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Drinking Game / Etrian Odyssey

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Please note that we do not condone drinking while out in the labyrinths. There's a local pub in every game for for that.

General / Unsorted
  • Take a drink every time you realize you've drawn part of the map incorrectly.
    • Take another drink if this mistake causes you to get stuck (e.g. drawing a wall where a passage should have been)
  • Character customization:
    • Take a drink every time you make a character based on an existing character.
    • Take a drink every time you make a character based on a friend of yours.
    • In voiced games, take a drink if you make a character with a "Sultry" voice.
      • If you are playing in public with the volume up and no headphones on and said charcter then speaks one of their more raunchy lines, finish your drink out of embarrassment.
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    • In Nexus, if you have a character with a "Quirky" voice, take a drink every time they speak Gratuitous English.
  • Finish your drink if a Total Party Kill happens for any reason.
    • If you party wipe in a postgame stratum, take a drink instead. It's going to happen a lot.
  • Take a drink every time you try to head back to town but you realize you forgot to bring Ariadne Threads / Warp Wires.
    • Take another if it's because a squirrel stole or destroyed them.
    • Take another drink if you're playing The Drowned City and you decide to use the Farmer's To Market skill instead.
      • Finish your drink if your Farmer is short on TP.
    • Finish your drink if your party gets killed trying to get back.
  • Take a drink every time you encounter a Rare Breed.
    • Toast if you manage to kill it.
    • Take another drink if it's an FOE.
  • Take a drink every time you get ambushed.
  • Take a sip for each round spent with a failed attempt to retreat.
    • If you're playing the first three games, drink again if you notice you can't retreat because you've backed yourself up against a wall.
  • Take a drink if you fail to get a conditional drop. Two drinks if it was from an FOE or boss.
    • Finish your drink and throw the empty container in frustration if it was due to the enemy being killed by a chase or counter attack.
    • If you use a Formaldehyde (emphasis on "if") on an enemy but you fail to kill it within the same turn, drink until you forget you ever had it.
  • Finish your drink every time merely entering a new stratum/labyrinth results in a plot twist.
  • Field events:
    • Take a drink every time your party takes damage without even entering battle.
    • Take a drink if a field event heals a party member(s) who didn't need the healing. You are exempt if you discover it's not a one-time field event.
    • Take a drink every time accepting a field event leads to an enemy encounter.
      • Take two if it's an ambush.
    • (Beyond the Myth, Nexus) Take a drink every time you encounter someone from another guild registered in your Guild Card list. Take another in mild frustration if it's Conrad of the Freeblade Guild.
      • If you know the person who made the guild you encounter, buy them a drink.
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  • Take a drink every time you try to revive then heal a party member, only for the skills or items to activate the other way around.
  • Take a drink every time someone who is blinded still manages to connect an attack.
  • Take a drink every time an enemy inflicts Curse on someone who has a powerful attack queued up. Take another one when that attack fires off for a One-Hit Kill to the user.
  • Take a drink if you try to cure an ailment/bind with a Theriaca but use the wrong type. note 
  • FOEs:
  • (The Fafnir Knight, Nexus) When you activate a Force Boost, take a drink for each turn that it's active. Shotgun the rest of the glass if you use Force Break. Afterwards, take a sip for every "dammit, if only I had my Force skills" moment.
    • Finish your drink if a bind or ailment prevents you from using the Force Break and your Force Boost expires right afterwards.
  • Take a drink every time a "something bad just happened / is about to happen" theme ("Red and Black" in I and II, "Unknown Menace" in III and V, "Imminent Calamity" in IV, all of them in Nexus) starts playing.
  • Toast every time "End of the Raging Waves" or a remix thereof starts playing.


