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Heartwarming / Crisis Core

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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The initial meeting between Zack and Cloud.
  • "Men don't cry for themselves but for their comrades". Angeal's death left a huge impact on Zack, Aerith was there to comfort him.
  • Cissnei's friendship with Zack taking priority over her orders to eliminate him.
  • Sephiroth actually having friends in Angeal and Genesis to the point that he does his best to get out of missions that could involve him killing them and even fondly reminisces to Zack about a fight they had and regrets that Genesis got injured during it.
    • During his flashback while Genesis was being treated, Angeal and Sephiroth were waiting for the results. After Hollander informs them that Genesis needs a transfusion, Sephiroth instantly steps forward to volunteer. After he's told that he isn't viable, Sephiroth rather forlornly asks "Why couldn't I be the donor...?"
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    • He then finds a friend in Zack and while they have a mutual respect for each other before everything goes to hell, Sephiroth does confide in Zack sometimes.
  • When Sephiroth gives Zack permission to return to Midgar because there are reports of monsters in the slums, it's pretty clear that Sephiroth knows that Zack would be worried about his girlfriend (even if Sephiroth doesn't explicitly know that it's Aerith). That faintest hint of an indulgent smile on Sephiroth's face as Sephiroth reassures a flustered Zack that they'll meet again soon...
    • Additionally, Sephiroth notes when he arrives on the scene that he was on his way to Modeoheim, but diverted to Junon when he heard Zack was there. He delayed arrival at his assignment just to stop by and tell Zack the situation, and let him know he should head home to make sure Aerith is safe.
  • Zack and Aerith's entire relationship falls here, alongside Tear Jerker and this line from Aerith is what seals it.
    Aerith: I have 23 little wishes. But you probably won’t remember them all so I’m putting them all into one- I want to spend more time with you.


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