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Maybe now, May will get her wish?
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Being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man isn't easy. But there are always moments that remind you that yeah, it's worth it.

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     Main game 
  • Many of the collectibles in Peter's high school backpacks are this, especially the ones featuring mementos from the start of Peter and MJ's relationship, like the menu from their first date. Other items include:
    • A hand drawn picture by a boy Spider-Man once saved.
    • The "Good luck with the new job!" card he received from the staff of the Daily Bugle when he left for Octavius Industries.
      • What's better? That card is also signed by none other than Eddie Brock. This means that one of Spider-Man's greatest foes is a friend of his in this continuity. The Stinger makes this even more heartwarming, as it shows that this time around, Eddie may never have to become Venom.
      • Additionally, even J. Jonah Jameson signed the card. Considering he's quite an ass in this continuity too, it's quite a nice gesture on his part.
    • Spider-Plushie, an adorable plush toy created as a prototype, but could never go into being marketed and sold because Spider-Man would've had to reveal his civilian identity to sign the permits for it, but from Peter's reaction upon finding it, it's clear he loves it. During dinner at MJ's apartment, we see Spider-Plushie on MJ's couch, and it's even been modified to have Spidey's new white spider symbol on the chest.
    • The ticket stub from the last game Peter and Uncle Ben attended together.
    • A pin from his fan club. Whenever he's feeling down from Jameson, it's nice to remember those who believe in him.
  • Just about everything involving Aunt May. Working her rear off being the administrative mover-shaker at the F.E.A.S.T. homeless shelter, and even giving Peter a hand after being kicked out of his apartment, Aunt May is pretty much a Crowning Person of Heartwarming.
    • She even keeps his childhood drawings posted on the wall of her office at F.E.A.S.T., though Peter admits he's a bit embarrassed by it.
    • One of J. Jonah Jameson's episodes is called "May from Queens", named after the sender of an email that JJJ addresses. While not certain, it's definitely a heavy implication that this sender is our own May Parker. What does her email say that JJJ addresses in the episode? "You're so full of anger and I wish you'd get help managing it. It's terrible for your health." May no doubt disapproves of JJJ's attitude, but when she writes in to him, she does so out of concern for his well-being above anything else.
    • Also a MASSIVE TearJerker: as she slowly succumbs to the Devil's Breath, May does her best to comfort a distraught Peter. She reveals that she knew he was Spider-Man for quite some time, and tells him how proud she is of him. She then implicitly tells Peter not to use the cure on her, as it would doom everyone else who was infected. By doing so, she saved Peter from compromising his morals and costing the lives of so many innocent people. Even on her deathbed, May is still looking out for her boy.
  • Peter's brotherly friendship with Miles, especially after his father's death.
    • After Miles volunteers at F.E.A.S.T., he passes by an elderly man who disparages his father's death, claiming it was a Senseless Sacrifice. Peter steps in and politely points out to the elderly man that Miles is the son of the person he's disparaging, and the elderly man quickly apologizes.
  • In post-story free roaming, JJJ admits that Spider-Man was right. Sure, he assumes that he managed to make him a better person through his podcast, but still.
    • Hell, even before then, when it's starting to look like everyone is going to succumb to Devil's Breath, JJJ abandons his rantings against Spider-Man and begins to comfort people over the airs, becoming a voice of reason and saying that New York has been through worse and they will get through this.
  • Silver Sable's Heel–Face Turn comes right at the end of the story mode after Spidey goes through hell to save Norman and the antiserum. She calls Spidey and tells him, sounding like she's regretted what she's done, that she's leaving New York and going back home to do some soul-searching and see if she's happy with what she's doing with her life. All because Peter did what he thought was right.
  • All throughout the city, you can see Pride Flags, murals, entire walls painted with rainbows. It's never brought to attention, but it's a nice little touch to the game.
  • One of the introductory crime missions involves Spider-Man saving a homeless woman named Gloria from assault. He talks to her afterwards and recommends F.E.A.S.T. to her, convincing her to give it a shot with the simple friendly mention of wheatcakes. While still uncertain at first, you can find Gloria there every time Peter visits F.E.A.S.T. from Aunt May's party onwards and talking to her results in some very heartwarming conversations where she and Peter have a caring friendship and she settles in to the center very well.
    • By the post-game, Gloria mentioned she's doing better, and began working for F.E.A.S.T. during the Devil's Breath crisis, and did so well she's now a manager. By the time of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, she's in charge of the Harlem Branch of F.E.A.S.T., helping people like May Parker did. It does a great job showing the ripple effect Peter and May's actions have had. In fact, a few times in the game, Peter and Martin Li note that May has this motto: "If you help someone, you help everyone". And Gloria is proof of that.
    • You can find her on the social feed too.
