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Heartwarming / Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

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    Episode 1: Tangled Up in Blue 
  • As the Guardians celebrate killing Thanos, Drax is especially happy for having avenged his dead wife and daughter. When Groot and Rocket point out that Drax wasn't actually the one who killed Thanos though, the player can have Star Lord assure Drax that he still got his revenge. This pleases Drax and he remains at the party and is present for when the team gives a toast.
    • Peter can also ask Drax what his wife and daughter were like. Drax says they were kind, brave, and true; qualities that he aspires to be himself.
  • Gamora wonders what the future will hold for the Guardians and what she should do once her sister Nebula learns that they have killed Thanos. The player can have Peter encourage Gamora to talk to Nebula since they are still sisters, or avoid her and look to the future. Either way, Gamora thanks Peter for his advice.
  • The flashback Peter has of when he was a kid and talked to his mom. It shows how much she loved him and what she meant to him. Admittedly, the circumstances of the flashback are not ideal, as the flashback is of his mother scolding him for punching another boy in retaliation for the other boy breaking the cassette player Meredith gave Peter as a gift. However, if you choose to agree with Peter's mother that violence is wrong, and promise to apologize to the boy Peter punched, Peter's mother will praise Peter for being a good kid.
  • The reveal that in this continuity, it was actually Peter's mother who hired Yondu to take care of him after her death, and consequently he's a lot nicer than usual.
  • Gamora telling Peter that he is The Heart of their team. In a Tear Jerker fashion, she is right. When Peter is dying, the group almost immediately dissolves into fighting and blaming each other.
    Gamora: If we're a family, it's only because you've made us one.

    Episode 4: Who Needs You 

  • If you allow Drax to sacrifice himself, who of all people sticks up for you? Rocket, who you may have not been on the best of terms with through the series. The fact that he, and not Gamora, understands exactly why you did what you did is both suprising and touching all at once.
  • During a pivotal scene, you are given the following option when talking with Groot: 'HUG'. Groot's surprise at and acceptance of the gesture are heart-melting.

    Episode 5: Don't Stop Believin' 

  • At one point you can choose to have Peter tell Gamora she's his best friend. Her reaction is pure heartwarming.
  • If you didn't destroy the Eternity Forge, it has just enough charge at the end to resurrect one person (Meredith, Kamaria, Lylla, or Nebula if she died) before it breaks down for good. This gives you one final chance to bring back one of the Guardians' lost loved ones. There's no catch, no Came Back Wrong, and no fallout from the rest of the group.
  • While everyone else's flashbacks are about personal tragedies, or people they've lost, Groot's is about how he joined the team. Maybe he's never lost anyone who mattered to him as much as his friends.



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