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Most of the romances here qualify, but there are some specific (and some non-romantic specific) moments that count:

Affairs of the Court

  • In Choice of Romance: Choosing to go against your family's wishes and elope with de Mendosa, even though it means you'll certainly live in poverty. And then the epilogue reveals that the two of you went from Rags to Riches and came back to support your family, despite the wrongs they did you.
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  • If she's still alive in Til Death Do Us Part and takes the throne, then Juanita will go against all expectations and spare you, albeit by exiling you to the farthest edges of the country. She'll even name one of your sons her heir and allows you to visit them on occasion. Totally unexpected, and made all the better for it.
  • The Monarch giving up their skirt-chasing ways for good in Choice of Intrigues, out of love of you. Sure, you have to work for it, but it's still sweet—especially since Til Death Do Us Part reveals that they haven't once gone back to those ways in the years since.
  • If you get the ending wherein your sons free you from Tomas, the PC's parental love for them is so strong, it allows them to break free of Mind Manipulation that's been going on for ten years and save them. And after that, they get awkwardly on their knees and kneel—before Ricardo, the eldest, tells them there's no need for that and embraces them.
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  • Any and all of Luis de Vega's romantic interactions with the PC. There's something ineffably sweet about this hardened political game-player risking all for love of the PC. Particularly cute is the ending where he comes to find you in exile during Juanita's reign.
  • Although it's rather bittersweet considering the PC is either dead or under Tomas' mind control, there's something quite sweet about seeing Ricardo and Antonio defying the legacy of backstabbing and bloodshed amongst the royal family and having a strong brotherly bond as they fight side by side against either Tomas de Reyes or the Monarch in the epilogue.

Choice of the Vampire

  • When you finally reveal to your Love Interest that you're a vampire, they don't even care—they just want to be with you.
  • Clotho leaving a letter behind stating that she foresaw her death and did not fear it, because she knew that someday she'd be reunited with you. Becomes even more heartwarming if the PC is illiterate, because they jump through a lot of hoops just to get it read. And then it's even more heartwarming if you have a good relationship with Estefania or Jesse, because then you can ask them to read it to you—they'll be so touched by your gesture of trust, they actually tear up a little.
  • If the PC romances Silas as a man, they'll be concerned about what happens to him should they get caught together, since sodomites were...not treated well in those days. He stubbornly refuses to give you up because it's no one else's right to tell him what he feels is wrong.
    • Playing as a black or Choctaw woman has just as heartwarming a result, as Silas insists that he will marry you, even if he has to leave the country in order to do so.
  • Rewarding Wilson for his years of service to you by either making him a vampire, or by giving him a farm and a plot of land for his family. You can do the same with your servant in The Fall of Memphis.
    • Averted by The Fall of Memphis, as he now sees his vampirism as a curse and longs to become mortal again.

Hollywood Visionary

  • Bonding with the player character's niece is this, in general. However, if you bond with her enough, she'll tell you a secret: she can't read, not unless she really forces herself to. You can either promise to keep her secret, or if you have a good enough influence with her, you'll persuade her to ask a teacher for help, since despite what her mother Romana raised her to believe, there's no shame in asking for help.


  • If you have a good relationship with Ecstasy, then during your Heroic BSoD (during which you run away), they track you down, find you, and drag you out of your funk through a combination of reassurance and pep-talking—including a version of the pep-talk you used on them during their own Heroic BSoD.
  • At the culmination of the romance arc with Ecstasy, s/he'll list a variety of obstacles that come with dating a pop idol, declaring that s/he understands if you want to leave. If you've remained loyal, the PC will either proclaim that You Are Worth Hell or that you'll gladly share Ecstasy's burden, which both result in "the steamiest kiss ever shown on Wednesday-Night-Wrestling".
  • Prior to this, if you've committed to a relationship with Ecstasy when you make your re-debut, you literally can't go Heel, because of concern over blowback on the singer if you do.
  • If you're in a relationship with Ecstasy and win the GWA World Championship belt you can have the belt imbedded in their bio father's gravestone. Macbre, but oddly touching.
  • If you keep being hopeful and optimistic, and less antagonistic, towards JJ and a possibility of rekindling your friendship, it all pays out as he reveals after the match, regardless of who wins, that he only really wanted a real, honest, guiltless match between him/her and you and was willing to sacrifice your friendship for it. You can reply that you really only wanted to have your friend back. In addition, if you express to Guy Colton that your regret was about Griss, then you later reveal to JJ that Griss finally answered and was actually in the audience for the match. In the epilogue, provided you don't have a love interest, you, JJ and Griss are either in the same bar before the accident or are having Thanksgiving with your family. The mood is such that it's as if the accident never really happened. Doesn't stop fans from recognizing you and JJ, though.

Choice of the Rock Star

  • If you become estranged from Casper, you'll eventually start to feel lonely and miss having a close relationship with him. But towards the end of the game he comes to one of your concerts one night. You two meet backstage afterwards, realize how much you've missed each other, and decide to never be separated again.

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