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Drinking Game / Fallout

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  • Take a shot each time you save.
  • Take a shot each time you die.
  • Take a shot whenever you use a V.A.T.S targeting system (or in the case of the first two games target a specific body part).
  • Take a shot for each Stimpak, Chem or alcoholic beverage you use.
  • Take a shot whenever someone dies in a ridiculously gorny manner. Your liver will take a serious kicking if you take the Bloody Mess perk.
  • Take a shot every time you pick a hilariously snarky dialogue option.
  • Chug down the cup if your companions suffer from Artificial Stupidity and get into the firing-line of the enemy and/or your attack plan. Considering the half-baked Ai-script, fans are probably in a booze-comatose?
  • Take a shot anytime you are low of caps/cash to buy a certain item, i.e. Stimpaks, bullets, new gun or melee item, armor.
  • Chug half the bottle if you mistakenly pressed the wrong dialog/action.
  • Not to the enemies but the player. Take a shot if you play against the foes but you plan badly and get turned into goop from an unsuspecting enemy attack, i.e. Raider snipes you while his melee buddies distract you.

Fallout: New Vegas

  • When playing Radio New Vegas, take a shot each time "Big Iron" or "Johnny Guitar" plays.
  • In survival mode, take a shot whenever you drink, eat or sleep.
  • Take a shot whenever Caesar's Legion and/or the NCR sends an assassination party after you.
  • Take a shot any time you come across a situation you can get out of with a speech skill check.
  • When doing a low-intelligence run, take a shot for each time you come across a low-intelligence conversation prompt.
  • Take a shot for every NPC you meet voiced by Liam O'Brien.
    • Take two for every NPC voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (a swig for the male Courier's grunts).
  • Take a shot when the game crashes from the various scenarios; loading zones, skill-checks, saving & loading the game, taking and completing quests, and dying to an enemy attack!

Fallout 4

  • Take a shot whenever a settlement needs your help.
  • Take a shot whenever a companion likes/dislikes what you did. Two if it's Strong.
    • Down the bottle when you either successfully romance the companion or piss him/her off enough that (s)he leaves you for good.
  • Take a hearty swig whenever a legendary enemy mutates.
    • Take a gulp if the legendary weapon/armor is not for your build...wait, hold on to it and trade it for booze!
  • Take a sip if you hit the build limit for your settlement before maxing out your settlement requirements.
    • Add additional sips if your custom house counts to that settlement limit.

Fallout 76

  • Take a shot if you level up and choose a perk card.
  • Take a shot if you are slammed in PVP or vice-versa.
  • Take a shot if your legendary drop is literally worse than crap!
  • Take a shot if you are using the ATOMS shop and your loot is one-time offers.
  • Take the whole bottle if the server is shut down due to maintenance/lag/trolls/end-game nuke launches/etc.
  • Take a shot when the game's physics turns the PVE enemies into an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Take a shot where you glitch through the world, door refuses to open, loot chest is empty, and your CAMP is forced back into your inventory.
  • Take a shot if you joined a public event or avoided one, considering sometimes an event WILL glitch and give EVERYONE on the server the rewards if the event was complete!
  • Take a shot if your maxed out your sold loot and have to wait for the 12-hour reset.
  • Take a shot if you deleted your character and create a "variably" different one.