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Quotes / Final Fantasy VIII

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Xu: (to Squall) Are you all right? (Ellone whispers something in Squall's ear and leaves.)
Squall: (What Ellone said under her breath was... You're my only hope. Why do people depend on each other? In the end, you're on your own. I've made it this far by myself. Sure, I couldn't do a thing when I was a kid... I've depended on others, but... I'll be the first to admit that I'm here because of other people. I'm fine by myself now. I have all the skills I need to survive. I'm not a child anymore. That's a lie. I don't know anything. I'm confused. I don't want to depend on anyone. How can I do that? Someone tell me... Someone? So I'll end up depending on others after all.)

Wake up from your sleep, my children.
Your childhood years are gone.
Wake up from your sleep, fated children.
Your slumber is over.
Come to the garden of truth,
The spring of the garden of truth.
With the fiery truth
Burn away the evils of the world.
With the fiery truth
Light up the darkness of the world.
Be strong, children,
On the fated days.
—English translation of Liberi Fatali