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  • Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker teaming up against The Emperor and reconciling their differences, just before the former's death. In The Force Awakens version of events, Luke even gives Vader a childish drawing of himself, which brings the Sith to tears.
  • The whole scene regarding Vader's death. Vader steps in front of Sidious' lightning attack before he performs his Papa Wolf move. Then after he passes, his son places a kiss on his forehead.
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  • Just like in The Force Awakens, R2-KT has a cameo in the rebel base hub in TFA.note 
  • A very silly case here, but sweet nonetheless: In the Force Awakens game, the Resistance chapter focuses on Leia and co. preparing the Falcon at the D'Qar base. On the way, they are kept from access to a parts room because Nien Nunb, the operator, didn't get some ice cream he was promised. While this would typically be treated as an annoying obstruction, Leia doesn't see it as insubordination, nor is she annoyed. She spurs the group to get the ice cream because she thinks the guy has more than earned his right to ice cream after his pivotal service to her causes, and he even deserves sprinkles in her book. She then adds that she'd put Han down for the same privileges, but she'd never tell him that.


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