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Heartwarming / Darksiders

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  • War choosing not to harm Ruin, his horse, makes you forget everything else as you see An Apocalypse Horseman and his Demon Horse.
  • War's true reason for sparing Uriel.
    War: Because I would not have the last of Heaven's honor die with its Champion.
  • Practically all of the moments concerning Death and how much he cares for his brothers and sister can be this. Throughout the second game, Death frequently explains that his intentions are to save War, but one of the most heartwarming out of all them is the ending, where he chooses to sacrifice himself to save humanity and redeem War.
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  • A meta example; when the Warmastered Edition was announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U, it was said the Wii U version would come out later. When the Nintendo Switch came along, and another game, Yooka-Laylee, had its Wii U version cancelled, many expected the Wii U to get the axe as well, especially since it was set to be released after Nintendo themselves stopped manufacturing the console. But THQ Nordic stuck to their word, and did indeed release the Wii U version after all. Even those with zero intention of getting it on Wii U have commended them for at least keeping their promise.
  • The Horse With No Name trailer for the third game focuses on Fury and her mount, Rampage. She seems to be legitimately at ease with the horse, playfully nudging it with her elbow and getting a playful shove back in return. We even see Fury's first non-sadistic smile at the end.

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