalisks were docile and friendly creatures, and that Blue was even playing games with Booth, the Dahl mining group's security chief. Then when Dahl Overseer Harchek ordered them to be hunted for their valuable crystals, Booth refused, and the Dahl mining chief had her killed. This, coupled with the Dahl order to hunt them, turned the (apparently relatively intelligent) crystalisks hostile. You'll find Booth's grave among the Guardian Ruins, but in order to get there you end up fighting your way past more than a dozen crystalisks to get there. In other words, the crystalisks were guarding her grave, apparently aware that she was trying to protect them.
    • Even better, Blue (the giant blue crystallisk), who had befriended Booth, was so furious at Booth's death that he went on to successfully kill Harchek herself.
  • The Loader AI core from "Out of Body Experience". After the player puts him in three bodies, all of which he tried to kill you with, he decides to let you turn him into a gun or a shield, and help you kill people. Both items are quite useful, but the robot still talks to you as either one, and even refers to you as "Boss". It's actually quite enjoyable, having a non-human, funny companion playing the game with you, especially compared to the other two talking guns.
    • It also helps very much when you're playing solo. Having a friend to break the silence or creepy music every now and then is very helpful, when you're alone on the battlefield without hearing the reassuring dialogue of the other Vault Hunters.
    • The description text if you turn him into a gun is quite sweet.
      "I like being a gun."
  • "Claptrap's Birthday Bash" is usually pretty sad, with Claptrap waiting for the guests that he doesn't know refused to come along, but it can become a player-made Crowning Moment of Heartwarming if all four players are there and stick around for the "party". You four have had to put up with Claptrap's stupidity and a level in jerkass he took ever since the beginning of the game - and yet, when he needs someone to spend time with, you're there for him. Even better, he happily says "THAT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!" at the end of the mission. Granted, slight Tear Jerker for how that's most likely true, but more Heartwarming that you managed to care for him where everybody else hasn't.
    • While Scooter and Marcus laugh at Claptrap's invitation, Moxxi simply sends her platonic love to him, implying that she likes the robot as a friend.
  • In a twisted way, Nisha Kadam, Jack's girlfriend and an ex-Vault Hunter, is now in charge of Lynchwood and is still sadistic, hanging hundreds of people daily without a shred of remorse for their deaths, and torturing them for really, really stupid reasons. However, for a franchise where 98% of the antagonists you talk to are total dicks, like Jack and Piston, she ends up actually appreciating your presence in the town as an opponent and doesn't really verbally abuse you, something nearly none of the villains do. Prior to your final duel, she's threatening you normally. By the time you do fight her, she's complimenting you when you shoot her and her last words are always 'Nice shot.'
    • Her public declarations of love for Jack are actually rather touching. They're both massively screwed up people and very evil, but they sincerely love each other. Which makes it sad when Jack barely reacts to her death at all, and is even surprised that he's upset.
  • While its also a major Tear Jerker, hearing just how much Roland meant to the people of Sanctuary during the mission where you have to spread the word about his death. Even Marcus and Tannis are affected by it. Another heartwarming thing about the quest is, when you approach Marcus, you can find an ECHO log detailing Roland's Rousing Speech to the Crimson Raiders.
    • Say not in grief, "He is no more." but live in thankfulness that he was. The fact that it's a Hebrew proverb makes it all the more beautiful.
    • And if you're Axton, and/or favour an Assault Rifle build like many players, deciding to use that particular rifle (and using it to kill Jack as well) is like taking up Roland's sword.
      • And the name of the rifle is the Scorpio after Roland's Scorpio Turret. Which leads to the distinct possibility that it's not just named after Roland's trademark weapon, it might even have been made from it. That adds even more weight to using it against Jack.
  • To Grandmother's House We Go: Handsome Jack sends you to his grandmother's house so he can have you check whether or not the bandits he hired did a good job killing her. You'd think it would another sociopathic dick move were it not for his Grandma's "disciplinary tool" (A buzzsaw) that you pick up from her bed. What makes this special is that he says the most genuine and sincere "Thank You" to you so far. He does tell you that he's still going to kill you, and he is a gigantic douchebag, and certainly not a good person at all, but still...
