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Heartwarming / Castle of Shikigami

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Castle of Shikigami III

  • Sayo consoling Kohtaro in his ending.
    Sayo: Don't cry... Please don't cry... I'm here for you... I'll always be here...
  • Reika showing her Hidden Depths in her co-op scenario with Batu in III. During the entire game he believes he's leading her through the castle to witness a healing sunrise from the roof. The reality is she was leading him to overcome his own emotional turmoil.
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  • Nagino spends the entire scenario with Batu trying to get him to smile. He finally does when she tells him he no longer has to.
  • Reika becoming a Cool Big Sis to Emilio during their scenario is one.
  • Emilio's reason for fighting to save his people: He doesn't care if he's unpopular with them, they're still his responsibility.

Alternative Title(s): Shikigami No Shiro


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