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Tear Jerker / Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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  • Kadaj's death. First, Cloud catches Kadaj when he collapses; second, Kadaj still calls Cloud "brother" in that heartwrenching manner; third, Aerith comforting Kadaj (damn, Maaya Sakamoto did a good job), he thinks that it's his "mother"; and last but not least, Aerith telling Kadaj they will go back together, and we see him smile and cry out of happiness. And of course, having Nobuo Uematsu as music director, with the Awesome Music (or sad music) "The Promised Land".
    • When Cloud catches Kadaj and shows such vivid compassion for him — this despite being a totally shutdown hero and so expressionless as to be almost a Heroic Mime. It's not only that Kadaj's death is suddenly – and unexpectedly – very sad, but also that Cloud suddenly shows enormous depth of character and as a character. His heroism is earned once and for all, and all the emo is swept aside, because he fights without malice or vengeance, and shows pity for the defeated foe. Not just pity, but sympathy—because he knows exactly what it feels like to be a puppet for someone else's agenda. It's that combo of heroic prowess and heroic insight (compassion) that brings about the classic catharsis. And all that is captured in one strange, small moment, when Kadaj dies in his arms.
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    • The dialogue that Kadaj had with Aerith:
      Aerith: Kadaj... Stop working so hard.
      Kadaj: Mother... is that you?
      Aerith: Let's go back with everyone.
      • Kadaj then says "okay" and his voice and expression is just so innocent looking that it's hard to believe this is the same psycho bastard who's been abducting children and antagonizing the good guys this whole film.
  • "Which is it... a memory or us?" Most of Tifa's conversations with Cloud, and her fear that he might choose death over their life together.
  • Reno from Advent Children. Yeah, he's there mostly for the comic relief, but, in one scene, he is talking to Rude. He mentions how happy he is that so many Shinra employees came back to work after everything that happened and Rude tells him that they will all work hard to make up for what they did. Reno... doesn't think redemption is possible for them any more. He goes on to talk about Elena and Tseng. Hoping that they didn't die and Rude has to give him a pep talk to snap him out of it. It's a really sober moment until Reno gets back to his normal self.
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  • The girl with the moogle doll is a walking tearjerker, especially in the Complete edition which expands her role. We first see her sitting together with her little brother by the side of the road, two children afflicted by the geostigma, and her attempts to care for him; wiping his face when some children run through a nearby puddle, splashing them in water, and shielding his eyes when an afflicted man begins to liquify right in front of them... Later on, Denzel becomes witness to a passerby bumping into the children and the little brother collapsing to the ground. The passerby tries to help the boy back up on his feet again, only to recoil in when the boy's arm begins to liquify, yelling at the children for not staying indoors. The girl simply picks up her brother's limp body in silence and, when Denzel tries to return the moogle doll she dropped, shoves him out the the way with bitter tears in her eyes... The next time we see her she's alone, apologizes to Denzel for having shoved him and, just to confirm our fears, tells him that her little brother is gone now...


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