  • In Lynchwood, you can find a friendly Skag pup named Dukino chained up by the side of the railway. Scooter then gives you multiple missions to free Dukino, give him medicine, feed him until he grows into an adult, find him a nice big cave for him to live in, and to kill Dukino's mother, as Skags often attempt to eat their young. Not only does the act of rescuing the little guy feel good, you also get to witness him running around happily and rolling on his back waiting for belly-rubs. For these reasons some players feel slightly close to this pup.
  • In the opening and closing cutscenes of Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, Marcus is teaching the orphan he narrated to in the Borderlands 1 DLC in how to narrate this story. The intro is more humorous, with Marcus expressing characteristic exasperation at the orphan, but the closing hammers the Heartwarming home.
    Orphan: So ends the story of how the Vault Hunters defeated the treacherous Captain Scarlett, and slew the Leviathan. And as the sun set on Pandora, the Vault Hunters realized that while they'd found Captain Blade's lost armory, the true treasure of the sands... had been inside them all along. The end. How was that?
    Marcus: That last part was REALLY hokey.
    Orphan: Yeah, if felt kinda contrived, didn't it?
    Marcus: Extremely. But otherwise... you ended that story pretty well. For a dirty little orphan.
    Orphan: Thanks!
    Marcus: Eh, don't mention it. I've gotta teach somebody to tell these stories when I'm gone. Might as well be you.
    Orphan: Yeah. I love you Marcus!
    Marcus: ...That's weird.
  • Shade is a surprising gleam of honesty in the Crapsack World of Pandora. He's clearly insane and may creep out some players in the beginning of the Captain Scarlett DLC with his frantic desire to be "friends with you", and you'll most likely be happy to be rid of him and quickly enamored with Scarlett's Affably Evil cheerfulness. However, when she inevitably betrays you by sending a small army after you, the first thing that happens after is Shade quickly calling you up with clear worry that you've been attacked, tells you where Captain Scarlett has run off to, and suggests that for your own sake, you settle things by pumping her with bullets. In a world full of dangerous lunatics and clearly distrustful characters, Shade honestly considers you his friend and is truly concerned for you.
    • He could be considered an insane version of Janey Springs, or even a better version of Claptrap. Also, the Sand Pirates, if you talk to them long enough, think Shade is the bomb.
  • Mr. Torgue, the epitome of Testosterone Poisoning himself, saying "Also, you should treat Moxxi nice! NOTHING IS MORE BADASS THAN TREATING A WOMAN WITH RESPECT!"
  • In Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, the sheer support that Moxxi shows for you as a gladiator is just sweet, in a area where everyone thinks you are a wimp and where the top champion is a bigger Jerkass than Handsome Jack.
  • The entire premise of Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon's Keep: Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick, sitting down with Tiny Tina to play a game with her.
    • Tiny Tina hugging Roland's memorial statue at the end of the DLC, along with every single Vault Hunter, up to and including Krieg, present to pay their respects. Even Claptrap was there.
    • "Tina there are three full grown people here who just searched for imaginary crumpets because they thought it'd be fun. There's no such thing as adulthood".
    • At the climax, a crying, frustrated, and deeply upset Tiny Tina is on the verge of having the Handsome Sorcerer kill Roland in-game because that's what happened in real life and she's becoming depressed at finally admitting that he's really dead. The other Vault Hunters plead with her to actually "finish the story" in a good way and then she changes the ending: Bloodwing swoops in, deflects the spell off of Roland, and then kills the Handsome Sorcerer. The subsequent scene showing Roland with Bloodwing perched on his shoulder is equal parts awesome and awww.
      • To elaborate: Lilith spent more or less the entire DLC being "that guy", pointing out holes in Tina's storytelling and trying to convince her to accept that Roland's gone and move on, only to be shushed by Tina at every turn. In the ending, it's Brick and Mordecai that are pleading for Tina to understand, and when she reveals that she's been aware all along, Lilith is the first to reassure her that this is her story, and in her story, Roland doesn't have to die. Upon hearing this, the others change their tune, and Tina perks up to give the story a happy ending.
