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We missed you too, Goat Dad.

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming Moments pages, per wiki policy.

Chapter One
  • A dark, ironic one, but Susie decides not to hurt Kris in the beginning because she considers Toriel to be a "good mother" and wouldn't make her "bury her child."
  • If you repeatedly try to leave school when Kris and Susie go to get the chalk, Susie says she won't snitch... but you should still get back over here, because Toriel would have a heart attack if she knew Kris was skipping class.
  • Lots of the interactions between Kris & Ralsei:
    • Being able to hug him during the practice battle.
    • Giving him the White Ribbon.
      Ralsei: K... Kris? You're giving it to me? (blushes) ... Well? Does it look pretty?
    • Just standing a bit too close to him on the overworld for a bit causes him to blush.
    • As if he wasn't cuddly enough, this exchange ensues when talking to the tutorial guys:
      Ralsei Master: Ralsei loves when you give us MONEY. He will hug you, and call you HONEY.
      Ralsei: Hey, that's not true! You don't need money to get me to do that!
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    • Ralsei even goes through the effort to make a manual for you, and it's readable in the game's files! The fact that it's handmade using crayons and even has macaroni glued on the cover is simply adorable, but there's all sorts of little touches that show how much he cares for whoever his friends end up being. The last page is a crude drawing of himself with the message, "Thank you! I look forward to meeting you!"
  • A bond develops between Lancer and Susie due to their similarities in being both outsiders and the "bad guys":
    • Cemented when Susie gives a Dark Candy to Lancer when she learns that he's never had one before, despite being hungry.
    • If you gang up on Lancer when you fight the pair, Susie will eventually stop the fight and give up just so you quit hurting him.
    • During the "Thrash Machine" sequence, Lancer says he wants to impress his "cool friend Susie!" It becomes even more heartwarming (and a little sad) when you realize neither of them had friends before.
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  • When you ride an elevator after escaping the prison, Susie makes a promise to Kris to try being more cooperative and listening to them during battle. Then a short, sweet piano jingle plays along with the message "Susie joined the party for real". After the previous gags with the exaggerated and lengthy "joined the party" fanfare, this feels genuinely nice and heartfelt.
  • Susie grows warmer throughout the first episode, culminating in flashing a genuine smile with her final line.
  • If you talk to Rouxls Kaard about Lancer, he initially complains about getting stuck babysitting him, describing how he calls him "Lesser Dad" and generally cramps his style...and then asks you how Lancer is doing anyway, hinting that he really does care about the goofy little guy. (It especially tugs at the heartstrings after seeing just how rotten the King really is to his son, and comparing Lancer's general unease whenever his father is brought up to how he apparently jumps to spend time with Rouxls).
  • A strange and unexpected example of Defeat Means Friendship comes in the form of the outcome of the battle with Jevil if you opt to take the violent path. If you spare him, he gives you his tail, but if you defeat him through combat, he transforms himself into the Devilsknife and adds himself to your inventory as an Equippable Ally for Susie to wield - essentially joining your party! A Villainous Friendship, but a form of friendship nonetheless, since Jevil is clearly impressed by the party's strength and wants to follow it in its adventures (and spill some more blood while he's at it, but still).
  • The King threatens to throw Lancer off the roof unless the trio kneel before him. Do any of them call his bluff, or try to attack him first, or even hesitate? No. They all kneel instantly.
  • After the boss battle with the King, he succeeds in suckerpunching the trio. Despite being badly injured, Kris then steps in front of Susie and blocks the blow. This is not the player's doing; Kris takes the initiative, showing the kid has a good heart.
  • In an example that doubles as a Awesome Moment, the King has Kris cornered. Just as he's about to kill them Susie, who had just taken a powerful hit herself, musters all of her strength to get back up and threaten him, showing that she now fully considers herself Kris's friend. For bonus points, the thing that spurs her into action? King telling Kris that quiet people piss him off.
  • In the Pacifist ending, after King's army betrays him, you can say goodbye to everyone. It feels genuinely heartwarming for them to call you a "hero" and say "thank you" to you for being kind to them.