  • Defense classes (Protector, Beast, Hoplite, Fortress):
    • Take a drink if your party members die because you guarded the wrong line.
    • Take a drink if you attempt an element negation skill but guess the wrong element.
    • Take a drink if you die while Taking the Bullet for at least one other party member.
  • Healing-based classes:
    • Take a drink every time you use a revival spell, only for the target to die again in the same turn.
    • Take a drink every time you use Delayed Heal/Herb or Chase Heal / Reflex Herb, but nobody in your party takes any damage while either skill is running.
  • Squishy Wizard classes (Alchemist, Zodiac, Runemaster, Arcanist, Warlock, Necromancer):
    • Take a drink if you get knocked out from full HP in a single hit.
    • Take a drink if you run out of TP and have to finish the rest of the battle by Cherry Tapping.
  • Ailment/bind-infliction classes:
    • Sip for each consecutive turn you spend trying to inflict an ailment/bind that the target isn't resisting.
    • Sip if you've already done what you need the class to do and end up using the normal attack to not waste TP.
    • If you are guessing which body part to bind but guess wrongly, take a drink.
    • Drink in frustration if a bind(s) wears off just after you finish a triple-bind.
  • Survivalist:
    • Take a drink every time you use Chain Dance and no enemies target you with a single-target attack.
      • If an enemy attack targets you but you get hit, take a drink, plus an extra one for every 5 levels of the skill.
  • Ronin:
    • Take a drink if your strategy is interrupted because your stance expired.
    • Take a drink if you're forced to switch to a different stance before your previous one expires. Peerless Stance doesn't count.
  • Highlanders:
    • Take a drink every time a skill uses up HP.
    • Take a drink when you use Delayed Charge.
      • Take another drink if it fails due to being afflicted by an ailment or Arm Bind.
      • Take another drink if its target dies before Delayed Charge activates. Finish your drink if it would have activated on that turn, but someone else went first and got the kill shot.
    • Take a drink every time Bloodlust activates.
      • Take another drink if it from a non-enemy source (Draining and Legion attacks, Bloody Offense, sunlight damage if you're a Vampire, etc.)
      • Finish your drink if you hit an enemy you didn't want to hit (an Ananas when there is at least one other enemy present, a sleeping enemy you were trying to capitalize on, etc.)
  • Gladiators:
    • Take a drink if you die right after setting up Berserker Vow.
    • Drink if you use Nine Smashes but instead get Two Misses.
  • Ninjas:
    • If you use Bunshin/Ninpo Double, assign a new glass for the clone and split your drink between it. Drink from that glass based on what's happened to the clone. If a clone dies, pour the contents of its glass back into the original glass.
      • If you use Tagen Battou/Drawing Slice, combine the contents of all your glasses and chug.
  • Shoguns:
    • Drink if Kaishaku/Execution kills your own party members.
      • Toast to your victory if it instantly kills a boss, effectively skipping its Turns Red phase.
    • (Nexus) Take a drink if you die from using Warrior's Might.
    • (Nexus) Take a drink if you use Front Command only for its target to never get hit.
  • Landsknechts (EOIV, Nexus):
    • Drink if an enemy erases your buffs. Take another drink if your buffs got erased just as you finished setting up Vanguard and Improved Link.
    • Drink out of frustration if you lost either Vanguard or Improved Link because you tried to stack too many buffs.
  • Bushi:
    • Take a drink if you die from Blood Surge's HP drain.
  • Imperials:
    • Take a drink every time you get killed trying to use a Drive skill. Actually don't, because you'll quickly get too drunk to wield the damn blade.
      • Take another drink if the enemy that killed you was panicked, blinded, or paralyzed.
      • Finish your drink if you had multiple defensive and/or Action Initiative effects (including Draw Aggro abilities), and it still happens.
    • Take a drink every time you run out of TP.
      • Take another if it was because Ignition was active and you went on a Drive spree.
      • (Nexus) If you've already used Conversion, take another drink.
    • (Nexus) Toast every time a subclass skill (Gunner's Multi-Shot and Hero's Afterimage) causes you to repeat a Drive skill.
  • Dragoons:
    • (Cannon Bearer) Take a drink every time you charge up Buster Cannon but it fails because the party formation changed.
  • Harbingers:
    • Take a drink every time you wish you could use a Reap, but you can't because you ran out of Miasma Armor.
    • If you've cast Wilting Miasma and/or Binding Miasma (Nexus) on an enemy but still fail to inflict the desired bind/ailment, take a sip for each level of the appropriate skill.
    • (Beyond the Myth, Deathbringer) Take a drink every time you try to use Fatal Reap on a sleeping opponent, but someone else hits it first.
  • Masurao:
    • (Blade Dancer) At the start of battle, take a drink for every blade you have equipped after the first one.
    • (Blade Dancer) Take a drink every time you hit an ally or yourself with Hell Slash. Finish your drink if any of them die. Drown your sorrows if this leads to a Game Over.
    • (Blade Master) Take a drink if Helm Splitter connects without any accuracy-affecting effects in place.
  • Botanists:
    • (Graced Poisoner) Take a drink if an enemy has a smoke debuff, someone attempts to inflict the matching ailment, and it still fails.
  • Heroes:
    • Take a sip every time you spawn an Afterimage. When the Afterimage acts, take another sip.
    • Take a drink if an enemy acts before you use Wide Bravery.
  • Vampires:
    • During the day, take a sip every time you take damage from sunlight.
    • Take a drink for every ally you resurrect with Ghastly March.
      • Finish your drink if those allies die again.


  • The Drowned City:
    • Take a drink every time Edie mentions her love for money. (Also applicable to her Nexus iteration)
  • Legends of the Titan:
    • Take a drink every time one of the three dragons appears on the overworld map, and then run away!
  • The Millennium Girl:
    • Take a small sip if a character finds a Grimoire Stone. Upgrade it into a drink if it's a Grimoire Stone FL.
    • After returning to the Mansion, drink if you discover one of your new Grimoire Stones has 5 or more skill slots.
    • Toast if you obtain a King Grimoire.
  • The Fafnir Knight:
    • Drink if you encounter the Dinogator on 30F.
    • Sip if you experience a Grimoire Fever. Upgrade it into a drink if it's the third Fever in a row.
    • Restaurant advertising:
      • Drink in frustration if you notice a very large group of people to advertise to, but you're missing the right kind of food for them.
      • If a Legendary Adventurer has visited your Restaurant, take a drink. Drink again if their Legendary Grimoire has the skill you want.
      • Sip if you recognize a patron as one of your own retired adventurers.
  • Beyond the Myth:
    • Take a drink every time you rest at the inn and wake up to resources from your livestock. Take another if it's fish from the chicken that you found in the 2nd Stratum.
    • Take a drink every time Ramus introduces a new food item and its recipe to you. Take two if you get hungry from the way he describes it.
  • Nexus:
    • Vivian:
      • Take a drink every time Mr. Merlin interacts with you or is mentioned.
    • Kvasir:
      • Take a drink every time he lets out his Signature Laugh.
      • Take a drink every time he mentions his fixation for younger girls. And another if you have a dialogue option that lets you call him out on it.
    • Take a drink every time you enter the Expedition HQ and Muller is there instead of Persephone.
    • Take a drink every time you enter HQ or the Guild Hall and a generic soldier is posted there instead of the usual characters.
    • If you trigger the "really nasty water causes your party to take damage continuously if they don't remove their equipment" event in the Eastern Shrine, take a shot of some sort of Gargle Blaster.
      • Take a second shot of said Gargle Blaster if you make the mistake of unequipping your gear, resulting in a battle that's nearly impossible to win. Finish your drink if you actually win.
    • Take a drink every time you step into a new Labyrinth and you feel nostalgic.

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