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  • When Susan is taking a bath, her breasts are covered with a smiling face of a cartoon cat. It has to be seen to be believed. Doubles as Hypocritical Humor, because by this point we've already been treated to a lot of exceedingly violent, gruesome and depressing scenes, the sight of Susan taking her pants down, sitting down on the toilet and peeing and actual female frontal nudity (though the nude female in question is a corpse; maybe the UK, where this game was made, has different rules concerning nude cadavers).
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  • In one scene, Mitzi attempts to come in to talk to Susan while she's bathing. If you choose the prompt "You can come in if you promise you're not a lesbian!", Mitzi will have this to say:
    Mitzi: (deadpan) Mrs. A, if I wanted to stare at a pair of boobs, I'd take my top off and look in a mirror.
  • Choosing the Giant Zombie Cat option while telling the legend of the Cat Widow.
  • The entire event where you can call the police for help when kidnapped by the second and third parasites. Good grief, Police are Useless indeed.
    • Susan describing her kidnappers contains a funny line from her:
    Susan: He's got a wife...she poured bleach down my face...Bitch...*said in a tone as if she poured bleach on her clothes and not on her face*
  • Rita, the thick babysitter and Susan's irritated conversation with her.
  • The conversation with the old man in Flat 5 due to his odd behaviour possibly brought down by early stages of dementia. This line is a humorous example, as he is convinced that Susan and Mitzi are caretakers who are trying to get him out of the house:
    Old Man: I can manage, I've done it all my life and it'll stay this way. I can still cook my bed and I make my dinner every morning all by myself!
    • Then this moment becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, as the Old Man is actually faking his dementia and is trying to ward suspision not from himself, but from his paralysed son, who is The Eye of Adam.
  • The Steam release special. Nuff said.
    • Susan apparently likes reading Fifty Shades of Grey. When Mitzi walks in on her reading it, she claims she's reading Misery.
    Mitzi: Misery.
    Susan: Y-yes! ...MISERY!!!
    • The ominous music used throughout the game is lampshaded and used as a doorbell.
    • Joe Davis arrives and, after asking for some sugar, makes like he's going to hurt Susan's cat. Mitzy goes to stop him and Susan, in a pretty badass Let's Get Dangerous! moment, decides she's gonna go after him herself and gets a gun, a saw club, and a gas mask out of a box on her shelf. She goes to attack Joe and save Mitzy... only to find them talking about cucumbers and magic tricks.
    • Mitzy having a pleasant conversation with Joe and saying he's not such a bad guy after all.
    • Slenderman appears.
    • Susan and Mitzy talk about whether or not Susan sees a bright light when she dies. She does, only it's apparently not bright and is also green.

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