  • When Kris and Susie get home, Susie, with a shy smile, suggests she and Kris return to the Dark World the next day. Does she want more adventure? Does she want to see Lancer and Ralsei again? Does she want another excuse to hang out with Kris? Or, most likely, is it some combination thereof? No matter the reason, it's sweet.
  • Talking to Sans in the epilogue:
    • After meeting Sans for the first time, he asks if Kris would want to come over and visit the following day. If you accept, he then remarks that he's not gonna be there because it'd be weird: Instead, it would be his brother Papyrus that Kris would be hanging out with because he's in need of friends. Even with the myriad of differences in the world, Sans still loves his brother.
    • The first thing the player can say to Sans is that it's "great to see you again." And if you choose to say that, Sans rightfully points out that that is a weird thing to say to someone who you just met... while smiling and winking at you.
    • If you answer the phone number Sans gives you it's revealed to be A Hotline for Idiot Babies. However, replying to the hotline that you're an Idiot, Baby, or Idiot baby gives you this line:
      Ah, you're an Idiot/Baby/Idiot Baby?... To tell you the truth, I'm one too. Let's try our best, OK?
  • Toriel still manages to be a loving mother to Kris. She gives them a hug when they go to class and holds their hand as Kris and Toriel walk into school. On top of that, when Toriel finds out that Kris was at school with a friend, despite being worried sick, Toriel lets Kris off only with an early bedtime. This may be a different world from Undertale, but Toriel is still the caring mother figure you remember.
  • The first thing Asgore does, when the player visits him in his shop? Give Kris a giant bear hug.
  • One of the waitresses at the diner talks about how Kris, Asriel, Toriel, and Asgore all used to come to the diner on Sundays until, eventually, it became just Kris and Asriel. She gives Kris a cup of hot chocolate on the house and, if drank, the narration says it tastes wonderful.
  • The walk through Hometown as Kris goes home from school. Even though things are very, very different in this world, it's just so good to see our favorite characters again. Many players have admitted to tearing up on that walk, not unlike when they did the Playable Epilogue of Undertale.
  • The fact that Asriel used to be friends with Burgerpants (now Pizzapants in this universe) of all people sounds hilarious, but in the end, Pizzapants genuinely misses the guy. Plus, unlike his Undertale counterpart who practically resigned himself to his fate as a Burger Fool, he's a lot more optimistic about his future.
    Pizzapants: Do you know when Azzy's coming home? Y... You can't tell him this, but I really miss the guy. It'd be sweet to cruise around town like old times...

    Pizzapants: I've been saving up... To go to college where Azzy is!
  • Much of the NPC dialogue implies (or outright states) Kris was a Creepy Child who's still considered a bit off-putting. But Pizzapants is delighted his friend's younger sibling came to visit him at work, and refers to them as his "Little Buddy," just like Burgerpants called Frisk.
  • Rudolph Holiday, everything about the guy. It's obviously sad that he's at the hospital and it's implied to be more serious than he lets on, but he's an incredibly nice guy, compliments Kris on their newfound maturity in visiting him (unaware that the player Soul is influencing them), and tries to downplay his illness for his daughter's sake, even insisting Noelle bring a video game of hers to the hospital so they can beat it together. He's also stated to be Asgore's college friend, and was his best man at his and Toriel's wedding.
  • At the end of the day, the music playing in your home reuses the leitmotif of "Once Upon a Time" from the first game. It also reuses the theme from Toriel's house in the Ruins, "Home." The original version of "Home" tended to stumble, choke, and lose its melodies a few times near the end of the loop to drive home how it was a wonderful place, but not where Frisk belonged; the music here is a completely smooth melodic rhythm - this time, Toriel's home is exactly where Kris belongs. The name of the track — "You Can Always Come Home" — is just the cherry on top. No matter what may change, some things are just as they should be.
  • Monster Kid notes that Susie is "creepy"... and then notes that Kris seems really annoyed. Even better, this is done without any influence from the player whatsoever. Kris really did grow to care for her!
  • As scary and gut-wrenching as the ending is, the song that plays over the credits, "Don't Forget," manages to evoke a bit of hope.
    There's a light inside your soul, still shining in the cold.
