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  • Every one of the Parasites deserves what karmic justice is meted out to them, but killing Doctor X somehow feels the most rewarding. Probably because he gets the most build-up.
    Susan: I think it's time to find out how very mortal you are, Doctor...
    • It also marks the first change on Susan's sprite, where she had originally looked very disheveled and frail upon recovering from suicide. After having been resurrected after Doctor X murdered Susan, she looks more determined, carries a stronger and more confident posture, and is absolutely furious.
    • And then there's one optional line Susan can deliver to the unsuspecting parasite torturing his latest victim before going for the kill:
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  • Turning the tables on the Second and Third Parasites is awesome in a particularly Troperiffic way. All the B-Movie horror they've inflicted on Susan is paid back tenfold when she hunts Gladys through the mansion while wearing a rather disturbing gas-mask and totting a shotgun; the culmination of the sequence is incredibly satisfying.
  • The cats. Almost everything they do is awesome. Helping free Susan while she was trapped in the second and third parasites' van and eating the fourth parasite when he threatened their master are some of the major highlights of their badassery. But what makes them even more badass is their actions after Susan succeeded in killing herself at the beginning of the game. They howled so loud, and for so long that Mitzi broke into her house in order to save her. Meaning, that if it wasn't for these cats, Mitzi and Susan would never have met and become friends. This also puts them up top for reasons why Susan managed to get over her depression.
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  • Getting the ending where Mitzi lives. It's just so full of feelings that there are no words.
  • Susan overcoming her depression and self-loathing by defying their anthropomorphic representation, the Queen of Maggots, and refusing to blow out a candle to allow another person to die in Susan's place in order to be resurrected. Made especially powerful by the voice actress's soft but conviction-filled delivery on:
    Susan: No. I am stronger than you.
    • What makes it even more awesome? Susan DOES manage to resurrect herself without the Queen of Maggots help. Susan is a hardcore Determinator who can't be stopped by anything.
  • Persuading Mitzi to spare The Eye of Adam, instead of shooting him and resulting in the room exploding, thus killing Mitzi as well. It feels satisfying to deny The Eye of Adam the satisfaction of dying and thus killing Mitzi with him, leaving him to be captured by the authorities and taken into a nursing home to rot for the rest of his life.
  • Try playing through the game and remembering that the story and the characters of Susan and Mitzi in particular have been written by a man. Yes, that's right: you can't.
  • Most if not all of the soundtrack is this.
  • From the Steam Release Special, when Joe Davis, looking for sugar in a craze to make a cake for his wife, entered the apartment and appeared to be threatening Teacup, Mitzi tells Susan to call the cops while she takes care of Joe. She calls them, but hangs up and decides to take matters in her own hands.
    Police Officer: Police emergency line. How can I help you?
    Susan: Fuck this. *Hangs up* I'll do it myself. Again.
    • She then proceeds to take a box out of her cabinet, followed with this line:
    "If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that a Cat Lady should always keep her weapons handy..."
    • And then she takes out its contents: the mace used to kill Doctor X, a pistol, a gas mask and a shard.
    "It's time to give you some sugar, you crazy son of a bitch..."