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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The Original Game

  • The date in the Golden Saucer gondola (to the backdrop of "Interrupted by Fireworks") with either Tifa or Aerith. The date with Yuffie uses the same music, but it's played for laughs, and the date with Barret uses Barret's theme which is funny and awkward.
    • Another scene, same music: Before leaving the Temple of the Ancients when Cait Sith fortune-tells Cloud and Aerith about their future prospects and then sacrifices himself to help Cloud to get the Black Materia.
  • Every time Barret talks about Marlene and proves that, despite being so hot-tempered and violent, he has a soft side, too.
    Elmyra: You're her father!? How in the world could you ever leave a child alone like that!?
    Barret: ... Please don't start with that. I think about it all the time. What would happen to Marlene, if I... But you gotta understand somethin'... I don't got an answer. I wanna be with Marlene... But I gotta fight. 'Cause if I don't.. the planet's gonna die. So I'm gonna keep fightin'! But, I'm worried 'bout Marlene. I really just wanna be with her... always. See? I'm goin' in circles, now.
    • Also concerning Barret and Marlene, when the party saves Aerith from the Shinra Building, they get pinned down in the tower's lobby and can't get out. Aerith offers to surrender herself so the rest can get away. Barret flat-out refuses, seeing as Aerith only got captured because she was trying to save Marlene; Barret is going to repay the favor.
  • When the plate is about to fall, the player can have Cloud do a 180 on his previous opinion of AVALANCHE and show affection for Biggs, Jessie et al. in his dialogue choices.
  • The party's reaction to seeing Tifa safe and sound after she gets locked in a gas chamber, and lending her moral support when Cloud goes MIA.
    Barret: You okay?
    Yuffie: Well... I'm glad you're safe.
    Cait Sith: Tifa, I'll give you info on Shinra.
    Cid: Well, as long as you stay alive, you just might see him again someday. So cheer up, sis.
    Red XIII: Cheer up, Tifa...
    Vincent: So glad you're all right, Tifa.
  • The scene with Cloud and Tifa under the Highwind on the night before the final battle with Sephiroth. Regardless of whichever version of the scene you get, it's really sweet when they both realize that they're the only thing the other has left. Kind of sad, too. Also, being up on a grassy hill with nowhere else to go, they have no choice but to huddle up together for warmth.
    • The scene becomes even more heartwarming in light of these extensive analyses by, revealing that Cloud and Tifa did more than just huddle up together, at least in the version where players have a high affinity with Tifa. To contextualize, these are two young people who have known and even harboured feelings for each other since they were pre-teens, have never had any other romantic partners at any point in their lives as far as we know, yet have never been able to express that affection due to mutual shyness (and a Love Triangle). Now, after having made it so far and having fought their way through so many challenges—one of which involved Tifa literally entering Cloud's mind and learning that the affection is mutual—the two finally confess to each other and make love, knowing that it might very well be the last and in-fact, only intimate moment they'll have together before they die. And to top it off, the scene takes place under the night sky which is full of stars, just as it was on the night that they met at the watertower, when Cloud first made his promise to Tifa.
  • When Tifa comments on how the Highwind's too big for just two people and how lonely it is, Cloud tells her not to worry, starts doing squats, and say he'll "make a big enough ruckus for everyone". (Then of course everyone else shows up unannounced.) Furthermore, when Cloud starts doing squats (a pastime Zack was known for), it may come off as a reminder to the player that Zack is now a part of Cloud.
  • Something about Tifa's desperation in the end sequence. Cloud is on a rock ledge, the whole cavern is falling in, and Tifa is calling and reaching out to try to get him to safety. Followed shortly by the Highwind coming to the rescue (also equals a Moment of Awesome).
  • In Cosmo Canyon, when everyone is thinking deeply around the bonfire, Aerith mentions she learned a lot about the Cetra and how she's really, truly alone. Cloud replies, "But I'm...we're here for you." It doesn't quite cheer her up, but it's still sweet considering Cloud's standoffish attitude in Midgar.