  • During the epilogue, Toriel can talk about how, when Kris was young, they'd ask Toriel when their horns would grow in. Toriel and Asgore bought Kris a headband with horns, which Kris wore for months.
  • If you go back-and-forth enough times between two certain rooms in the Scarlet Forest, you'll find a man obscured behind a tree. Given the circumstances required to meet him, coupled with the strange piano music, the man is most likely W.D. Gaster. Before vanishing as he usually does, he gives you an Egg that only has one function - to go inside of Asgore's fridge to give him something to eat. His friends may have forgotten him, but he hasn't forgotten them.
  • Even though the Dreemurrs were Demoted to Extra in this installment, seeing that there is a world where they lived as a relatively normal family not torn apart by the deaths of their children within 24 hours of one another feels relieving. (Asgore and Toriel still had a falling out in this world, but probably not over circumstances as dramatic and heartbreaking.) This is especially true for Asriel, who grew up loved by all and went to college.
  • Speaking to Noelle after visiting her father, she asks Kris if they need help with their homework, and she reveals she has already got something ready just in case. It shows how much she is willing to help Kris, as she is preparing to help Kris even though she doesn't know if any help is needed, but getting something ready just in case.

Chapter Two

  • We get another small hint as to Kris's personality right after they get out of bed, when the player has the option to take $5 from Asriel's drawer. Declining has Kris seeming OK with the choice, since it isn't theirs. Otherwise, the narration says it's taken reluctantly. Seemingly, Kris is someone who very much doesn't want to take anything without asking from their brother.
    • Later on, in the Queen's Mansion, Kris refuses to actually look in the room related to Asriel's search history, closing their eyes when they open the door.
    • Checking Toriel's desk at the school reveals that she's updated her computer wallpaper to a picture of Kris and Asriel, and notes that Asriel's playing with the knock-off controller found under his bed mentioned in Chapter 1.
  • Susie actually comes on time to class, much to Alphys's surprise. She later reveals it's because she wanted to return to the Dark World.
  • Alphys doesn't wake Kris up when they fall asleep in class; apparently, this is a regular thing, especially when Berdly reads. She merely asks if they slept well the night before and tells them to enjoy their free period.
  • Before they return to the Dark World, Susie posits it may have been a weird dream, but that would mean that she and Kris never became friends. As they prepare to test the closet door, Susie asks Kris if they can be friends anyway, in case it wasn't real.
  • Noelle comes to check on Kris and Susie when they go back to the supply closet. As they make up an excuse, she stammers to Kris. Noelle asks if Kris can bring Susie to the library later.
  • The Dark World door appears in front of Kris and Susie. Last time, they fell in by accident. This time, Kris and Susie jump in happily.
  • The game's release announcement included timely and much-needed words of encouragement from — of all people (if the most popular theory is to be believed) — W. D. Gaster!
  • If you look at Susie's stats, her Rudeness dropped from 99 to 89, and it shows.
  • The Castle has been populated by Darkners from Chapter 1 (if you PACIFIED or SPARED them at least), who have begun renovating the old abandoned place so you actually get to walk around its inside this time, and Ralsei was nice enough to give the Fun gang (or whatever cursed name you picked, Guys otherwise) their own unique rooms!
  • Even after King is locked in jail and upset at the party, he actually shows concern about Lancer, calling him "a bouncy little pumpkin". Ralsei is touched, Susie... not as much.
    • Really is heartwarming knowing that even Toby Fox's most vile character does have a soft side.
  • A minor example, but one that's sure to create an adorable mental image; if you talk to Ralsei after Queen challenges you to a round on her arcade game, he tells you he'll be "cheering you on with magic pom-poms!"
  • While the "Kris Get The Banana" scene is hilarious in its own right, it turns out to be this if you don't get it, as the Queen has a rather concerned response, a contrast to her usual hammy and goofy demeanor.
    Queen: Kris You Are Going To Get Sick
    • In general, it seems the Queen has an interest in making sure people she cares for get their fair share of potassium, as she expresses concerns that Noelle might be suffering from potassium deficiency while searching for her.
  • Susie and Ralsei seem to genuinely enjoy their time together during the time they split from the party. At one point they are seen eating cotton candy together, and later on Ralsei teaches Susie how to use healing magic, which Susie is eager to show off to Kris.
