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  • How does Susan really have any real power? She gains immortality and the ability to enter shared hallucinations but only after coming back from the dead after the psychopomp. The thing is, that turns out to be her morbid depression all along. I can see how she created her victim complex and refused to grow from it, but how did that give the woman any power to also give her power? We see that the information given to her by the psychopomp is accurate since it works, the shared hallucinations work as well, and so does predicting the future. Susan even predicts the death of her friend. How does Susan do all this if she created the psychopomp through her own grief?. She can even materialize things from the hallucinations.
    • Where they even hallucinations? She has the ability to enter some dimensions. Perhaps they're dimensions and not hallucinations?
    • It is possible that the Queen of Maggots represents not just Susan's depression, but depression (or all mental illness) in general. She appears to Joe Davis in Downfall, another game by the same developer, as well, so it's safe to assume that she is a separate entity from Susan.
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    • I'm also in the camp that The Queen of Maggots is a separate entity to Susan. Going off what the above troper said the Queen has power over anyone suffering from depression (since Susan blowing out a candle kills someone in the real world), and when Susan rejects her she frees herself from her power and is able to come back to life on her own terms.
  • How about the First Parasite. His chosen method of torture is rather odd. He's a psychiatrist and he would use psychological terror. He would try to get to learn about his victims and use that to create the torment. Yet, the latest victim is tied up while he dances blindfolded, saying that her sounds are like music. Are we learning about a torment style designed to terrorize her? Or is this his insanity, about what he believes to be true about humans that they would be terrorized by this?
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  • What's with the head bobbing thing when some characters talk? I could see how the pest control guy's wife do that since she is insane but why does the Queen of Maggots also do it?

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