  • While Tifa and Barret argue about whether they were responsible for Shinra dropping the plate, Cloud just walks off - from this point on he's laser focused on rescuing Aerith from Shinra and being her bodyguard, as promised.
    • The conversation the two have when locked up in Shinra HQ - despite not being able to rescue her, Aerith is just grateful Cloud came to help her at all.
  • Yuffie, despite coming off as a selfish nitwit in the past, is probably the one who's most broken-up over Aerith's death. She actually breaks down in tears in Cloud's arms. Rather touching, and Yuffie noticeably gets warmer afterwards.
    • Those red ribbons everyone is wearing in Advent Children to show they're still thinking of Aerith? Yuffie wears three, one on her arm like everyone else and two on her weapon. Given that she never gave Aerith a stupid nickname like she did with Cid, it seems she really did care for her.
    • Her story in "On the Way to a Smile" shows that she really did grow attached to everyone by the end of FFVII, even seeming a bit down when everyone had to go their separate ways.
    • Although most people won't want to do this because they'll miss out on the sidequest and all the stuff you get from it, if you wait until Disc 3 to approach Wutai with Yuffie her sidequest where she steals the party's Materia and abandons them notably can't be done at that point because she's grown too attached to the party and been through too much to turn on them at that point.
  • Cloud still talking to Aerith even after her passing. Also, he finally understands Aerith's love for the planet and the people, as well as why she did what she did. He thanks her, then reassures her that he'll take it from there.
    • The "personal memory" he mentions as one of the reasons he's fighting for might possibly refer to the fact that he's fighting for Aerith, who died wanting to save the planet.
      • A moment later on builds on this: when the group realises what Aerith was trying to do with the Holy Materia, there's a moment where you can talk to the group and they will all talk about their memories of Aerith. Special note goes to Red XIII, who talks about how Aerith used to scratch his nose, and Cait Sith/Reeve, who says he told Elmyra what happened to Aerith and how upset she was. There's also Aerith's bond with Marlene, who was fond of her despite having only really met her once.
    • Cloud smiling and reaching for Aerith's hand just before the Northern Crater starts to cave in. Then his line "I think I can find her (Aerith) there (the Promised Land)".
  • "My father was a coward!" "Actually your father is very likely the only reason we're still standing here today."
    • Seto's tears.
    • "I am Nanaki, son of Seto, warrior and protector of Cosmo Canyon!"
  • In Elmyra's flashback to how she met Aerith, there are two NPC couples who reunite after being away during Shinra's war with Wutai: One young man returns to his young significant other and twirls her about in the air in jubilation. Then an older, paunchier man steps off the train, and his significant other does the same thing to him!
    • At the beginning of the same cutscene, a younger Biggs and Jessie are seen playing together near the station. This is especially poignant given what just happened to both of them and Wedge.
  • Cid finally going to space, and finding out the hard way that Shera was right about the oxygen tank the whole time.
  • Priscilla. You save her life early on, and if you check up on her you find out she's developed a crush on Cloud. After Cloud goes catatonic and then comes back, you can still visit her. She gets mad because "You have to take better care of yourself. We're going to get married some day!", and Cloud rubs his head and apologizes. So cute!
  • Even if they don't get enough depth, the Highwind engineers really get attached to AVALANCHE, often showing support to Cloud or congratulating him. Especially after the "There's no gettin' offa this train we on!" spiel and the scene at the end of Disc 2 when the party gathers. When questioned, the crew answers that they will always follow Captain Cid (even though he berates them at every opportunity). Their devotion to the party is just so heartwarming. And the fact that the pilot-in-training makes a return in Dirge of Cerberus.
    Pilot (now as a member of WRO): Mr. Valentine. It's me!