  • Once you finish the chapter and know that the Queen isn't truly evil, a lot of her interactions with Kris and Noelle are kind of sweet in hindsight. For instance, her baking Noelle a pie, and wanting to play a video game with Kris because she had fun earlier, telling them "You Get Me".
    • One particular point of note is when Noelle finally puts her foot down and tells the Queen she'll never be happy if she's just controlled by her. The Queen actually accepts this quietly, and even encourages Noelle to choose the world that will truly make her happy.
  • Some of the little commentary moments Kris can have with Noelle (outside of her obviously huge crush on Susie) are actually quite nice. You can even prank each other with the puzzles, although Kris has to start it, naturally — for example, if you zap Noelle with an electric puzzle by stepping off the floor panel unexpectedly, she'll try to zap you back by suddenly stepping off her floor panel.
    • In general, Noelle is probably the only character besides Susie that has naturally let their whole heart out to Kris, who is a Childhood Friend that she holds very dear. It's to the point that in the right circumstances, she even briefly wonders if there might be something more between them. Meanwhile, the Weird Route has Kris apparently seem very distressed when Susie and Ralsei see them after the Berdly incident, so it's very possible that Noelle is something of a Morality Pet for Kris themself.
    • The fact that Noelle becomes a Guest-Star Party Member is also quite heartwarming and awesome at the same time, since her affinity for magic is the same as Ralsei's, only slightly better since she can instantly Pacify all Tired enemies at once. It also proves that Noelle is willing to fight (or rather, ACT) while she's at Kris's side, and right after the moment when she decides to go with Kris after they're split up from Susie and Ralsei, the same piano jingle from Chapter 1 when Susie joined the party for real plays when Noelle joins the party, which is just as heartwarming as before, and it's also proven to be the actual "joined the party" fanfare instead of the exaggerated and lengthy fanfare from the beginning of Chapter 1.
    • If you saved a Chocolate Diamond from Chapter 1 and attempt to use it to heal Noelle outside of battle, she'll split it with Kris and they'll both recover 35 HP.
    • A massive insight into the relationship between the two is revealed during the long chain force field puzzle. When Noelle starts pouring her heart out to Kris, the letters in the puzzle are spelling out "DECEMBER" which Berdly reveals is a massive trauma button for her. Here she doesn't flinch at all or even take it in and focuses on Kris with the heavy implication being that Kris helps her cope. For all you hear of Kris scaring her a lot in the past, as well as reputation that they are a general outcast, this implies they do have a side that cares for her.
  • Speaking of Kris's relationship with Susie, there's an item called "[Character] Tea" in Chapter 2, where every character has their own flavor tea.note  For Kris, Ralsei Tea restores 60 HP, Noelle Tea is 70, and Susie Tea a whopping 120.
    • On the other side of the coin, all character tea of the rest of the party heals Susie for 120 HP, showing how much Susie cares for all of them.
  • The entire sequence where Susie rescues Noelle and the subsequent Ferris wheel ride the two have ends up being a very sweet, if awkward, heart-to-heart between the two in which Susie admits that the main reason she never bullied Noelle was because Noelle once let her borrow one of her candy cane shaped pencils when she forgot hers on the first day of school, and never forgot her smile on that day. (Despite the fact that Susie ended up eating said pencil.) While Noelle admits that, while she still thinks Susie is kind of scary, that’s exactly what she has always admired about her and is envious of her apparent fearlessness to do crazy things.
  • A minor one, but after Lancer turns to stone in Queen's mansion, it's possible to nudge his solidified form all the way over to the nearest banquet table on the other side of the room. Do so, and a helping of spaghetti will fall from the sky in front of him along with a neckerchief; inspecting him again after this will note that he "seems to be well-taken care of". You can rest easy knowing the little guy is safe and comfortable while you're off to deal with the Queen. (Oddly enough, if the player leaves and comes back, the spaghetti is gone.)
  • After the battle with the superboss Spamton NEO, Ralsei and Susie will notice that Kris seems rather upset as they're leaving the basement, and do their best to comfort them, with Ralsei even hugging Kris if they state they aren't feeling okay from the encounter.
