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Heartwarming / sora

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  • sora's true ending. After her encounter with Hime and Suguri, Suguri showed Sora the beautiful blue skies she once remembered above the snowy clouds. In the end, Sora fulfilled her dream as well as Yukito's in saving the Earth from its own war, and thanks to Suguri during her 10,000-year absence, and helped brought life back to the planet and restored the skies to its former glory.
  • Meta example: despite the fandom's best efforts to petition the sora's publishing rights away from ΩTH's clutches, hope was seemingly dwindling and barely reaching a quarter of the signatures needed for years. Finally, in 2015, Fruitbat Factory steps in to reclaimed publishing rights to sora and eventually released a faithful localization of the game with added improvements on top of it the following year. SUGURI fans couldn't be more happier.


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