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In General

  • Too many to mention without it becoming tedious, but they include the shotgun wedding and Monty Python special encounters in Fallout 2, the Garys in Vault 108 in Fallout 3, and loads more.
  • Probably immature, but there are quite some laughs at exploiting the Tell-Me-Abouts in Fallout 1 and the characters' limited responses if they don't recognize the line of text you entered.
    types: What's that lump in your pants?
    Morpheus: That's nothing. You may ask something else.
    types: Do you have a small penis?
    Morpheus: That's not important.
    types: Did somebody fart in here?
    Morpheus: Nothing to be concerned with.
  • MANY of the conversations in Fallout & 2 when playing a "stupid" (Int < 4) character. For example:
    Drug dealer starts a lengthy sales pitch to player
    Chosen One: Okay. Me have to go n-
    Drug dealer continues talking
    Chosen One: ME HAVE TO GO N-
    Drug dealer continues talking
    Chosen One: ME GO LET ME GO LET ME GO
    Drug dealer finally finishes their pitch and asks what the Chosen One thinks
    Chosen One: Me forget! Me finally had a thought and you make me forget! ME KILL YOU!
  • If you have a dark sense of humour, some of death animations are outright hilarious, especially with the Bloody Mess trait/perk. Special mention goes to punching a hole through someone.
  • Shooting Marcus (the friendly Super Mutant) in the groin will not only cause him to yell "Oof!" and slump to the floor in agony, but leave him lingering there for several days. Shooting a woman in the groin will elicit comments like "Her childbearing days are in trouble as she collapses in a limp heap" and "She takes it like a man. That is to say, it hurts."