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Heartwarming / Dwarf Fortress

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  • Zulban Rulbomrek, faithful, eternal hound of Numal Dumatalmôsh. Even people who hate the game and don't understand why you like it (assuming you do, of course) will smile at that.
  • In the ashes of the doom of the soul, when all else is dead, in the smoking ruins of Boatmurdered, the last survivor - a child - presses a shining stone into the hand of the departing mercenary. He cannot bring himself to Mercy Kill her, even though his sanity is shattered.
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  • The New York Times article written about Dwarf Fortress in July. The writing was brilliant and conveyed the passion that Toady/Three Toe have for the game perfectly... just a CMOA and heartwarming moment in general.
  • A general one: Once a dwarf finds a lover, said dwarf will stay with said lover for the rest of its life. Even after the lover dies, the dwarf will not find another.
  • Something about having a tavern full of people from all over the world chatting, telling tales and poetry, and sometimes even forming an improvised singing troupe for everyone to enjoy, tends to cheer one up. As some in the forums have said, .42 is the first release where you can see your dwarves are truly alive.
    • As will traveling warriors who decide they really like the place, and ask for permission to stay. If it's granted to them, they will gladly fight to protect the fortress when danger comes.
  • According to some comments by Toady One, in the next update players will be able to rescue children kidnapped by the goblins!
    • The update has arrived, and delivers. Even better, you can rescue completely unrelated prisoners and give them sanctuary at your fort.


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