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Tear Jerker / Final Fantasy VII

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Damn you, Sephiroth.

Starting with the "iconic scene" on the right, Final Fantasy VII may very well be the embodiment of From Bad to Worse when it comes to Tear Jerkers in video games. You'd better equip tissues instead of swords, really.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Aerith's Death

  • The death of Aerith had many gamers literally bawling into their controllers.
    • Aerith's death was related to the death of a real person: Sakaguchi's mother, who died early in the production of Final Fantasy VII. This made Sakaguchi, the man behind the entire series, include a realistic death in the game as opposed to the Hollywood-style deaths in earlier Final Fantasy games.
    • What seems to really get this scene for people, even ten years after the game came out, at a point where everyone in the known world with an internet connection knows it's going to happen, is that it's just so dragged out and emphasized. A ton of people have seen the clip of Aerith getting stabbed, but what the billions of countdowns and the like that show it fail to mention is when Cloud has to fight against his own programming to stop himself from killing Aerith, how he cradles her in his arms and insists that his feelings matter too in the face of a completely sociopathic villain, her theme punctuating the boss fight, the other party members reactions, and of course Cloud letting her sink away into the water. It all lasts for a good ten minutes to the point where even when you know full well it's coming, it still punches you in the gut with how uncompromising it is that she is dead... and that bastard deserves hell for killing her.
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    • Japanese players allegedly sent a futile petition to Squaresoft begging for Aerith's revival.
    • The game might be getting re-made for the new generation, but this scene has become so iconic and very important to the core story that there's just no way Square could ever remove it. Which means, they probably will not create extra contents to canonically prevent her death. Not even a remake can save Aerith.
      • It never could; Advent Children made it absolutely crystal clear that she's dead. And unless they write such into any possible Grand Finale as a Throw the Dog a Bone to everyone, or render the Compilation Of FF VII non-canon, not that a lot of people would complain if they did, then she's never coming back. On the lighter side however, she doesn't seem to mind her existence right now, and she's finally reunited with Zack.
  • Everyone's reactions to the scene are also individual tear jerkers:
    • Cloud catches Aerith as she falls, and cradles her broken body to him, murmuring to himself that this can't be real. Sephiroth, ignorant to the depth of Cloud's pain, tells him that Aerith will soon be part of the Lifestream before going on about his own plans for the future. Still grieving, Cloud cuts his speech off and literally tells him to shut up, and that the cycle of nature and Sephiroth's stupid plan don't mean a thing because Aerith is dead. The way his shoulders move and his speech on how his eyes are burning heavily imply that he's crying. Even more heart wrenching is when he says "What about my pain?", because it makes it clear that at that point, Cloud cannot focus on anything – not the impending doom of the planet, not even the fact that his archenemy is standing right there – but his grief over Aerith's death.
    Cloud: Aerith is gone.
    Cloud: Aerith will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry... or get angry...
    Cloud: What about us... what are WE supposed to do?
    Cloud: What about my pain?
    Cloud: My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My eyes are burning!
    • Even though they both had romantic interest in Cloud, Aerith had become Tifa's closest friend along the journey. So when she's dead, Tifa pays her respects by kneeling in front of the dead Aerith and caressing her face gently. Then she starts to sob, and then just stands up and runs out of the area crying her eyes out. It takes a lot to make Tifa cry, and this event managed to hit her hard…
    • Barret, basically being Cloud's best mate for the course of the game, walks up to Aerith's body, looks for a second, and then simply places his hand on Cloud's shoulder. Having lost the woman he loved as well, Barret's comforting reaction was very appropriate for that scene.
    • Red XIII's mournful howl and Cait Sith's half-hearted attempts to cheer Cloud up.
    • Cait Sith's reaction may seem out of place but it's quite deep in the long run as he did his best to try and do what he does best, cheer up the saddened....but to no avail, even he knew he couldn't cheer up Cloud and he simply looks at him as he orders his Moogle to walk away. Even worse is if you think about it is that Reeve must have been watching the entire thing. Imagine how he feels on the other side of whom he's controlling?
    • But for many people, Yuffie of all people has a reaction that's perhaps the most gut-wrenching. This being the selfish little ninja who wrecked havoc on your party for no reason other than greed... but once faced with Aerith's death you can see her struggling to maintain control of herself. But then she completely loses it and flings herself at Cloud crying. And Cloud just hangs onto her and lets her cry. And even when she leaves, her sprite is shaking to show she's still crying. It makes the scene afterward, when she basically bitch-slaps Cloud and tells him he's not going after Sephiroth alone because of course they're all coming along, all the sweeter. It was this moment that convinced her doubters that Yuffie actually had a heart after all.
    • Though it's not seen on the first glance, because Vincent basically just silently glared at Cloud emotionlessly, you can argue that he was pretty much crushed with Aerith's death, but because of his own crappy past and trauma, he's just unable to let out any proper emotions to convey it. And as you discover his past, this becomes even sadder: Vincent was there to witness his lover Lucrecia die and unable to do anything about it and he, along with Cloud, let a similar tragedy befell on Aerith. Yet another thing to put in Vincent's list of failures...
    • Cid is unable to show his face to anyone, not even Aerith's, after seeing this whole event. All he does is just stare upwards at the sky - as if silently asking the gods why they would do something like this - and then without even looking at Cloud, walks away. Probably because he's tearing so badly and he also can't bear to let Cloud see his sad face.
    • While the whole FMV of Aerith's death was sad, it was specifically the shot of her sinking slowly into the water and disappearing from view that turned on the major waterworks. Who cares that it's Faux Symbolism? That only adds to the sorrow.
    • The fact that in the boss battle right after that scene, Jenova's music is replaced by Aerith's sad, slow theme will rip your heart out, even if you knew all this was coming.
    • Even the interface gets in on it. When the player visits a shop, it shows all party members, arranged nicely in a square once you get all nine, so you can see how new equipment will affect them. After Aerith dies, her spot in the left column is simply left empty instead of rearranging the party members who joined after her. For the rest of the game, you are faced with that empty spot, telling you that the party will never be whole again.
    • Somehow it's worse knowing the NES Fan translation also has Aerith's death in's just as heartwrenching as the real thing....

