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Heartwarming / Dragon Age

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See the separate heartwarming entries for the individual installments of the franchise:

The games


From The Lore:

  • The story of Calenhad Theirin and Aldenon the Wise. Basically, he was a hedge mage and Calenhad's best friend, but because he was an apostate and Calenhad was devoutly Andrastian, they had a falling out when the soon-to-be King brought the Circle of Magi and the Templars into the country. Aldenon fled Ferelden, and most of his mages were purged. However, after Calenhad gained the throne and proceeds to get into a spat with his father-in-law that nearly threw the country into a civil war, he starts to miss the counsel of his old friend. So, he abdicates the throne in favor of his son Weylan and goes off to find his old friend, managing to track down Aldenon's last surviving apprentice. One hopes they found each other in time for one last adventure.

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