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Yakuza 2
  • After Kiryu learns he's been double-crossed at his favorite bar, resulting in a bar fight, Kiryu learns that the bartender was set up by Sengoku after the place was running high in debt due to the events of the previous game. Not only does Kiryu forgive him, blaming himself for what happened before, but he encourages him to hang on a while longer.
    Kiryu: Knowing the same thing is waiting for you in the same place every day... You have no idea what a comfort that is. Don't throw this place away.
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  • Kaoru suddenly invites Kiryu on a date after he saves her from some thugs, where her softer and more playful side is shown as the two go for a night on the town. They later have a few beers on a rooftop, where Kaoru vents some of her thoughts of being a woman on the force, and Kiryu demonstrates his trademark wisdom by telling her they've influenced how she perceives herself, and he knows deep inside she's a good person even if they don't. She thinks he's trying to charm her and fights his compliments, a trait he finds charming and insists he's only telling her the truth. As she leaves, she thanks Kiryu by holding the plushie he won for her over her face and bows with it.
  • After Kiryu rescues Haruka from Sengoku, she's discovered by a TV producer who wants to turn her into a star, but she's not the slightest bit interested because she's happy being with her Uncle Kaz. Although Kazuma hears the producer out, he comes to the conclusion that he's the source of danger in her life, and agrees to leave her with them without telling her. She's furious at this decision, and even when Kiryu tries to tell her it's for her own safety, she tells him she's happy being with him and wants to stay with him, and if he leaves her, she'll go all the way to Kamurocho to find him again. She then grabs his hand and tells the producer she'll see him later.
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  • Shortly afterward, when Kiryu, Haruka and Kaoru head back to Kamurocho, we're shown Kiryu at perhaps his softest and most vulnerable moment; sleeping with his head on Haruka's lap. Haruka also tells Kaoru that he's much nicer and helpful to others when he's allowed to be himself, and how he acts around her isn't different from how he acts around Kaoru.
  • Kawara's story of helping Suyeon, a Korean woman who lost everything in one night, is touching as someone who is often seen as a hardass reveals he really went out of his way to give her a new start on life. It eventually led to the birth of their daughter, Karou. If you thought that was it, he then reassures Kaoru herself that she does not have the blood of a criminal in her veins but that of Suyeon, a hard working and loving woman and all this happens during Kawara's Heroic Sacrifice which doubles as a Tear Jerker...Holy crap.

Yakuza Kiwami 2

  • The trailers reveal that Makoto finally reunites with Majima in his side-story!
  • Majima's campaign in Kiwami 2 gives closure to a hanging thread from an age long past. Majima is investigating the murder of a Tojo Clan patriarch, tracking the suspect, a young member of his own family, to Sotenbori. He meets the former manager of the Odyssey and learns that the suspect has been seen last at Hogushi Kaikan, Lee's old massage parlor. He learns that the clinic has been recently restored after it burned 18 years ago. Once in place, Majima asks if the man in question was seen to which the clerk answers he was seen last year. After some chit-chat, Majima accepts to have a short 15mn massage course so he can quickly be on his way. In a shocking twist of fate, however, it turns out that the person checking up on him is none other than Makoto Makimura, the woman he went through hell and back to save all those years ago in Yakuza 0. He averts his gaze in shock as he sees her wristband and purposefully does not talk so that she cannot recognize him. Makoto then reminisces that, after all this time, she never forgot about him and to this day still wishes she could thank him properly for being there for her, despite not knowing his identity. She then explains that she's working at the same place to see him again and that thanks to him, she was cured of her blindness and can now see the world and is now Happily Married to the very same doctor that Majima told to cherish her, and they are both leaving the country to travel abroad.
    • The ending, which also doubles as a Tear Jerker. As Makoto is preparing to leave Japan, she receives a gift from a mysterious benefactor (Majima). She opens it and sees a brand-new wristband for her watch, identical to the one she had before. She finally realizes that not only is the gift from her mysterious savior all those years ago, but that the man she had massaged only days before is the very same person, and despite choosing to live in a separate world, he still loved her and wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. She tearfully expresses to her husband that she has no regrets moving forward. At long last, her story in Kamurocho has come to a close.
    • Majima’s new Karaoke, Shiawase nara ii ya (lit. "As Long As You're Happy"), takes it Up to Eleven, as it’s clearly about how much he’s willing to sacrifice just for Makoto to be happy. Throughout the beginning of the song he's in his usual Mad Dog persona, but once it gets close to the end he starts singing like he means it. For a few fleeting moments, the real Goro Majima we saw in Yakuza 0 resurfaces. No matter how much he's changed on the outside, he's still the same good-hearted man who's ready to fight for what he believes is right on the inside.
    • An understated but poignant moment comes from Majima's first meeting with the Florist of Sai. Despite Majima's own claim that he's not someone to be trusted, the Florist easily sees through his facade and understands that the Mad Dog isn't really the crazed lunatic he wants people to see him as. The Florist then readily hands over Purgatory to Majima, fully confident that he's leaving his old base of operations to a man of noble nature.
  • Late in the Cabaret Club GP, Yuki is joined by two of her previous co-workers, Youda and Majima. The fact that both men come to her aid after they worked together nearly twenty years before speaks volumes of their friendship. Too bad she's still butting heads with everyone's favorite Mad Dog.
  • During a hostess discussion with Shoko Kiryu still brings up how he spent the 80's goofing with Nishiki, despite the event of the first game he still sees him as his best friend.
  • As per the plot, Kiryu has to fight Majima to bring him back to the Tojo Clan; when he enters the Coliseum for his round, Majima has an overly flashy entrance with flames and sparks; Kiryu just smirks and goes on to say Majima is the one man he could never read. Despite the... unusual nature of their relationship, it's a nice indicator of Kiryu's respect, despite how troublesome Majima can be for him. note 

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