    • Notably, this only happens if you choose to pose with Ralsei in a hug on the swan ride and then go beat the superboss. Normally Ralsei would keep his distance in this scene, but since Kris was the one to hug him earlier, he feels it's okay to do so now.
    • Although most folks choose to let Kris vent their frustrations during this scene by picking the "No" option, the "Yes" option is arguably much sweeter. Despite their answer, Ralsei and Susie can tell that Kris is obviously not fine, and converse among themselves about what to do. Ralsei says that they shouldn't push Kris if they don't want to talk about what happened, and offers to bake Kris a cake in any flavor they want, including chocolate, butterscotch, cinnamon, or anything else. Susie notes that the promise actually makes Kris's stomach start to rumble, but their goosebumps haven't gone away yet, so Ralsei offers his scarf to Kris — only for Kris to instead reach for Susie, wanting to wear her jacket instead. Susie rebuffs them but cracks a joke about burning the other two to keep herself warm, imaging them as "idiot scented candles". She then notes to herself that her joke actually got Kris to smile, which is the first time thus far that Kris has done so.
    • Speaking of Spamton NEO, if you ACT to cut his strings, he'll conclude that, in spite of his attacking you, you're trying to "free" him. Cue the creepy city background giving way to a painted sky with fluffy clouds, as he thanks you profusely and vows that with his impending freedom, he'll live not just for himself, but for his friends. Unfortunately, this makes what comes next even harsher...
    • Even before you beat him, Spamton NEO can be this. While in gameplay terms, he might be attacking you, all of his battle dialogue involves him talking about how he wants to take the SOUL so that he and Kris can both ascend to [Heaven] together. Why doesn't Kris take him up on the offer?
      Spamton NEO: [Friends]!? KRIS!? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?
    • Regardless of whether you beat him through ACTing or violence, Spamton concludes that while his bid for freedom was doomed to fail, Kris and their friends are strong enough to succeed where he couldn't. His last act is to turn himself into a special weapon or piece of armor to aid you in your quest.
    • If the heroes defeat Spamton NEO and have a full inventory, the same tragic scene of Spamton lending himself to the heroes plays out. In a typical scenario, it would appear that Spamton dies before transforming into an item. Here, however, he notices that Kris's inventory is filled up as the item that he turns into, and he comically calls Kris out before placing himself and his dark crystal inside a nearby chest. This funny exchange implies that, like Jevil, Spamton is still very much alive even after transforming. Depending on how Deltarune plays out, he may still have his chance at freedom yet.
  • If you like, you can go back to the Dark World during the Playable Epilogue, and see all the people you spared making themselves at home in Ralsei's kingdom. They seem a little nervous, but also happy and excited to be there, and Seam warmly notes all the new faces in town. The Queen even gives a genuine "Thank You" for everything you did, showing her Heel–Face Turn was on the level and she holds no grudge.
    • There's also what happens if you don't recruit everyone. The Queen is saddened, but she also assures Kris that they did their best.
  • The Queen decides to adopt Lancer, and the two can be found in the castle, eating grapes and being fanned by a servant. Unlike the King, she seems to genuinely like him and want to take care of him, and Lancer's happy to have a parental figure who actually wants him around.
    • King and Queen's interactions in the post-game are also surprisingly as sweet as they are hilarious, with King and Queen addressing each other (the former pouting as he does) by affectionate nicknames. She also agrees to pick up some cashews for him at the store.
    King: What purpose have you here... Queenie Beanie?
    Queen: Just Thought I'd Send A Message Kingy Wingy
  • The Post-Chapter walkaround has you accompanied by Susie this time, who gives commentary and reacts to the various stuff you do. Bit by bit, she's finding her place as part of your world.
    • If you go to the hospital Susie gets to meet Noelle's dad Rudy, who of course knows about Noelle's crush and so jokingly threatens Susie against hurting Noelle. Although this seems like getting off on the wrong foot with a potential love interest's parents, Rudy and Susie are quickly shown to have a friendly dynamic: when Rudy jokes Kris should have taken Susie to the movies, Susie joins in on the joke and the two are soon ribbing Kris to take the three of them to the movies. If you stopped by Sans' store and saw Asgore's scene, Susie and Rudy will continue their joking by also talking about their mutual dislike for Sans.
