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Heartwarming / World's End

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For all its dark humor and grim themes, World's End is not without it's touching moments.

  • Oksana's introduction, besides being hilarious and lewd, is also the first time Tevoran & Co. run into someone friendly and cheerful who has no interest in fighting them. Oksana's character in general can be considered a heartwarming if comic note for the series; her eternal optimism, confidence in her own self image, friendliness to strangers and obliviousness to most of the darker aspects of the world are a welcome change of pace.
  • Typically, anytime Ysabel of all people stands up to protect Aizu. It seems she really does have some reason to care about the girl beyond just being a good citizen, and seeing even the slightest bit of compassion from a typically violent character is a heartwarming moment.
  • Eventually, Aizu becomes strong enough to return the favor, and when she does, boy does know how to get them out of a jam! So far she's saved Tevoran and Company from certain doom no less than three times, and one time she even appeared to raise them all from the dead.
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  • Martin's introduction. After eight episodes of grey vs. black morality, it's surprising to meet a character with genuine honor and nobility who always is trying to do the right thing. Also, his continual big brother protective instincts towards Vera; the fact that he risked imprisonment for her and apologized to the guard before beating him up.
  • Everything about Vera. She's so sweet, naive and innocent compared to the rest of the world that it's hard not to smile.
  • Heck, even the Voro soldiers get heartwarming moments around the Royal Siblings. They usually show extreme reluctance to raise a hand against the two, sometimes even trying to defect to their side; so well loved are they.
  • Aizu's final goodbye to Tevoran & Company. It's one of the few times we get to see her genuinely smile.

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