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Drinking Game / Final Fantasy X

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  • Have a drink each time a generic NPC gives you free items.note 
  • Have a shot each time you encounter an enemy when trying to go from point A to point B.
  • Have a drink when your party converses with each other when entering combat.
  • Have a drink when Lulu or Auron explains an aspect of the game's world to Tidus.
  • Have a shot every time you use a Phoenix Down or the Life spell more than twice in one battle after Operation Mi'ihen.
  • Have a drink when you fail miserably at the lightning dodging mini-game and/or trying to get under 0 seconds in the chocobo racing minigame and be forced to start all over again.
  • Have a shot whenever Wakka says something racist against the Al Bhed.
  • Have a shot whenever Rikku gets scared by lightning.
  • Late game: have a shot when a 9999 overdrive attack from an aeon doesn't kill a non-boss enemy.
    • Have a shot for every attack afterwards that doesn't kill them.
  • Take a drink every time someone says “You know?”