    • You can stop by the police station to talk to Undyne, who accidentally releases her captives through a fit of laughter. Before she goes to sort it out, she asks Kris to deliver a "Get Well Soon" letter of condolences to Alphys('s bike). Talking to Alphys about the police force causes her to let slip that she thinks Undyne is "eye candy". Daww! Even though this world's incarnations don't know each other, they're definitely still pining for each other.
      • You can also run off with the chocolates and do your own thing with them, which sounds mean... but one of the options is that you can share them with Susie if you select them while she's still in the party or when you two sit at the Lake.
      • Even without the chocolates, the scene of the two of them chilling out quietly together is nice. Not to mention it's one of the things that Kris does without the player's prompting.
    • If you visit the bunker, Snowy and Monster Kid are there, and call Kris a "weenie" when daring each other to enter. Susie immediately brings back the Blinding Bangs, and scares the hell out of them just to get back at them, before asking if Kris is okay. She really has developed into doing what she does best to help her friends.
    • Then you bring her home, and Toriel seems... actually pretty supportive of this sudden development! Her sole concern, since she spoke to Alphys, is that you don't adopt Susie's habit of eating chalk.
    • Another one, potentially, comes from Kris's conversation with Susie while they're chilling on the couch, where the latter mentions it would be awesome to bring Lancer and Ralsei to the Lightner world. If you agree with that idea, it could possibly mean that SOUL-less Kris's motivation for opening another fountain is to help make that wish come true... in their own, twisted way.
  • As dark as the ending is with Kris slashing the tires on Toriel's car, there's a bit of a heartwarming subtext to what Toriel does after she finds out. Toriel invites Susie to stay over, not just because she's Kris's friend, but also because Toriel wants to keep Susie safe.
  • The new Credits theme is a glitchy sounding, techno-based remix of "Don't Forget" and seems to choke and stumble as if the song itself is trying to process everything that happened this chapter (especially if you took the Weird route), but even still, it manages to reprise its Arc Words; even after everything, you're still not alone.
    "When the light is running low, don't forget, I'm with you in the dark."
  • For how disturbing the Weird Route can get, there's a glimmer of heartwarming goodness in it:
    • Berdly is shown to really care for Noelle in his own way when he sees that she is rather distressed and out-of-sorts due to Kris, and immediately becomes serious — this is even reflected in the details of his sprite's expression during the fight that ensues.
    • One way to abort the Weird Route is when you meet Berdly for the second battle against him, you simply choose the option that Kris is protecting Noelle from him. Considering Noelle didn't recognize Berdly at first, it can be seen in that option that Kris may be a bit more untrusting of Darkners for some reason, but they do care enough for Noelle to protect her from entities like the Queen and those that side with her. Noelle also snaps out of the weird stronger trance she was in earlier once Kris says they're protecting her from Berdly, with Berdly finding Kris's statement absurd and that he'll be the one to protect her... even with him saying he'll fight her to prove it.
      • You can also abort the Weird Route here by sparing Berdly (Demonstration video here). The moment Berdly sees that Kris isn't being creepy any more and Noelle seems to have recovered, his bluster and smugness returns. Noelle worries about Berdly after the fight, noting that he's exhausted after giving it his all to fend "Kris" off. Noelle herself is just incredibly relieved that Kris "snapped out of it", though she also wonders what she was thinking at that time even after believing Kris was just trying to make Berdly mad and that she understood that point herself, at least a little bit.
    • It's still possible to recruit some of the Darkeners on the Weird Route, such as Tasque Manager, Werewerewire, and Mauswheel. You're still a horrible monster if you take that route, but at least you're not an Omnicidal Maniac and can still make friends.
    • After killing Berdly, Noelle stumbles away and you don't see her again until you go back to the Light World. Upon meeting Queen, she mentions that Noelle is in no shape to help her with the fountain. Seeing how exhausted the poor girl is, Queen is letting her rest. After Ralsei explains the Roaring to her, she then laments that her plan to help Noelle wasn't going to help her at all. It's one of the strongest indications of Queen's almost maternal affection for her.
