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  • Awesome Music: Although the tone of sora's music is on the moodier side from DEKU's more upbeat compositions in the SUGURI series, and to a lesser extent acceleration of SUGURI 2 in terms of tone, these games still have a solid and memorable soundtrack.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Star Breaker has gotten a lot of love from Orange_Juice fans, especially after her appearance and story campaign in 100% Orange Juice!.
    • Nath also has gotten some fans in large part of her tragic encounter with Sora and the various artworks of her by hono.
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  • Even Better Sequel: sora improves on some of the foundations of SUGURI had, such allowing players to use up to three weapons of their choice, allows HP recovery from grazing attacks, and tweaked how Hyper Attacks works (and in two variations). acceleration of SUGURI 2 (post-patch) also made some fundamental changes from its predecessor to make the game much more balanced and less spam-abusive while maintaining the fast-paced action, even moreso with balance and quality-of-life improvements added from Fruitbat Factory's re-release.
  • Game-Breaker: Saki in the initial versions of acceleration of SUGURI 2 due to her tambourines being capable of trapping opponents in infinite loops.
  • Internet Backdraft: The English localization of sora by ΩTH, as it has an intentionally made terrible translation and Idiot Programming to prevent the game from running on English (U.S.) Unicode settings, script errors, poorly-implemented SecuROM copy-protection, and replaced the music that wasn't in the original version. And to make matters worse, ΩTH completely took rights of localizing sora after Rockin' Android, the original translation team that brought over the earlier SUGURI series, turned down Orange_Juice from localizing the game themselves, and fans were certainly not happy about this. This has led to an online petition being formed to support another translation team reclaim the rights to re-localize the game. This changed in 2015 when Fruitbat Factory reclaimed the rights to sora and was released in 2016 with a faithful localization.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Resident cutie Saki from SUGURI complements sora's own cutie Sham in acceleration of SUGURI 2 by letting her know she has "a smoking hot body".
    • In the same game, Iru quickly grew very fond of Nath from the arsenal of weapons she possesses.
    • In an artwork by hono outside of the game, Star Breaker is seen pocky kissing Nath as they look longingly into each other's eyes, with Sora in shock. There's also this piece which, drawn for fun during the Christmas season, features Suguri marrying Sora.
  • Polished Port: Fruitbat Factory's re-releases of sora and acceleration of SUGURI 2 vastly improved on these games by giving them support for widescreen and HD resolutionsnote , higher resolution visuals, improved controller support, and built-in keyboard remapping. The latter goes even further with the addition of a lobby system for online multiplayer similarly to 100% Orange Juice!.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Nath's death in sora at the end of Stage 5 after she was killed off by Star Breaker.
    • sora's initial ending, which ends with Sora presumably falling to her death after stopping Star Breaker from destroying the planet, with tears falling from her eyes as she falls as she had faint hopes that the sky will return to its former glory; the true ending from Stage EX, however, is a tear jerker for a different reason since Sora lives to see her dream, as well as Yukito's, finally coming true after everything she has been through.
  • That One Boss:
    • Star Breaker in sora during Stage 6 has some fire attacks that can inflict Burn status that will steadily rise your Heat percentage or drain your Hyper Gauge. She also has an attack when she Turns Red that a difficult to avoid and also inflict status abnormalities.
    • The True Final Boss fights with Hime and Suguri. Hime has some very damaging attack and they need the utmost reflexes to dodge them. One particular attack, however, involves her sending down flower-like crystals in an Ikaruga-like pattern. The fight with Suguri takes to another level, as you have fight her as if she was in Acceleration of SUGURI, with many hard-hitting and hard-to-avoid attacks, and her desperation involves her leaving the area so she drive her Force Edge at you which also leave a trail of bullets that segment and break off upon release.
  • The Woobie:
    • Sora. All she wanted was the world and the skies to go back the way it was before the war started, yet she gets thrusted into the heat of war against her will, nearly dies in her first mission after her run-in with Alte's last-ditch effort to defeat her, witnesses how lifeless the Earth has become and ravaged by the war, and despite how much Sora wants to avoid fighting, she ends up taking lives of others during the war. She developed post-traumatic stress disorder from things she witness and caused, and nearly went Ax-Crazy into fighting Suguri and Hime after finding them on Earth 10,000 years later after going comatose from fighting Star Breaker, but Sora at least got a happy ending.
    • Alte. She was likely thrown into this war against her will like Sora and she was constantly worried about her husband's safety during her encounter with Sora. However, since she was possibly ordered to take down her enemy by any means necessary, she calls a craft to blow herself up with Sora after her defeat. Alte's husband likely has died afterwards.
    • Nath. After Sora's defection from the army, they used Nath to create their own ultimate weapon, which involved cruel and inhumane experiments being performed on her, severing her arms, and stripping her of own freewill. As much as she wants to help Sora and her cause, she has no control of her own body or mind. And after being defeated by Sora, the army sends in Star Breaker who annihilates Nath.
    • Although she was responsible for killing off Nath and has gone off the deep end to the point of wanting destroy an entire planet, you may not help but feel sorry for Star Breaker after what she has been through and witnessing her emotional breakdown after being defeated by Sora. It gets worse with her ending in acceleration of SUGURI 2 where she wants to die and burn down everything with her if she were to come back in world filled with strife again.


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