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Drinking Game / Final Fantasy VIII

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NOTE: "Beverage" = One can/bottle of beer, one glass of wine, or one shot.


  • Squall
    • Take a shot every time he says "Whatever."
    • Take a shot whenever more than three periods appear together (AKA an ellipsis). Multiply as necessary, or as much as you find safe.
    • Take a drink whenever he does an inner monologue with a gray text box.
    • Take a drink every time he facepalms.
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    • Drink in celebration when Squall gets a SeeD promotion.
    • Take two shots every time your playstyle forces Squall to act out of character and thus get a SeeD demotion.
    • Drink every time his text boxes reveal a negative opinion of Laguna.

  • Rinoa

  • Quistis
    • Drink whenever she tries to be the voice of reason.
    • Take a shot every time she predicts what Squall is going to say and laughs.
    • Take a shot every time one of her limit breaks looks illogical even by Final Fantasy standards, like eyes lasers or shooting missiles from her hands.

  • Zell
    • Drink for every sentence in all caps. Good luck.
    • A shot every time he goes into the standing animation where he's twitching with excitement or anger.
    • Drink every time someone refuses to shake his hand or otherwise visibly snubs him.
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    • Drink every time he appoints himself Mr. Exposition.
    • Take three shots everytime you use Zell's Armageddon Fist (Punch Rush + Booya).
      • Four if you're using it on Omega Weapon or Ultimecia.

  • Selphie
    • Take a drink every time she does her cute little eighties victory jump outside of winning a battle.
    • Take a shot when she suggests a ridiculously violent solution to a problem.
    • Take a shot when she references her love of trains (this includes the singing).

  • Irvine
    • Take a drink every time he does his hair flip.
    • Take a drink whenever he hits on anyone.
    • Take a shot when he geeks out over guns.
    • Finish your beverage when you realize that Irvine is basically Squall with diametrically opposite coping mechanisms.

  • Laguna
    • Take a drink time he gets a leg cramp at a critical moment.
    • Drink every time he misuses or loses track of a metaphor.

  • Kiros and Ward
    • Take a drink every time they snark at Laguna.

  • Seifer
    • Take a drink when he waves his sword around outside of battle.
    • Take a shot when he calls Zell "Chicken-Wuss."
    • Take a drink for every instance of Ho Yay with Squall.

  • FUJIN and Raijin
    • Take a shot for every word Fujin says in caps. EVERY WORD.
    • Take a drink every time Raijin says "Ya know?" No Raijin, I don't know.
    • Take a drink when Fujin kicks Raijin.
    • Finish the beverage when Fujin drops the shtick and gives her speech to Seifer about how much of a dick he's turned into near the end of the game.

  • Ultimecia

Guardian Forces

  • Drink in celebration when you get a new GF.
  • Finish the beverage when a GF reaches max compatibility with any character.
  • Take a drink when a GF learns a new ability.
  • Take a shot when a GF learn a new ability you didn't want it to because you forgot to reset what they were learning.
  • Finish the beverage if your GF ever learns two abilities at the same time under these circumstances: One you were grinding out, the other is what the game defaults to after you've learned an ability, so it's where your "overflow" points go at the end of very specific battles.
  • Take a drink if the animation for Eden's "Eternal Breath" attack made you shit your pants in sheer terror.
    • Take two drinks if it wasn't the animation that scared you, but the fact that the attack could break the damage limit.
  • Drink in celebration every time Odin or Gilgamesh pulls out a Zantetsuken.
    • Take another shot to drown your sorrows if they appear against an enemy you wanted to mug and/or draw.
  • Take a drink when Odin arrives on the scene for the final confrontation with Seifer. Take two when Seifer whips out Zantetsuken Reverse. Finish the glass if you actually expected Zantetsuken to work.


  • Take a shot when you get a new weapon for anyone.
  • Take two shots when you make the ultimate weapon for anyone.
  • Finish your beverage, get another one, and drink the whole thing when you get the Lion Heart.
  • Drink yet another full beverage if you get it on Disc 1.
  • Take a drink every time weapons are whipped out outside of the actual battle screen.