    • In this route, Susie is the one to suggest Queen come live in Castle Town, specifically mentioning she might get to see Noelle again if she does.
  • A lot of the Ship Tease moments are adorable. When Susie asks Kris who they would take out to the festival, if the player selects Noelle or Ralsei, Kris will say it sounding confused. If the player says Kris would take Susie out, she seems to get defensive, stammering that of course they'd go together as friends, not even realizing what Kris might be implying. Kris has also gone out on the Ferris wheel with Noelle at some point and when offering to get her the Freeze Ring, during the initial offer to buy it before things really go down the Weird Route, she noticeably blushes. Of course, you can tell Ralsei you're glad he's himself in the Tunnel of Love before giving him a hug.
  • It's a bit of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but when Susie goes to rescue Noelle, she'll attack the Werewires that are lumbering towards her. However, Susie isn't aiming her Rude Buster at the Werewires directly, but rather at the wires that are controlling them. When they fade away from the screen, it's the same animation that plays if they're spared in battle. In her own slightly violent way, Susie is acting more like the hero that Ralsei wanted her to be.
  • When you visit the Man Behind a Tree in Chapter 2, the narration notes "He might be happy to see you", as if the man is happy that Kris (or the Player) has gone out of their way to pay them a visit once more. Double heartwarming if you consider him to actually be Gaster, who possibly is very happy to see people still remember him and are looking for him. Furthermore, in the Light World while there's a traffic jam, if you've interacted with the Man in Chapter 1, one of the cars you can interact with will point out there is a man inside the car, happily waving at you, before it seemingly disappears when you next interact. Regardless of the Man's identity, they seem very joyful of someone checking on him once every chapter.
  • It's subtle, but if you interact with the Ralsei dummy after Ralsei complains about how it's now unclothed, Susie will remark that Noelle would probably dress it up like a Christmas tree, then wonders why she's thinking that. She may be Oblivious to Love, but the affections aren't absent.
  • If you put Hathy and Head Hathy at the two-person table in the cafe, Hathy gives Head Hathy a sip of her latte and Head Hathy "doesn't seem so alone".
  • A very subtle moment, but when Queen finds Kris and asks who their friend is (Noelle with a box on her head), she steps towards her to get a better look at Noelle because her facial recognition doesn't compute the box face. Kris, unprompted by the player, takes a step back from Queen when she does this. Remember that earlier Kris was fine with Queen resting her arm on their head, making it seem like they're not backing away from Queen out of fear, they're stepping back in case they have to fight to protect Noelle.


  • If The Voice is W.D. Gaster, his dialogue on Twitter, while still somewhat paranoia inducing, also comes off as rather delighted that the fandom has been looking for him and focusing on him, especially after having been forgotten by everyone in his own world. It's as though him showing us what he's been working on (Deltarune) is both a thank you and a way of rewarding our persistence. It's nice knowing that he's been doing something he's quite proud of in his exile from time and space, rather than simply suffering in the void. He seems almost as excited as Toby himself.
  • Originally, the second chapter Deltarune was meant to be the point where people that enjoyed Chapter 1 had to pay to access the rest of the chapters of the game. So why was Chapter 2 released for free for the PC (including a free bundle of Chapters 1 & 2 on Steam), the Nintendo Switch, and the Playstation 4 like Chapter 1 was? It was due to a combination of Chapter 2 being released later than expected (initially, Chapter 2 was planned for release by the end of 2020) and the fact that 2020 was a rough year for many people in general, as hinted in some of Toby's Tweets from before Chapter 2's release. The fact that he also noted how excellently we have persevered doubles it as an Awesome moment as well.
    • The appraisal for being able to persevere throughout the years is a sentiment shared by The Voice as well, with words of encouragement preceding the release of Chapter 2.
    • After explaining why he released Chapter 2 for free, Toby asks the reader to spend the money they saved from getting Chapter 2 free by supporting other indie devs.
  • Fangamer advertises upcoming Chapter 2 merch that focuses on Spamton and plenty more. As it's hosted by Spamton himself, we get insight into how he views things when the video cuts to products featuring other characters. He quickly censors the faces of everyone else for daring to show up in "his" commercial... except for Kris. While completely covering up Swatch.