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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • "You're the Inspiration." The agents help a little girl to cope with her father's death, supporting her while she is trying to help her mother and honor her father's memory. Their help actually manages to bring the father's spirit back to his family just in time for Christmas, allowing him to fulfill his last promise to his daughter.
  • Getting a good ending in each stage will make you feel good. Here's a list of the best:
    • "Walkie Talkie Man": After calming the kids down, Jane finally asks Don to be her steady. Don promptly associates her with a touchdown, responding with a "My pleasure"! The epilogue scene also shows them romantically holding hands as the kids leave.
      Don: It's VICTORY for Tanner!
      Jane: Oh, Don!
    • "Makes No Difference": Chris's movie is a huge success, and he's seen attending the premiere surrounded by fans.
    • "I Was Born To Love You": Lisa finally smiles for Leo and he paints what would become the Mona Lisa. She loves the painting, and the epilogue shows that the two had gotten married.
    • "Rock This Town": Thomas captures the robbers, which earns him several tips from the casino audience, some gold bars from the casino manager, and a kiss on the cheek from Angelina.
      Thomas: I believe this is a great night!
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    • "Highway Star": Sam makes it home to Ted and they happily reunite.
    • "YMCA": Captain Brooke finally manages to find treasure, becoming rich alongside his parrot.
    • "September": Sofie successfully clears the skies and has a picnic with her son at last. David encounters another boy and then says this line about his mom:
      David: The Number ONE mommy in the world!
    • "Canned Heat": Ken gets the plans for the car back, and his dad is very impressed with the car design. Mr. Ozu then declares that great things lie ahead for the both of them.
      Ken: Yes, daddy!
    • "La La": Not only does Bill get well in time for the finals, he actually ends up winning gold. The stage then closes out with a scene of Cap White giving a wink to the camera at a job well done.
      Cap White: To protect and to serve.
    • "The Anthem": Hulk defeats the golem and makes a comeback to major league baseball under the new nickname "The Comeback King". As Hulk prepares to enter the stadium, his fan wishes him good luck, before Hulk responds with a "You Bet, Kid!".
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    • "Believe": After having been through so much, Amanda finally achieves her dream of dancing on stage as her boyfriend (who initially didn't believe in her) cheers her on.
  • In the finale (Jumpin' Jack Flash):
    • Lucy gets to return the favor of the EBA letting her see her dad one more time by starting the chant that saves them. It's also very awesome.
    • As the Agents shout "ARE YOU READY?", but right before the usual "3, 2, 1, GO!" countdown, you see everyone cheering the Agents with a "OK!".
    • And if you get the good ending, everyone the EBA helped during the game starts to thank them. The agents will give a quick smile at them for that, and the crowd yells out "Agents... Are... GO!" before the EBA flies off.
  • During the petrification of the people, we see Jack the taxi driver next to the pregnant woman he drove to the hospital and he is holding the baby. Either he and the woman bonded over a traumatic incident or they decided to enter a relationship with each other.


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