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Heartwarming / Deus Ex: Invisible War

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  • The sidequests of New Cairo can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling when you leave knowing you:
    • Saved a school full of children and delivered the news to a concerned father.
    • Gave a fresh start to one ghetto child getting her into said school.
    • Saved everyone living in the Medina by cleaning up the permanent nanite dust storm ruining their health.
  • Keeping Klara Sparks alive also is a WAFFy moment.
  • What is the first mission that JC Denton - dubiously human, dubiously sane, semi-omnipotent entity - gives you? Saving his brother.
    • Just the fact that Paul canonically survives the first game and chooses to stick with his brother despite everything.
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  • Even though it's morally right to tell Lin-May Chen the truth that the Order and WTO are two faces of the Illuminati, if you tell her that Nicolette is merely furthering the interests of the Order by making a deal with the WTO, she will be even more inspired by Nicolette and more devout and fervently helping the poor in the Medina even more.