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Heartwarming / The Cat Lady

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  • The sight of cats gathering around Susan, as she plays the piano, is very touching. And it's even more touching when Teacup and other cats save her from the Parasites. Twice.
    • The fact that her cats were there for her as she committed suicide, and howled out so much when she died, it caused Mitzi to break into her apartment to save her.
  • Susan and Mitzi's relationship. It helps that Mitzi is easily the most decent person in the entire cast and that she is the only one whom Susan doesn't treat like crap.
    Mitzi: You are such a nutter, Mrs. A. You are absolutely fucking bonkers! BUT I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU! NEVER, EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN, ALL RIGHT?
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  • The montage that occurs after Susan kills the second and third parasites. It shows the relationship between the two, and how they slowly become friends over time.
  • Susan's line to Mitzi that stops a suicidal Mitzi from throwing her life away to kill The Eye of Adam, after Mitzi declares that she hasn't got anyone else to live for.
    Susan I care about you, Mitzi! Do it for me!
  • The ending reveals that Susan now frequents depression and suicide message boards, becoming a source of comfort for other people who struggle with meaning in their lives. It's also implied that she's started a blog about her own depression in order to help others who suffer.
  • The last words in the game are this for the players, especially for those who also suffer from depression and social anxiety.