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Drinking Game / Final Fantasy VII

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  • Take a shot whenever Mako/Reactors/Lifestream/The Planet/The Ancients are mentioned.
  • Take three shots if you run into Emerald WEAPON, unless it was on purpose.
    • Take a shot for every Materia your party has equipped every time it uses Aire Tam Storm. Or don't, because if your party dies, you'll probably be dead too.

Limit Break You and two other drinkers each pick a different party member while watching a fourth individual play the game. Each of you adds a bit of drink to your glass when that party member's limit gauge rises. When your chosen party member's Limit Break is used, chug. If you finish before the animation does, everyone else takes a drink.


  • Cloud
    • Take a shot whenever he shrugs his shoulders.
    • Take a shot whenever he does squats.
      • Suicide Mode: Include the Big Bro mini game to get the wig. Seek medical assistance immediately afterward.
    • Take a shot whenever he does an acrobatic jump.
  • Aerith
    • Take a shot whenever Aerith acts cheerful at improper moments (such as the very first Golden Saucer visit when Barret's feeling angsty).
    • Take a shot whenever she communes with the planet.
    • Down a bottle (and your sorrows) when she dies.
  • Tifa
    • Take a shot whenever she mentions her and Cloud's childhood.
    • Take a shot whenever her dialogue includes ellipses and she acts like she wants to tell Cloud something, but doesn't.
  • Barret
    • Take a shot whenever he curses out Shinra.
    • Take a shot whenever he shakes his fist in anger.
    • Take two shots whenever he starts firing wildly and ineffectively with his gun arm.
  • Sephiroth
    • Take a shot whenever he just appears.
    • Take a shot every time he mentions something about "becoming one with the Planet."
    • Take two shots every time Supernova misses.
  • Cid
    • Take a shot every time Cid swears.
      • Take three if it's the tea scene.
    • Take a shot whenever he dozes off.
  • Yuffie:
    • Take shot whenever she steals/talks about stealing materia.
    • Take a shot whenever she acts like she's completely bored with what's happening around her.

Crisis Core

  • Take a shot everytime Genesis recite poems from LOVELESS.
  • Take a shot everytime Angeal says "honors" and "dreams".