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Nightmare Fuel / Final Fantasy VII

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The worse thing is that this pic doesn't show the real deal.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The headless Jenova scene. It's hard to see the outline of the figure inside the cryo-tank: It almost looks like her decapitated, armless torso, with its gaping belly wound and eye-nipple is a severely-deformed face. The creepy music and sound effects didn't help one bit. The image itself is startling but adding the music, heartbeat and beeping noises made it truly memorable.
    Barret: Where's its $#&* &@ head?
    • The scene where the party 'escapes' from the Shinra cell block. You fall asleep in your cell, only to wake up later and find the cell door mysteriously open. You look outside and find the guard has been horribly mutilated. You let your friends out of their cells and you see that everyone on that floor is dead. And the pod holding Jenova has been burst open, leaving a huge bloody trail up to the elevator. You follow it up multiple levels, past scores of dead employees while the creepiest music ever plays. Not to mention that there is no victory theme when you win a battle; just that frigging creepy music. And it ends with President Shinra—the supposed villain up until this point—slumped over, dead, a sword in his back.
      • Even the common encounters you fight at this part are rather grotesque (such as Brain Pod, Vargid Police and the Zenene.) Fighting these critters alongside the ominous background music was positively freakish for younger players. There's also something incredibly unsettling about the fact that, despite all the carnage and bloodshed on the upper floors of the HQ, if you head back downstairs and check the lower floors (you can't actually explore them, since your keycards were confiscated; you can only see them from the stairwells), you can see that everyone else is going on about their business as usual. Blissfully unaware that their boss and many of their co-workers were brutally murdered just a few floors up.
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    • The way that the whole Nibelheim Reactor scene is built up is nothing short of terrifying. The red lighting, the organic-looking wires straight out of H. R. Giger, that weird doll/deathmask thing at the top of this page. We're led to think that this is Jenova, but then Sephiroth uproots it (causing it to shed Tears of Blood), unveiling the actual creature. Oh, and did we mention her/its external biological system, complete with a seven-chambered HEART? Or the fact that the doll and the room are vaguely shaped the same way, with blood-red tubing connecting its torso to the floor's ventricle-shaped layout?
    • Or how about Jenova∙SYNTHESIS, which is most likely Jenova's true form? A Biological Mash Up which looks vaguely like the torso of a human woman with some sort of weird doll mask for a face (not unlike the effigy covering her in the Nibelheim Reactor), two extremely long, tentacle-like arms that each have three long blade-like claws, a weird purple hairdo and other purple and blue growths that almost resemble the petals of a flower... all of which are attached to a large shell-like body, which conceals a giant heart-like organism exposed to the air.
  • The specters of the Gi tribe underneath Cosmo Canyon. See here. It's just A TORSO YOU'RE FIGHTING? (The spine just dangles there...) Happily, Gi Natak is the easiest boss in the game if you have an X Potion, like the one you picked up earlier in that very dungeon. Throw one at Gi Natak and it goes down instantly.
    • Also from Cosmo Canyon, Bugenhagen says that the Planet's death is not very far away. Cloud, his blood running cold, asks how he knows this. Bugenhagen answers matter-of-factly, "I hear the cries of the Planet," and we are treated to a creepy, siren like sound—the actual cries of pain from the Planet. See the scene here, starting at 1:36.
  • Say hello to Helletic Hojo. Hojo's third form crosses the Bishōnen Line, so it's not as scary, but his second form wouldn't look out of place in Resident Evil.
  • After traveling with Vincent to the mountain cave where Lucrecia is hiding to hear her out, come back and visit it again.note  Nothing happens, not even background music; it's one of the few places in the game to have total silence. On top of that, the area is labeled as "???".
  • The Gelnika location. All of the "Unknown" monsters are mini-cosmic horrors, one of which vaguely resembles a half-decayed dog head which attacks you with its giant, lolling TONGUE. Another monster which looks like a mass of internal organs attacks you with "Creepy Touch" which gives you "Sadness." The setting is a creepy, grimy, battered plane sunken underwater, with water constantly dripping in the background and areas where murky water is actually pooling up in the lower levels. The whole place could break open and flood at any moment, and its overall appearance is that of a derelict alien ship crash. Add in the enemies here and it comes off like something out of the Alien franchise. The only thing which eases the anxiety is the BGM.