      Soy Gloria: PSA: May_Parker over at FEAST_Shelter makes some FANTASTIC wheat cakes. Tastes just like my mom's back in the day.
  • There are a lot of side activities that feature Spider-Man just stopping to help folks out, or preventing potential environmental hazards, and other such activities — including rounding up a group of pigeons for a homeless man (who he knows by name). It really speaks volumes on how much the game developers truly understood the character's role as a friendly neighborhood hero.
  • Kinda on the small side admittedly, but the fact that the photography sidequest really is just Peter reigniting his love of the art of photography and nothing else is enough to cause a smile.
  • The climax of the first act, the bombing of City Hall by the Demons is this for the citizens of New York. Peter actually gets taken out of commission during most of this after using his body to shield Mary Jane, and we switch over to Miles' perspective where, as he is regaining consciousness, we see other citizens dragging both him, Peter, and others out of the destruction zone.
  • One of the side missions involves Spidey having to deal with a copycat Spider-Man. At first, he thinks it's Chameleon wreaking havoc again, only for it to turn out that the copycat is actually fighting crime, and pretty effectively at that. When Spidey finally catches up to him, it turns out he's literally just a random Badass Bystander wearing a Spider-Man costume. Turns out he was legitimately inspired to try and be a hero from watching Spider-Man. For his part, Spidey is impressed, recommending that the copycat consider teaching self-defense at F.E.A.S.T. centers. After all, "you don't need a suit to do good."
  • Early in the game, Otto catches Peter modifying and repairing the Spider-Man suit in his lab, assumes that Peter is building Spider-Man's gadgets, and gladly allows Peter to freely use the lab facilities for this purpose. Later on, it's revealed that Otto realized Peter was Spider-Man from the start but played along anyways, making it Heartwarming in Hindsight as well.
    • Even better, Otto himself helped design the "White Spider" Advanced Suit, as several of the upgrades were done in a single night while Peter was sleeping.
    • It's easy to miss, but if the player visits the lab after Peter gets evicted, Peter mentions that Otto let him offload some of his belongings at the lab while he looked for somewhere else to stay.
    • In Spider-Geddon #0, Peter is recruited by no other than Superior Spider-Man himself (Otto Octavius in Peter's body), who not only reveals who he is to Peter right off the bat (while leaving out specifics) but also helps him take down the Tarantula. In the end, Peter tells Otto he’s what he believed his Dr. Octavius could have become if he hadn’t chose the wrong path and Otto in return tells him that his Otto would be proud of him.
      • At first, when Peter reacts to Otto's reveal, Otto believes that Peter is like the other Spider-Men, instantly looking down on him. But when Peter tells the story of HIS Otto, the Superior Spider-Man realizes that, in one part of the multiverse, there is a Peter he could get along with.
  • MJ jumping off Norman's rooftop without hesitation, knowing that Peter would catch her despite him not being completely ready yet. The level of trust she puts on him in that moment is just equal parts crazy and amazing!
  • As the game reaches its dire moments, J. Jonah Jameson's broadcasts turn more somber, but at the same time uplifting. He encourages people to help each other, to believe in each other, to keep true to their morality no matter how desperate they get, and to stay strong. The Heart of Gold within the Jerkass is shining brightly.
    Jameson: Folks, the city is in crisis. We have bridges and tunnels closed, people who work in the city but don't live here are trapped within. Others have been barred from homes placed under emergency quarantine. I'm hearing reports of tent cities, people sleeping in parks. It's like the Depression and the 1918 flu epidemic all rolled into one. I know times are hard and we're all struggling, but if you see someone who needs help, do what you can. That's the only way we'll make it through this. We must pull together, or fall apart. Jared, write that down, that was a good one!
  • Even though it turns into a somber moment quickly due to why the project is important to Octavius, the scene where he gets the new robot arms to juggle balls is truly heartwarming, if only for how much struggle and setbacks both Peter and Otto had to endure. Otto and Peter watch in amazement as their robot arms manage to juggle multiple balls while smiling in accomplishment all the way through.
    Otto: I'd call that a mild success...
    Peter: I'd call that unbelievable!
  • Peter and MJ finally getting back together at the end of the game, sealing it with The Big Damn Kiss.
  • If you abandon the web-swinging for a bit and just walk along the streets of New York - particularly early on, or in the post-game, when the city isn't an ongoing disaster - you'll find lots of people who just want a chance to talk to you. Taking a selfie with Spidey, giving him a high-five, or just doing an awkward abortive-hug-routine - you may even encounter someone who'll point you to a crime in progress that you can then swoop in to stop, before the police even knows that anything is up. Subverting the Hero with Bad Publicity characteristics that was part of Spider-Man character for so long. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, indeed!
