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Drinking Game / Fire Emblem

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For rules regarding Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, see here.

General/Multiple Games

  • Drink every time one of your units dies. Drink again if that unit's death gives you a Game Over.
    • For games with Casual mode, sip instead.
    • If you decide to reset, drink again.
  • If a weapon breaks, drink according to its rank.
    • Iron or lower, or basic tomes: one sip
    • Steel or El- tomes: one drink
    • Silver, Arc- tomes or higher: two drinks
    • Legendary weapons: finish your drink
  • If one of your units promotes or reclasses, celebrate with a drink.
  • If a game uses a rewind feature (Echoes, Three Houses, Heroes), drink upon use. Add a drink for each ally's death being undone.
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  • Drink for each round of enemy reinforcements.
  • Drink for each critical hit with a 10% or less chance of firing. Two drinks if a normal hit would have finished the job.
  • Drink when the game's Fire Emblem is name-dropped.
  • Drink each time someone backstabs the heroes.
  • Drink to honor the fallen for any mention of a genocidal event in the story (Bern's extermination of the Sacae tribes, the Serenes Massacre, the taguel hunts, or the Tragedy of Duscur).
  • Drink each time someone is possessed, brainwashed, or berserk. Two if it's a group of people.
  • Drink each time there's Fog of War.
  • In missions with villagers needing help, drink when you fail to protect them all.
  • Drink for each plot twist. Two if it involves someone being related to someone else.
  • Drink when the game's tactician or schemer devises a cunning plan. Two if there's fire involved. Drink from another glass if decoy armies are involved.
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  • Drink each time the Big Eater of the game is hungry. Two if they're eating enough food for two or more people.
  • Drink each time the game's casanova hits on someone.
  • Drink each time a Lethal Chef is cooking. The mess hall in Fates counts.
  • Drink each time the game's Heavy Sleeper dozes off.
  • Drink each time a major character dies during the plot.
  • During a support conversation, drink each time one of the two participants leaves during the conversation scene.
  • For games other than Awakening and Fates: toast when a unit's epilogue ending notes a marriage with another unit. Two if there's mention of children. If playing Awakening or Fates, drink for each unmarried first generation unit who has possible S supports with units other than the avatar.


Specific Games (sorted by ingame region)

(note: If a character appears in Warriors or Heroes, any rules involving them also apply there.)

Archanea (Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, as well as the anime)

  • If playing Shadow Dragon: Drink when you are given filler units. Drink again if you reach the point where the names are insulting you.
  • Take a drink each time Xane takes the form of someone else. Counting gameplay instances is not recommended.

Valentia (Gaiden/Echoes)

  • Drink each time a foodstuff is consumed. Two if it's wheat flour.
  • Drink whenever the map contains witches.
  • Drink each time Mae and Boey bicker.
  • Drink each time Faye hits on Alm.

Jugdral (Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776)

  • If playing Thracia: drink each time a healing staff misses.

Elibe (Binding Blade and Blazing Blade)

  • If playing Blazing Blade: drink whenever you get a 1* ranking in the results.
  • Drink each time Echidna recruits others for construction work.
  • Drink each time Niime insults her grandson.

Magvel (Sacred Stones)

  • On the map with the gorgon eggs, drink for each gorgon that hatches.
  • Drink each time Eirika calls out to Lyon.
  • Drink each time Neimi cries.
  • Drink each time L'Arachel hams it up. Two if she mentions justice.
  • Drink each time Lute boasts about her skills. Two if she calls herself "perfect".

Tellius (Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn)

  • Drink each time someone acts racist. Sip instead if it's Soren or Shinon.
  • Drink each time the Black Knight appears.
  • Drink each time Marcia chastises Makalov. Two if the phrase "sponge brain" is used.
  • Drink each time Kieran addresses himself as "Kieran of the Crimean Knights".
  • Drink each time Aimee crushes on Ike.
  • When using a coin to upgrade a forged weapon further, drink when you get the vines card.

Ylisse (Awakening)

  • Drink each time "Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!" is the song playing. (Yes, that is an actual song name.)
  • Drink each time Kellam goes unnoticed. Finish your drink if you did not recruit him.
  • Drink each time Lissa pulls a prank.
  • Drink each time Sumia or Cynthia trips.
  • Drink each time Owain engages in theatrics or creates names for attacks. Two if it's something other than a past Fire Emblem title.
  • Drink each time Yarne panics.


  • Drink when you use a Dragon Vein.
  • Drink each time Setsuna falls into a trap or any other perilous situation.
  • Drink each time some misfortune befalls Arthur.
  • Drink each time Peri lusts for killing.
  • Drink each time Mitama speaks in haiku.
  • Drink each time Hisame is making pickles.
  • Drink each time Sophie's horse, Avel, disobeys her.

Fódlan (Three Houses)

  • If a unit fails a certification, drink. Drink again if odds of passing were 70% or better.
  • If you find a lost item, drink. Drink again if the owner is standing nearby.
  • If you defeat a monster without breaking all of its shields, drink. If, however, you break all the shields without using gambits, finish your drink.
  • Drink each time a student asks to change their goal. Three drinks if they already are the class associated with the goal, or if after the Time Skip, finish your drink.
  • Drink each time Felix calls Dimitri a boar.
  • Eat something sweet each time Mercedes bakes sweets.
  • Drink each time someone treats Lysithea like a child. Two if that someone is Claude.
  • Sip each time Bernadetta freaks out. Sip again if she assumes the other person is mad at her. (Yes, sip. Otherwise, your liver will hate you.)
  • Drink each time Ignatz apologizes, or if he shows an admiration to art or architecture.
  • Drink each time Raphael talks about his muscles.
  • Drink each time Ashe talks about Lord Lonato. Finish your drink if you used him to kill off Lonato.
  • Drink each time Leonie talks about Captain Jeralt.
  • Drink each time Balthus calls himself the "(adjective) King of Grappling".
  • Drink each time Constance vows to restore House Nuvelle.

Fire Emblem Warriors

  • Drink after every 100 KOs.

Fire Emblem Heroes

  • When summoning:
    • Give yourself a toast when you summon a 5* focus unit.
    • If going for a specific color, drink when the color does not appear.
    • Drink whenever all five stones are the same color.
    • When a new banner drops, drink when two or more focus units share a color. Do not count Legendary/Mythic or Double Special banners.
    • If a 3*/4* unit is part of a 5* focus, drink when you get the normal rarity version instead.
    • If there's a variant of an existing unit available to summon, drink if it's the same color as the base unit. Drink again if you get that base unit instead.
  • Drink each time you use a Light's Blessing.
  • Drink each time Veronica vows to kill Askr.
  • Aether Raids: Drink each time you get a defense win while Lift Loss Control is active. Two drinks if you lost a defense match beforehand and have lost lift from that.