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Nightmare Fuel / The Cat Lady

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One of many lovely scenes to be found in The Cat Lady.

  • Susan stumbles across a disturbing painting of Mona Lisa in one of the parasite's basement. After a closer look it turns out that it's not a painting at all, but a victim's carcass being strung up by wires to imitate the likeness of the painting. And what's worse? There are many others like it.
  • The scene where the first parasite shows their true colours to poor Susan. Susan recounts the experience she had witnessed last night to Doctor X, where she was unable to stop a friendly nurse from jumping to her death from the hospital rooftop. Doctor X reassures Susan that the nurse is alive and well, and prompts her to go meet her. Susan reaches for the door to leave the room...and finds that it's locked, and turns around to see the good doctor approaching her menacingly, having become enthralled by Susan. Susan can only watch as Doctor X wields a knife and stabs her to death...and even then, Susan's nightmare is far from over as she eventually wakes up in a body bag from the hospital basement after having been resurrected. She now discovers that Doctor X has claimed many victims while under the guise of a friendly and understanding psychiatrist.
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  • In the first chapter, Susan is informed that a "small sacrifice of blood" is required to leave the Queen of Maggots' realm. When activating the machine that'll let her do so it promptly hacks her entire arm off.
  • The fourth parasite. He is implied to have been Susan's lover who had continuously called her to proclaim his love and prompted her to leave her husband behind, much to her chagrin. He is never heard of again until he shows up years later, to smash her skull with a hammer. Fortunately for Susan she became immortal thanks to the Queen of Maggots, but what would have happened if the fourth parasite had shown up long before Susan's attempted suicide and her chance meeting with the Queen of Maggots?
  • The second and third parasite make for a particularly creepy pairing, but Gladys in particular is one hell of a piece of work. She walks like a zombie, is insanely jealous and protective of her husband (with particular emphasis on the "insane" part), introduces herself by pouring bleach on Susan's face, blinding and disfiguring her and wields a mean meat cleaver, which she will use to kill Susan if you accidentally stumble in on her in the meat shed out back (the only non-story related death in the game). Which is bad enough as it is, but she also has a tendency to randomly wander through the house, meaning it is quite possible to run into her when you're exploring or solving puzzles and by the time you've spotted her, it's already too late. She will shamble towards you murderously, meat cleaver in hand, while Susan - apparently paralyzed by fear - can't manage more than a few tepid steps backwards before she's knocked to the ground and hacked to pieces.
    • Her death is also pretty Nightmare Fuelish in itself. After gassing the Pest Control Man, Susan walks confidently through the house, shotgun in hand, ready to finish off Gladys. Except when you reach the meat shed where Gladys spends the chapter chopping up meat, she isn't there! Cue nervous walking out, where Gladys abruptly lunges out at you from underneath the greenish liquid filling one of the bathtub. It all ends well, but it's certainly good for a heart attack or two along the way.
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  • The whole subplot with Joe Davis and his wife, Ivy. Worse in that the game leaves the subplot unresolved. You have a couple of run-ins with a clearly insane Joe and the last you ever see of him is a cutscene where he builds a secret chamber beneath the apartment building where he can continually feed his tied up, morbidly obese wife Ivy smoothies made from human flesh in a horrific attempt to cure her eating disorders.
  • Wandering across the endless fog in Chapter 4 long enough to earn the "Monster in the Fog" achievement in the Steam version. Did someone walk past you just now?
  • The ambiance of the apartments in Chapter 6 can be rather chilling at times during Susan and Mitzi's search for the Eye of Adam. You could approach an empty room and hear the sound of footsteps or rattling, only to realize that there's nobody there while you're snooping around.
    • There's also how the list of potential suspects who may be the Eye of Adam keeps growing smaller and smaller, which ultimately ends with no-one left. It really gives you the impression that Mitzi, the one who told you the story about the Eye of Adam, may not be telling the truth after all and has been leading you on the entire least until a letter suddenly appears on Susan's door, revealing that the Eye of Adam is real after all, and it was delivered by the old man they had interviewed not too long ago.

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