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Heartwarming / Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

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  • Logy and Escha coming to terms that they can work together really well after their first task and agreeing to lend an ear whenever they need to.
  • When Nio brings up how her sister Ayesha is wanted by Central, Logy points out that they do have to capture Ayesha if they see her. But if she "escaped" and Nio just so happened to go with her...well, they wouldn't give chase.
    Logy: We wouldn't get off easily if they found out, but seeing Nio's worried face... I can't help it...
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  • Colland asks Clone if things have improved in the town since he took over the local branch, insecure if he's making a difference doing the paperwork. Clone assures him that he has.
    Clone: I believe you have been making appropriate decisions, compared to past managers. Please be confident.
  • Clone has lived for so long in the town she knows everyone raised there. She finds this to be one of the best things about her life.
    Clone: One of my joys is to look into the eyes of children grown and raised in this wonderful town.
  • Harry decides to sponsor Katla in owning her store. While she does turn him down from expanding it, because she wants to make her dream come true on her own, the offer is still appreciated.
  • Escha cheering Logy on to help him with making the Airship after his backstory is revealed.
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  • Reyfer gives Lucillie a model free of charge, despite knowing the rich would collect them.
  • Theria doesn't outright dismiss Harry's theory that an Atelier could be a kitchen despite it being what most would consider common sense. That's because she believes everyone's perspective are valid rather than relying on blind faith.
  • Harry makes it a habit of coming over to the branch office to help with the town's operations during his stay, that includes ensuring that things like food shortages are handled in a way that won't affect the people. He's actually making huge donations and opened new trade routes.
  • After finishing the Dreadnaught, Logy finds himself lost since it was his dream. So he decides that since Escha supported his, he'll make her dream come true even against Central's orders.
  • In contrast to the last game's Linca, the one here, #3, acts more like a supportive big sister to her youngest sister.
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  • The reason that Duke holds his food contest is because in his time there wasn't much to go around. He feels that they should take the time to stuff themselves with good food while they can, or they'll forget how delicious food can really be.
  • During her final event, Threia lays out just how much Marion cares about Escha and Logy while noting their good points. Given how she normally is, it states something.
    Threia: Escha always tries her best at whatever she does. And, you never get bored watching her. Logy isn't afraid to express his opinion, but in the end he always takes considerations for others'. You can't find alchemists who are that straightforward these days. You're lucky to have them with you.
  • In light of Lucillie's insecurities during her final events, Escha and Logy both help her get through the ancient text, combining her knowledge with theirs in order to make the Immunity Cure.
  • Clone and Nio try to reach out to Flameu before the final battle. While their words only reach her in the end, it does give Clone hope they'll see one another again. We also learn she gave Clone the original Apple Seed that formed the orchard in the town.
  • Logy's friend who was injured and never able to fly again became an engineer and wants to welcome Logy back to Central. Escha notes that she's never seen him look that happy.
  • The True Ending has Logy coming back to Colseit for good, abandoning a chance for glory in Central to return to the town and friends he had grew to love and care for.

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