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Heartwarming / Choice of Robots

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  • If you pick the dream with the godlike robot-cloud at the start but don't go down that route during the game, when the next dream rolls around, the cloud asks you in the voice of your first robot why you didn't create it. You have the option of speaking to your first robot, telling them that you got them, and that was enough. Whereupon your first robot walks out of the cloud and hugs you, saying that it was enough for them too.
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  • If you get involved with the military while you have a high Empathy score, your robots will be tasked with delivering a nuclear payload to a Chinese city. They will instead redirect it to the Gobi desert, transmitting a tearful final message asking people to remember them any time they see a robot child playing in the park.
  • Any route in which you refer to the Creation / First Robot as your child. They want to disassemble themselves if you die, but you can talk them out of it, which makes them realize how everyone goes through tragedy. Seeing the young, learning robot turn grow into a person, as much as any human, is incredibly sweet.

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