The Original Game

  • Word of God says that Cait Sith's sacrifice was so blatantly played up, only to be deflated in mere seconds, intentionally to desensitize players to dying characters, making the player believe that this is a game in which nobody dies. The next scene is Aerith's going to you-know-where. Well played, Squaresoft, well played.
    • Even though Cait Sith pretty much ended up being Not Quite Dead, Cait Sith's prior Heroic Sacrifice was still very touching... particularly when the moogle tripped and Cait Sith fell on the floor, then turned to the camera and made that adorably cute shrug. "Even I can save the world!" Some people - even ones who are actually ambivalent about Aerith, start crying at this one even if they know the circumstances. The music "Words Drowned by Fireworks' and the moment when he swings his arms cheerfully, then stops and slumps over for a second really make it... Jeez, darn you, Square, because that was Alas, Poor Scrappy at its finest and could be considered Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. You find yourself agreeing with what he said: another Cait Sith body may (and does) come along, but there's only one of this Cait Sith... and you're actually going to miss him.
  • Then there’s the part when Cait Sith tells Aerith that her and Cloud were perfect for each other. It is made even worse if you have Tifa in the party – when Cait Sith mentions that he doesn't want to say the fortune in front of the clearly distressed Tifa, Aerith encourages him to, replying, "Oh don't worry, I don't mind!"
  • To a number of people, the death of Aerith pales in comparison to the scene where Tifa finds Cloud after he had fallen into the Lifestream. "Great!" we all think, "He's in this town! ... In a hospital... Wheelchair bound... Nodding his head in a comatose state... completely unresponsive". It’s so despairingly similar to finding someone you know and deeply care about in a coma – you know they’re alive, but can’t do anything for them. Just imagine someone you grew up with your whole life and shared lots of happy moments together being effectively brain dead... Tifa is so devastated by it that she leaves the party to watch over him, and Cid must then take over as party leader. And you play through that scenario, so the game's telling you that it's not joking around.
    • The moment Cloud rejoins the party can have you crying really hard – either tears of joy because Cloud's back, really back, as he has just gotten past his identity crisis, or tears of despair, because we've just been shown what a terrible childhood he had. Either way... Wow.
      • The scene with Cloud in a coma is something more of us could actually imagine happening to us than Aerith's death. And while Cloud recovers later, considering this scene comes fairly soon after Aerith's death (which is itself a huge shock for any oblivious newcomer), a new player might well assume Cloud isn't gonna get better either.note 
  • The whole scene of Cloud's past. Having no friends as a kid, getting blamed for Tifa getting hurt... definite Tear Jerker.
  • Cloud's epic Heroic BSoD at the Northern Crater. At this point, he's pretty much hits rock bottom. He's a puppet. He doesn't have a real past. All his drives and goals were just manipulations (at least he thought that). He failed to save the Planet (by that point). He failed to save Aerith. He actually failed to become a first class SOLDIER. Now his begging to at least be numbered, to be recognized as anything, that he begs Hojo to give him a number... and Hojo tells him he's a failure even as a puppet... Ouch! Hell, forget rock bottom - he was so down and depressed he was underground.
    • After being tormented and mind-screwed by Sephiroth since the start of the game, he still turns to Tifa and sadly tells her "I hope you find the real Cloud". Made worse by the fact that Tifa, the only one who could snap him out of it, had been rendered mute by Sephiroth for the moment.
  • If you already knew about Zack (or were playing the game through again), meeting Zack's parents in Gongaga. They wonder why Zack hasn't written to them, not knowing that he's dead.
    • It gets worse when you play Crisis Core: you know Zack's going to die, and you know his parents have no idea what happened to him. Oh, what's that? Zack just arrived in his hometown?
  • The moment where Nanaki learns the truth about his father, Seto. Like with Aerith's death, the music here, the light piano reprise of the Cosmo Canyon theme, really helps drive it home.
    • The same music plays again... when you have Red XIII visit Bugenhagen on his death bed.
      • Another, though much more low-key, tearing up moment is when after Bugenhagen clearly dies, Nanaki/Red XIII comes out to rejoin the others. Something about the cliche euphemisms (he'd left, gone on a journey, was tired and had to rest) seemed much more poignant coming from the well-spoken, rather innocent beast.
    • When Nanaki starts referring to himself as "Nanaki, son of Seto!" He just says it with such pride...
      • And then of course the kicker that him doing this causes the petrified Seto to start crying. Any Narm in a literal Tears from a Stone moment is swept away by both Bugenhagen and Nanaki's reactions: Bugenhagen can't even finish stating the obvious, just trailing off after a broken response, and Nanaki stands and gives his mournful howl till the fadeout. The fact it's easy to time this scene to the most poignant part of "The Great Warrior" only turns on the waterworks more.