  • Nibelheim. There's something unsettling about the place to begin with, mainly due to the haunting "Anxious Heart" BGM, but the Sephiroth Clones all over the town stand out for being dark, formless blobs who have no distinguishing features whatsoever in a game full of bright polygonal characters, mumbling about Sephiroth and the Reunion.
    • As the game progresses on the Clones degrade until, near the end of Disc 1, several of them suddenly keel over and die for positively no reason. And to make matters worse, they block your path, forcing you to try and interact with them, then convulse and then suddenly disappear. Just before this, you also see one of them commit suicide, jumping straight off a sheer cliff before you can reach them.
    • The freaking Yin-Yang, which you fight in the room where Vincent is interred. Not only does it look like a zombie, but anytime it uses an attack, you have to sit there for a minute and watch it twitch in a disturbing fashion. A number of the other Shinra Mansion monsters were also freaky. In the PC version, when you go into battle, the BGM does not change. Now imagine battling Yin-Yang again. At least they were decent enough to include the victory theme after that.
  • Sephiroth. Every time his theme song played, something horrible happened, like the deaths of civilians, Cloud having one of his trademark breakdowns, Aerith's death, and the infamous smile as he burned Nibelheim to the ground.
    • The Midgar Zolom. While en route to Junon, you have to cross a marsh which is home to a gigantic 100-foot snake which will slaughter your party if you try to cross it on-foot. No biggie, just hop on a chocobo and run across. But on the opposite side of the marsh, you get a cutscene of a Midgar Zolom VIOLENTLY IMPALED on a massive dead tree, with blood streaming down the trunk. The sheer brutality of this is startling. It gets better when you figure out who did it. The giant snake which devours your party like popcorn if you try to fight it? Jenova/Sephiroth spiked it on a tree without breathing hard. This is the sort of adversary you're dealing with.
    • When Sephiroth and Cloud (really Zack) examine the reactor to find out what's wrong with it. "Cloud" comes upon Sephiroth contemplating one of the cryo-pods, and it's clear Sephiroth is starting to get a hint as to the truth about himself (and cracking over it). He gestures to "Cloud" to look inside...only to receive a horrifying image of a former SOLDIER who has been exposed to much higher levels of Mako energy than normal. "Cloud" naively sets Sephiroth on his path when, after Sephiroth talks about the different results from different exposures to Mako, Cloud wonders how Sephiroth is different from these mutated SOLDIERs...just as one of the pods breaks open and spills its (presumably) dying contents out on the floor.
    • The Temple of Ancients, just before he attacks Tseng. You're having some sort of vision of the past, seeing the Turks search the temple, and then Sephiroth shows up, and he looks straight at you. You're not sure if he's just able to see Cloud, or if he can actually see you playing the game. Eek.
  • The BGM in the very first dungeon, "Mako Reactor." It was so creepy, the Lighter and Softer FF title Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales used it for The Very Definitely Final Dungeon.
  • Cloud's random Sephiroth/Jenova-induced freakouts are always unsettling. The high-pitched ring which accompanies each freakout deserves special mention.
    • "Who Am I?" An unsettling tune which plays more than once throughout the venture, and it's usually when Cloud is going bananas. It haunts many a player to this day. It's also a Dark Reprise of the Main Theme.
    • If you enter a certain room in the Honeybee Inn, Cloud encounters... well... himself? What's going on in this scene isn't exactly clear, but the general idea is that Cloud is just fragments of a personality, a Mask of Sanity — which contrasts sharply with the no-nonsense commando you've known up to that point. The brief interaction 'they' have, as well as the music playing in that room, is very, very creepy.
    • The scene with Cloud and Aerith after Cait Sith 'sacrifices' himself at the Temple of the Ancients: After the party obtains the Black Materia, Sephiroth appears, causes Cloud to have a major identity crisis, then manipulates him into handing over the Materia. After Sephiroth leaves, Cloud starts to panic over what he's just done. All the while, Aerith is knelt down next to him, consoling him and telling him that it wasn't his fault. Cloud proceeds to pummel the living crap out of her. He stops only when the third member of the party knocks him out cold.


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