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Drinking Game / Final Fantasy

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Could Final Fantasy, being so beer-chuggingly popular, have enough elements to make a drinking game out of? Well yes. Be wary, because depending on the game, some of these will definitely kill you.

Games with their own drinking game pages (though the general rules still apply to them):


  • Take a sip if a party member levels up.
  • Take a shot if you encounter one of the following:
    • A Cactuar.
      • Take a shot if it uses 1,000 Needles.
      • Down the whole drink if it uses 10^x Needles, where x is >= 4.
    • A Malboro.
    • A Tonberry.
      • Take two shots if it kills you with its knife.
    • A Behemoth or any Behemoth variant.
    • Any type of Bomb.
      • Take a shot if it uses Self-Destruct.note 
  • Start chuggingnote  if you or the enemy does an attack with an extremely long animation, and don't stop until the animation ends. Alternatively, use the animation time to take a bathroom break, because you're probably holding in a lot from all the alcohol you've been downing.
  • Take a shot for every enemy defeated or party member killed.
  • Take three, four, or five shots (depending on how many max party members in-battle a game has) if all of your party members end up dying. Don't do this when fighting superbosses, because that will probably end in alcohol poisoning.
    • Down the whole drink if an enemy's attack causes a Total Party Kill. Again, don't do this if you're fighting superbosses (Emerald WEAPON is an optional case of this, since it requires Materia to fall to one).
  • Take two shots when you decide to fight a game's respective superboss on purpose.
    • Toast if you beat the superboss you decided to face.
  • Take a shot every time any character is afflicted with a buff or status ailment. If multiple characters are afflicted, take one for each character. If characters are afflicted with multiple ailments, finish your drink, but down the bottle if it's because of Bad Breath.
  • Take a shot for every enemy encounter you get when trying to walk to an item or location visible on screen.
  • Take a shot every time you use a Phoenix Down or any Life spell.
  • Take a drink when you start riding a Chocobo.
  • Take a shot each time you or an enemy does 9999 damage or above.
    • Suicide Mode: If any multi-hit attack does 9999 damage or above per hit, take a shot with each hit.
  • Take a shot every time you meet a character named Cid, then prepare a second shot glass. Take that second shot when he's shown captaining an airship.

    Final Fantasy I 
  • Take a shot if Astos uses Death/RUB on a party member.
  • Take a shot if you encounter some Dark Wizards/MAGEs.
  • Drink to forget if you die to the Beholder/EYE in the Ice Cave.
  • If you grind via the Peninsula of Power, take four shots.
  • Take a victory drink if your party gets class upgrades.
  • If Lich uses Flare/NUKE when you fight him the 2nd time, take three shots.
  • Take a shot if you encounter the Warmech/Death Machine in the Floating Castle when you weren't intending to fight it.
    • Drink to forget if it obliterates your team.
  • Take four shots if you encounter a Piscodemon/WIZARD.
    • Take two more if they proceed to destroy you.
  • In the remakes, take a drink every time you hear a new battle theme.

    Final Fantasy II 

    Final Fantasy III 
  • Take a drink when the Warriors of Light talk (NES/Famicom and Pixel Remaster versions only).
  • Take a shot when someone decides to accompany you (Sara, Cid, Desch, etc.).
  • Take three shots if an upcoming boss is weak to a certain job, but you need to grind with said job in order to use it against said boss (I.E. having to grind with Dragoons in order to beat Garuda).
  • Take a shot every time you get a new set of jobs.

    Final Fantasy IV 
  • Take a drink every time Cecil thinks about his actions.
  • Take a shot when Edward runs away from a battle.
  • When Rydia summons Titan and sends you underground in the first encounter with her, take two shots.
  • Take a shot when you get a new eidolon.
    • Three if it's Odin, Leviathan, or Bahamut.
  • If playing the 3D versions (DS, PC, mobile), take a shot when someone yells and it catches you off guard (I.E. Rydia saying "Leave me alone! I HATE YOU!!").
  • Take a shot if Kain does something stupid or evil.
    • Two if he wasn't mind-controlled by Golbez at that point.
  • Toast when Rydia does her Big Damn Heroes moment against Golbez.
  • Take four shots when Zeromus uses Big Bang.
    • In the 3D remakes, take a shot each time Zeromus counters Rydia's summons with Osmose. Same goes with when he uses Flare to counter black or white magic.
  • Take a shot when a party member sacrifices themselves.
    • If it's later revealed they survived, take another shot.

    Final Fantasy V 
  • Take a drink when Faris is revealed to be a woman.
  • Toast if you master a job class.
  • Take a shot every time Gilgamesh appears.
    • Take another when he flees.
  • Take a shot every time the Void is mentioned.
  • Down the bottle if you fail to avoid Omega if you try to get past Omega without fighting it.
  • Take two shots when Shinryu attacks you.
  • Down the whole drink when Galuf dies and Krile takes his place, which then turns the party into Bartz' harem.

    Final Fantasy XV 
  • Take a shot in disappointment every time "IMPERIALS ABOVE US!" is uttered and Imperial airships indeed drop soldiers.
  • Take a shot every time Ignis says that he came up with a new recipe.

    Spinoffs (Tactics, Dissidia, etc.) 

Dissidia (original and 012)

  • Take a shot if someone uses their EX Burst.
    • Two if it K.O.s you.

Dissidia NT

  • Take a shot if someone summons.
    • Two if the summoning quote is a Mythology Gag to the original games (e.g. Tidus' "Show them how hard it is to dodge lightning!").

  • Take a shot if someone berates you for your job choice. Two shots if they type a variation of "loldrg".