  • The first of the post-credits scene in which Peter learns that Miles has gotten powers. Throughout Act 3, Peter makes several references to how hard it is being a solo act and how he could use a partner to help him out. This all ends up coming full circle here, and Peter ends up confidently revealing his identity to Miles. This ends with the implication that Miles will be joining him in heroics in the future.
    • What's also sweet is that Miles chose to confide in Peter about his newfound powers before even knowing Pete was Spider-Man, showing how much closeness and trust there is between them at this point in the game.
    • In Spider-Geddon #0, when the Superior Spider-Man recruits Peter for the fight against the Inheritors, Peter stops by Miles' and tells him to look after the city while he’s gone, showing that he and Miles are seemingly fighting crime together and Peter trusts Miles to look after the city by himself.
  • F.E.A.S.T. in general is filled with Heartwarming, even through the Devil's Breath crisis.
    • Early on, Peter encounters a homeless woman named Gloria, whom he encourages to go to F.E.A.S.T. for assistance. By the end of the game, she's gotten a new job and is working on getting an apartment so she can move out of the shelter.
      • When Peter gets evicted and has to live at the shelter, he admits to her that he feels guilty taking from people who need it more than him. She points out that he needs it right now and that's all that matters.
    • He also runs into an older man and woman playing chess several times in the common room, who bicker at each other like Like an Old Married Couple. The woman is estranged from her daughter, refusing to move in with her for charity. If you visit them post-game, the man is playing chess alone and Peter fears the woman succumbed to Devil's Breath. But the man explains the crisis prompted her to reconcile with her daughter and move in with her, and the man intends to follow her soon.
    • After his father is killed, Miles starts working at the shelter as an alternative to therapy. He fits right in, and is soon addressing May Parker as "Aunt May".
    • Just the fact that even after the reveal of Martin Li's villainy, F.E.A.S.T. continues as an example of the good he still managed to do for city.
    • Walking around the shelter has people greet Peter by name and ask him how he's doing, showing that he's a familiar figure.
      • After the events of City Hall, they are relieved to see that Peter's okay, a few mentioning that they had prayed for his safety.
      • Post-game, several people express their sympathy to Peter for May's death, and you can find a small memorial plaque in F.E.A.S.T.'s lobby, stating, "In honor of May Parker and her enduring spirit. 'When you help someone, you help everyone.'"
  • One of the side missions, "Error: File Not Found", starts with talking to a policeman who's a bit skeptical about Spider-Man, to say the least. After retrieving evidence that Fisk's thugs stole in order to help the boss and saving the officer's life when the thugs come to get them, said officer admits that he was wrong.
  • Checking Spidey's social media feed can bring a few, most often the person you just saved in a random crime/rescue or their grateful relative thanking you for it.
  • Norman Osborn turns up to shut Dr. Octavius down and is that kind of embarrassing best-friend's dad type of dad that we've all seen before, even joking that Peter can call him "Mr. Mayor" (rather than Mr. Osborn) as they've known each other for years; his joking switches to legitimate friendliness when he says that Peter can call him "Norman" and that perhaps Peter and Harry, when Harry returns, can set up a business - he's shutting Octavius down, but that does not mean Peter needs to suffer: Peter is Harry's friend.
    • In Osborn's bio entry, Peter even notes that despite all the shady stuff he's done, he can't bring himself to truly hate Osborn, since nobody who raised Harry could be all bad.
    • In one of the backpack collectibles, you can find Peter's application for an apartment lease. At the bottom, Osborn is listed as a reference.
  • In a really weird, dark way, Electro and Vulture are just so gosh-darn enthusiastic to murder Spidey together. They actually appear to be friends, despite their extremely different... basically everything except the desire to swat a certain arachnoid superhero.
  • Tombstone seems to enjoy fighting Spidey because he can give it as good as he takes it and that's what Tombstone wants - the thrill of the fight to the bitter end!

     The City that Never Sleeps DLC 
  • In The Heist DLC, even if she is justifiably upset upon learning that Peter might be the father of Felicia Hardy/Black Cat’s son, MJ still treats the whole situation maturely, understanding that these things can happen and focusing on rescuing Felicia’s son from Hammerhead’s gang first. Even when it’s revealed that Felicia made the whole thing up to mess with Peter and that he is not a father after all, MJ still says that Peter could turn out to be a good father himself... with the right person.

  • At the beginning of the Turf Wars DLC, one of the ESU officers shows Spider-Man his new watch with a Spidey face on it. After Yuri lightly chastises him for wearing a non-regulation item with his gear, the officer can only shrug and say, "Birthday present from the kid. Not everyday you run ops with the man, you know?" Peter still has a lot of fans.