      • Especially hearing Mordecai shout, "HELL YEAH!" when his old partner saves the life of one of his best friends. Doubly so since he didn't even want to play the game when they first started out.
      • What's more, look closely when Blood attacks the Handsome Sorcerer. She shifts through the elemental forms she used against you in her boss fight. Tina took something horrific that happened to Bloodwing, and turned it into another way for Blood to be badass as her old self. Hell yeah, indeed.
    • Lilith defending Angel's memory when Tina forces the latter into a villainous role. Even after she very nearly got them all killed, the Vault Hunters are still able to acknowledge that Angel really was a good person in the end.
    • How about the fact that ALL of the Vault Hunters were at Roland's memorial, including the second generation. These are a group of people that go from mildly sociopathic to straight up insane, yet still respected Roland enough to pay their respects to him.
    • Relatively minor compared to everything else above, but when Lilith finally allows Mister Torgue to be a part of their game. He sounds absolutely ecstatic.
    • The fact that Tiny Tina has invited Krieg to her game of Bunkers and Badasses too.
    • Throughout the entire campaign, Brick is having the time of his life, and Lilith enjoys it too. Mordecai is reluctant at first, but has some moments; he lets out a genuinely excited "Hell yeah!" upon killing the Handsome Dragon, fanboys with Tina over a show they watch at the end of one sidequest, and when Lilith protests Tina forcing them into a trap Mordecai is the one who gets her to lay off. He also gets involved in the game overall as it progresses, starting off quiet and snarky but eventually actually contributing to discussion.
  • In the Wattle Gobbler DLC, you meet Grandma Flexington, Mister Torgue's grandmother, who's actually a genuinely nice lady who wants someone to talk to a while. She actually tells you about how lonely and awkward Torgue was as a kid, and that people have always judged him based on his appearance and attitude. Turns out, the Vault Hunters are Torgue's first real friends, and he's told his grandma that hanging out with them is the happiest he's ever been. Aww!
  • Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre may be a fun romp full of classic Borderlands humor, but if you talk to Moxxi when the whole thing is over, she'll say something that proves that there's a decent person beneath her sultry exterior.
    Moxxi: Did I ever thank you for watching Ellie's back in the Dust? I appreciate it.
  • In Sir Hammerlock vs. The Son of Crawmerax you learn that Mordecai is raising Bloodwing's child 'Talon' and the others think he's the cutest and adore him...even when Talon is trying to bite them. Hard.
  • The second sidequest in Sir Hammerlock vs. The Son of Crawmerax has you trying to confront six would-be vengeful assassins of the Vault Hunters, all of whom have mysteriously died before you get the chance to meet them. After finishing the quest, you find out that they were all coincidentally killed by friends of the Vault Hunters in separate incidents. It's a little touching to find out that your player character has someone looking out for them.
    • To be specific:
      • Axton is saved by his ex-wife bombing his assassin. As "one last favor."
      • Maya had their assassin poisoned by someone who sounds an awful lot like Tannis. Who does it because "Sirens are Needed"...and that she finds Maya attractive.
      • Gaige had her assassin's transport sabotaged by her father. Who still is the best dad ever.
      • Salvador was rescued from his assassin thanks to some mercs disguised as resort staff... who were paid by his Abuela.
      Salvador: I love you Abuela!
      • Krieg had help from a repentant Dr. Samuels. The doctor who was forced to 'create' him.
      • Zer0 was mysteriously helped by a mysterious person called One, who is implied to be an assassin like him.
  • Raison Verner, the voice actor for the Psychos, wrote a Psycho, Mercenary Day carol consisting of your typical Psycho babble set to "Carol of the Bells". He performs it in the third Headhunter pack as a Psycho standing on a little stage in Gingerton, just across the railroad tracks from Smaller-than-average Tim. What makes it heartwarming is that, contrary to what you'd expect from Borderlands, there's no Black Comedy subversion. Nothing happens to interrupt the song. Nobody dies or blows up at the end of it. Neither the Psycho nor his Psycho Midget pianist turn hostile (and they're both made invincible so you can't interrupt them by shooting at them). It's just a Psycho singing his weird little song in celebration of his favorite holiday.
