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Heartwarming / Anarchy Reigns

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  • Maybe a small one, but when Jack mentions Stella at Your Favorite Pimp's Pimp; Baron couldn't help feeling sadness and pity for Jack. Knowing the relation between these two, you gotta admit that's something.
    Baron: Shiiiet. You quit smoking? Woo, what's the world comin' to?
    Jack: Daughter says it's bad for my health.
    Baron: The fuck? Oh, you mean Stella? *brief silence* Damn, Jack.
  • Durga and Garuda seem like your basic villainous bounty hunter duo at first, until you read about their history together. Durga saves the life of a man who he barely even knew, taking his brain to the closest cybernetics hospital and copying his entire memory onto a chip to be inserted into a modified Gargoyle unit. The process left Garuda's memories and personality mostly unaffected, meaning he keeps going along with Durga's schemes not out of subservience, but out of respect. And a mutual bloodlust.
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  • The Blacker Baron is an unrepentant womanizer and is treated like a joke by mostly everyone. Whenever Mathilda is injured, he immediately rushes to her and displays actual concern for his injured partner. Quite touching for our favorite Pimp's Pimp, of all people.
  • Seeing Jack in a flashback with his daughter is bound to make anyone go Da'wwwww....
    • Especially when we see how they first met. Stela is Jack's illegitimate daughter, so once Jack learns of her existence he tracks her down and watches her playing around a park. When Stela accidentally rolls a ball towards Jack and returns it, it's the first time we see him ever trying to be a pleasant person or genuinely smile, and Stela smiles back at the scary looking man who's trying to be nice to her. While still at the same bench, the next thing Jack does is call her (presumptive) guardian and tell them he'll accept taking custody of her.
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    • It's pretty startling just to see Jack attempt to smile at all. This is a man who firmly wrote off compassion and hope a long time ago, in a world breaking down to barbaric chaos. Stella gave him a real reason to be something other than perpetually angry.
  • Max going home with Leo and Sasha in the ending. Max is one hell of a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, and seeing him willing to face what he did and get himself help is pretty moving, espically if you played White Side first and saw what he was going through.

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