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  • Sora, who, despite having gone through a traumatic experience of fighting in the war that was slowly killing Earth that she wanted no part of, deserted the from war to protect the remaining refugees who wanted to help revive the planet to its former glory, and nearly died twice in doing so, she single-handedly helped put an end to the fighting through her own heroic sacrifice after her battle with Star Breaker, which in turn gave them the peace they needed to complete "Project One" over the course of 10,000 years and give Suguri the powers she need to heal the planet. After Suguri had dealt with her little war from her own games while Sora eventually waking up from her coma, Sora initially attacked Suguri and Hime believing that her efforts to help save Earth meant nothing, but after their fight Suguri showed Sora that she did help them in them and the Earth in the end by taking her to see the beautiful blue skies above the snowy clouds and the thriving green Earth below. Suguri also told Sora that the people of Earth wanted to thank her for everything she has done for them.
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  • Meta example: After the initial bastardization of sora by ΩTH in 2012 and hopes of petitioning the game to be localized by another professional publisher were dwindling, Fruitbat Factory, whom previously also localized 100% Orange Juice! after Rockin' Android gave up working with Orange_Juice, stepped in to reclaiming the rights to the game in 2015 to give a proper localization, which came to pass in 2016 and it was even better than ever thanks to the quality-of-life improvements they made to the game.


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