  • From Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, one of the quests is to honor Scooter's last wishes. The first of these, of course, is to find a new home for his porno mags. The next part is to hand over the Catch-a-Ride system to Ellie, which she gladly accepts. She then builds a memorial mega-ramp and, crossing over with Moment of Awesome, the Vault Hunter has the honor of driving off of it surrounded by arcs of electricity or jets of fire. Scooter gives you his final message, thanking you for giving him a cause to fight for and for making him feel loved.
    • From the same DLC, Vaughn is alive and is still his dorky self, but is endowed with the confidence inherent to a bandit king. He even brings up, in his own words, his best buddy Rhys and wonders if he's had any success running Atlas.
    • The Vault Hunter is still Marcus's favorite customer, even after the Vault Hunter beat up one of his vending machines because Crazy Earl says so.
    • Dr. Zed develops a little crush on Tannis and he asks the Vault Hunter to deliver him various infected parts in an attempt to cure an infectee to impress her. Unfortunately for him, his attempts all end in failure causing him to sadly remark that maybe he should try and get his medical license reinstated. Fortunately, Tannis noticed his discarded experiments and strikes up a conversation with him.
    • Made better by the fact that after acting a little bit creepy during the whole questline, Zed sounds legitimately upset that his attempts aren't working, showing that his feelings for Tannis are genuine.
    • After the final fight of the DLC, a quest can be picked up from Brick where he wants you to hunt down the stragglers from the New Pandora Army. Sounds pretty par for the course for Brick right? Well he also wants you to pick up some rifle parts from all the guys you kill to make a present for Mordecai as, revealed later, a present for being a year sober, something a genuinely touched Mordecai attributes to the positive influence of raising Talon. The name of the quest? BFFFs. What's the extra "F" stand for? The game doesn't tell you, but with the dialogue in the quest and the heart covered packaging Brick uses in mind, it's pretty clear what they meant.
    • Additionally, Brick had some spare parts laying around to give the Vault Hunter a Legendary sniper rifle as a reward. An even better version of the Trespasser called "Amigo Sincero". Awww. explanation 
    • Another legendary weapon obtained from a quest, the Overcompensator, is the spiritual successor to the Shotgun 1340, as it talks. It's obtained from completing Vaughn's last quest about figuring out how to run a bandit clan. Thankfully, it's not annoying like the Morningstar or the Bane, and it can come in any element unlike the Shotgun 1340. It's a nice companion piece full of words of Surfer Dude encouragement.
    • One of the ECHO logs you can find in the Backburner is of Tina playing a game of Bunkers and Badasses with Claptrap, of all people. Sure, she ends up kicking him out after he ends up disrespecting the rules of the game but it is still sweet that she would even consider playing her favorite game with the character everyone in the Borderlands universe seems to dislike
    • The "My Brittle Pony" side quest shows that Tina, Mordecai, and Brick have gelled into a family unit, with "Mordi-Mom" asking the Vault Hunter to look after Tina and fretting when he thinks she's in danger.
    • When preparing the Moonshot Cannon, explosives lover and demolition expert Tiny Tina says you can have the honor of arming the bomb, even though she really wants to. You can choose to let her do it. This is worth an achievement and an adorable line.
    Tiny Tina: Oh Vaulty Vault, I thought you might be raisin, but now I know you chocolate chip!
    • While overlapping w/ Tear Jerker, Tina expressing concern over Mordecai's condition is heartwarming when you realize the last time she lost someone; She spent time in denial about it, escaping into her favorite game to immortalize Roland for her own sanity, even when her friends tried to confront her about it. Here, Mordecai is still alive but him growing ill was enough to break down her emotional walls and show her vulnerable side. It's nice to see Tina actively express the compassion she has for her friends in dire situations.
    • Pretty much the entire DLC can be summed up as this, letting us have one more adventure with our favorite characters before a new chapter begins.