    • On top of everything else mentioned here, the description text for the Seraph Comb you receive after this, "Memento of father", can make you tear up. And when the Fridge Horror sets in, and you realize that even though he's paralyzed in stone, Seto is left alive like that forever, never able to go home and be with his son...
  • Dyne. This is an utterly broken man driven past the point of no return, convinced that everyone he knew and loved was dead because of his best friend, driven so insane that he wants that to be the case, to the point that he planned to kill his own daughter, then when sense is finally beaten into him, he knows that mania is just around the corner once more, throws himself to his death rather than risk the life of that same girl.
    • "Don't ever... make Marlene cry."
    • And then Barret has to watch the man who once was his best friend jump off a cliff, arriving to let to prevent him to do it.
  • Barret's complete breakdown after the Sector 7 plate collapses and crushes everything under it should receive a small mention especially since Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie - all who were likable characters with good personalities up until then - got killed in that situation.
    • Speaking of said breakdown, just watch the scene of him shouting hopelessly at the wreckage... That kind of body language only became possible (or, rather, memory-practical) when they made the switch to polygons, but this moment showed just how powerful it could be.
    • Speaking of the Sector 7 plate collapse, there's also watching the plate start to fall... from the point of view of the people looking up in horror; a TV broadcast from inside Sector 7 is abruptly cut off; and then we pan out from the horrific devastation until we see it from the point of view of President Shinra, who orchestrated the mass murder and is watching it while listening to some mellow opera. Repugnant scumbag.
  • Elmyra waiting for her husband to return, and finally finding out from Aerith that he died on the way back from the war. Later, Cait Sith mentioning that he (as Reeve) told her of Aerith's death, and that Elmyra, along with Marlene, naturally didn't take it well.
  • Just about everything pertaining to Vincent, and let’s look at the facts. First, he falls in love with a woman who doesn't return his affections, but instead shacks up with a mad scientist. Instead of holding it against either of them, he states "As long as she's happy... I don't mind". When she becomes very unhappy very fast (see: knocked up with baby, which she has injected with alien cells but comes to regret later on), he does his best to avenge her, but is shot (and possibly killed, depending on what fanon you hold to). He's further subjected to an untold number of horrific experiments for an untold amount of time, and is cursed to transform into hideous creatures the moment his health get low, so he can't even put himself out of his misery. Once Hojo gets bored with him, he locks him in a coffin for thirty years, the entire time spent unaging, unchanging, trapped in a perpetual nightmare state, until AVALANCHE frees him (and even THAT depends on the player's ingenuity/walkthrough). And the kicker? He believes he deserves it all. Put the icing on the cake by showing him his lover insane, encased in crystal, and still not caring he's alive, and it's no wonder he out-Woobies even Cloud.
    • Adding to that is Lucrecia's backstory. And you can find her, all alone, in that cavern - desperately wanting to die. She doesn't even know what became of Sephiroth, her son, and deeply regrets what she did to him. When she asks whether he's still alive, Vincent chooses to spare her the knowledge of what he became by claiming that he's dead. And if you return to the cave at a later stage... she's gone. Hopefully, her soul finally rests in peace.
  • If you did at least most of the Fort Condor battles it can hurt a little bit to watch the condor you've been protecting the entire game die and unceremoniously tumble off the top of the fort during the Huge Materia story arc. And then, when you go check on the newborn baby that just hatched, it immediately flaps its wings and flies off, never to be seen again.

On the Way To a Smile

  • "Case of Nanaki" shows what Red XIII is suffering from a strange affliction which he calls "Gilligan," as representative of the feeling of loss. This rears its head when he takes on two bear cubs, raising them as if they were his own after their mother was killed by a hunter, only to lose them to other hunters two years later.


  • The fact that after years of waiting (as there's been demand since pretty much Advent Children), years of begging, and years of teasing on Square Enix's part, finally a remake of FF7 has been announced. Those that didn't shout their joy were too busy crying in happiness.
    • When Gametrailers Live was viewing the E3 2015 trailer, they considered it what they could say was the greatest E3 they'd ever see. A few months later, everyone there was out of a job, as Gametrailers closed down. They survived only just long enough to be there for one of the greatest moments in Final Fantasy history.


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