  • In Silver Lining, the phone-call interactions between Peter and Miles are filled with this. Peter has more or less become a surrogate father-figure for Miles (taking the place of Jefferson), talking to him in a "dad voice" when he tells him to do his homework (both high school and Spidey work) with Miles being made to understand that web-swinging depends on a knowledge of complicated physics and equations done in a blink-of-an-eye and it's not just Rule of Cool, at least In-Universe. Miles meanwhile commiserates with him over his Aunt May's loss allowing Peter to grapple with not having any family left. In the final scene, Peter actually begins to train Miles.
    • Just how much of a difference May's philosophy made at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter is mentioned in Silver Lining. When Miles questions Peter about what her "when you help someone, you help everyone" motto meant, Peter tells him a story of a woman who was evicted from her apartment along with her kids and was taken in by F.E.A.S.T. when she needed help. When she found a new job and moved into a new apartment, she told Peter that she would send as much as she could of her first pay cheque to F.E.A.S.T. in gratitude, paying their kindness forward.
      Miles: So we helped her, and now she wants to help others. Helping people is like a force multiplier!
      Peter: Exactly.
      Miles: May was pretty great, wasn't she?
      Peter: The greatest.
  • In the main game, Spider-Man's Twitter account has 15.3 million followers and Spidey tweets with them regularly. By the time of Silver Lining, that number has gone up to 28.1 million. note  Jameson is either ignorant or in denial on how much Spider-Man is really appreciated in New York.
  • Black Cat returns alive and well in Silver Lining, saving Spidey from being brutally headbutted by Hammerhead. After rescuing him, and before departing again, she apologizes to him for everything she put him through up until that point.
  • In Silver Lining, in her final phone-call, MJ informs Peter that she's heading to Symkaria to cover a story in a civil war, being dispatched by the Bugle and needing to leave right away. Peter is distraught, but MJ insists that it's important, and right before they say goodbye, both of them exchange "I love you" for the first time in the game.
  • Silver Lining introduces David Obademi, a former Sable officer whom Spidey agrees to help retrieve humanitarian supplies bound for Symkaria, and learns his story over the course of the side-mission. He was a former schoolteacher before getting caught up in the civil war and recruited by Silver Sable after refusing to back down to insurgents to protect his students. However, with his having left the corporation, his work visa is now invalid, and after the supplies are back in hand, he'll be forced to go back to Symkaria in the midst of said civil war. So Peter asks MJ to pull some strings and manages to give David a job opportunity as a teacher in New York with a new visa, an opportunity he gratefully accepts.
  • Spider-Man and Silver Sable finally part on amicable terms. After spending most of the DLC butting heads, they finally come to common ground after Spider-Man rescues her from being tortured by Hammerhead's henchmen, and the two fight off his forces. The final boss fight of the game even sees the duo working in tandem to weaken and defeat Hammerhead.
  • A rather bittersweet one, but when she calls Spider-Man to meet her at what would turn out to be the body of a criminal she murdered, Yuri refers to Spidey as "old friend". Despite her protests, she really did see him as a friend.
  • In the DLCs, go to City Hall and you will see on the steps a memorial built to Jefferson Davis.

     Meta and other 
  • Santa Monica studios tweeting out their congratulations to the game's studio, Insomniac, showing Atreus excitedly meeting Spider-Man
    • This was followed shortly after by Guerrilla sending their own tweet of Spider-Man being flanked by Aloy, Atreus, and Kratos.
  • The final line of the game's credits: "In memory of Steve Ditko, who, with the stroke of his pen, made the world amazing."
    • And the final line of the last DLC's credits: "In memory of Stan Lee, who inspired us all to Be Greater."
  • Insomniac's Spider-Man is officially canon to the Marvel Universe!
    • On a meta level, Stan Lee's cameo early in the game helps legitimize it as a serious Marvel product on the level of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after years of lazy tie-ins to those movies.
  • The White Spider design used for this game means that Insomniac now has credit for an instantly recognizable take on Spider-Man, on the level of the classic suit and the 2099 design!
  • The game designers putting in the extra effort to make New Game Plus and a higher difficulty, primarily because fans wanted them, as a free update. Given how greedy game corporations can be, that is refreshing.
    • Adding to that is the recent release of another, and easiest difficulty, "Friendly Neighborhood, which offers players who aren't as interested in combat the chance to experience the story regardless. This combined with the ability to skip puzzles, turn off QTE's and turn button mash segments into simply holding the button, Insomniac are really dedicated to give everyone the chance to be greater.
  • Turns out the much requested Raimi Suit isn't in The City that Never Sleeps DLC... because it's free and came out in a free patch as a Christmas gift.
  • After the PS5 Remastered version of the game was announced, fans were upset for two reasons: you couldn't import your original PS4 save to Remastered, and it was getting three new suits, one of which was the much-requested Amazing Suit. A few weeks later, Insomniac announced a save transfer feature and the new suits were being added to the PS4 version for free.


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