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Heartwarming / Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

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  • In Chapter 2 of the princess' story, Solle points her to the Corporation due to needing their ship repaired while the Union didn't have the resources to help. Considering how normally abrasive the relationship between Central and the Corporation, he normally wouldn't, but it helps her get things done quicker for her village's sake.
    • Gerard also gives Shallistera a bonus reward for completing her survey, even if she didn't do as great a job as he would have liked. Linca states it because he knows she's sincere and hardworking, so he hopes it'll help her gain the capacity to carry that burden.
  • Homura advising Shallie on how to connect with people and become friends.
  • Shallistera and Shallotte get along exceedingly well the moment they meet. Considering that the former was having trouble connecting with others and the latter had been down, they both benefited from meeting one another.
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  • Solle's friendship with Homura extends to paying him in both money and candy, satisfying with Sweet Tooth with one while the other allows him to buy armor so he doesn't get hurt as often.
  • After the Shallies argue and split apart, Shallistera still goes out to seek out a medicine that can help with Nady's heart disease.

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