Advent Children

  • If you think of Advent Children as an extra-long bonus cutscene after the game's credits then consider:
    • When Cloud's cell is sinking in the forest pool to the tune of that hauntingly beautiful score, it plays this touching message from Aerith: "I never blamed you. Not once. You came for me. That is all that matters." (For context, this is a voice over of Aerith from the Lifestream. The Reunion files mentions they considered having the scene end with - at the end of all the other voicemails - the last one being from Aerith when she was alive. In other words, a heartwarming tearjerker that Cloud had saved her voice on his phone for that long, but it was changed up in the final cut to be less morbid).
    • When the whole gang shows up to fight Bahamut.
    • When Cloud meets with Tifa and Denzel after dropping Marlene off at the bar, he remarks that he feels "lighter", having finally learned how to let go of his survivor's guilt. The look on Tifa's face is absolutely heartwarming.
      • In Advent Children Complete, Cloud arrives just in time to save Denzel from shadow monsters and Tifa from being crushed under collapsing debris. Right before he does so however, there is an extreme closeup shot of his eyes, during which he has flashbacks of Zack and Aerith's deaths, the implication being that he is not going to let the same thing happen again. The scene becomes even more heartwarming when you remember the promise that he made to always help Tifa whenever she's in a pinch.
        Cloud: Sorry that it took me so long.
        Tifa: (Closes eyes, shakes head) It's alright.
    • When Cloud has reawakened, the kids are gathering around him, and he's looking embarrassed by all the attention. There is something about the strong SOLDIER and the group of adoring little kids. And he's smiling a little and looking kind of awkward and embarrassed by all the attention.
      • The smiles that Cloud and Tifa exchange. You can even see her lips rounding as if to blow a kiss his way.
      • After looking around, Cloud's gaze finally settles on Aerith. His lips are turned down in a small frown as he watches her walk away from him, but when the shot cuts back to Cloud's face after Aerith turns back with a smile, he finally musters a proper smile.
        Aerith: You see? Everything's alright now.
        Cloud: I know. I'm not alone... Not anymore.
  • Aerith being the last member of the team to give Cloud a power up boost during the battle with Bahamut, and them locking hands being a deliberate call back to the original game.
  • Another Aerith moment: when she uses her power to cure Cloud's geostigma, she tells him, 'Let's go, Cloud'. As Tifa later comments, she's still helping the team from the Lifestream, even if she isn't with them physically.
  • "There is not a thing I don't cherish."
  • "This is where a hero began his journey." What? No, it's just... you know, something in my eye, that's all...
  • Every scene with Zack and Aerith as they appear to help Cloud. Even Zack's silent wave at the end is one.
  • A rather small one but still. In Advent Children, when Vincent arrives to fight Bahamut SIN, Denzel asks who are they, Tifa answers that they're their friends. Vincent's Japanese voice actor, Shōgo Suzuki, noted that Tifa's remark "they're our friends", after Vincent's arrival, shows his underlying warmth.
    • Another Vincent example - watch closely in the scene where Denzel's Geostigma gets cured - he's giving a small but distinct smile at the whole scene.

On the Way to a Smile

  • In Red XIII/Nanaki's story, Red XIII is having doubts about himself due to his beastly nature conflicting with his more human-like traits, as well as fearing that he is going to lose everyone that he loves and cares about in life due to his very long lifespan. Vincent, of all people, comforts him by explaining that he shares the same fate due to him being immortal, and promises that the two of them will meet up once every year for the rest of Red XIII's life so that neither will be alone. Also a massive Tear Jerker, but still.
  • This exchange between Cloud and Tifa as she struggles with her own survivor's guilt in Case of Tifa:
    Cloud: It's not like you to be troubled by your thoughts.
    Tifa: It's... Just the way I am.
    Cloud: No. You're much more cheerful and strong. If you've forgotten the way you were then, I'll be there to remind you.
    Tifa: You really will?
    Cloud: Probably...
  • But even the above pales in comparison to this earlier exchange, also from Case of Tifa:
    Cloud: After this Ö I think Iíll be okay.
    Cloud: Because I have you this time.
    Tifa: Youíve always had me.
    Cloud: What I mean is kind of different (smiles).

Alternative Title(s): Final Fantasy VII On The Way To A Smile